Canadian Truckers Take Back Country From The Great Reset

A convoy of roughly 50,000 truckers and their supporters are piling into Ottawa this weekend to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s jab mandate.

Trudeau’s mandate orders Canadian truckers to get the injection or face a 14-day quarantine every time they cross the US border.

The Freedom Convoy and hundreds of thousands of supporters have surrounded Parliament Hill on Saturday despite below-freezing temps to demand Trudeau lift all draconian COVID restrictions.

The live show feed will be included here, so bookmark this page for updates and tune in to these live streams documenting the Canadian Freedom Convoy in real time.

The historic protest was organized by Canada Unity, and the U.S. anti-mandate group Freedom Fighter Nation has also joined in solidarity.

Dozens of vehicles have already blocked the roads in front of Canada’s Parliament buildings as more protesters continue to stream into the city.

The truckers had spent the last week amassing supporters and crossing into Canada to Ottawato air their grievances against Trudeau and his tyrannical vaccine mandate.

Trudeau has reportedly relocated from Rideau Cottage to an undisclosed location for “security reasons”, coincidentally just as he announced he had contracted COVID.

“The Prime Minister is continuing to isolate in the National Capital Region & work remotely. We’ve consulted Ottawa Public Health on appropriate protocols. As always, we do not comment on security matters,” stated Trudeau’s office.

Trudeau called the truckers protesting in Ottawa a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” earlier this week, despite the support from famous figures like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan.

The truckers have stated that they won’t leave Ottawa until all COVID restrictions are lifted, and given Trudeau’s hardline defiance against them, that could take weeks or more.

One leftist masked person brought a sign accusing the trucker march of being “white nationalist”, but a local immediately demolished that weak narrative on video.

“This is not about white. This has nothing to do with truckers. This is about freedom for all of Canadians,” he said. You can be brown, blue, black, whatever color you want to be. This is about freedom. Trudeau has no right to put us in this condition of mandates.”

The anti-COVID tyranny protests have spread across Canada over the last week, with videos from Vancouver to Toronto showing massive numbers of people marching in solidarity with the trucker convoy.


8 Replies to “Canadian Truckers Take Back Country From The Great Reset”

  1. John Robbins

    Where we are swiftly moving towards 5D consciousness where there is No fossil fuel used of any kind. These truckers and supporters are doing a Grand Job in awakening more from their slumber who are beginning to question the status quo like never seen before. To join up the dots.

    There can never ever be a returning to a “more of the same” modus operandi under the Sacred banner of Freedom. Freedom is not one dimensional or a nice idea. It is beyond understanding, debate. Freedom in actuality truly transcends the rationale of our everyday well meaning human values and mores. That’s where we’re all headed.

  2. Observe

    They can’t undo anything in the current system because everything here remains here when the sift comes. These people there are the ones who don’t want to let go of the illusions in the current matrix that is moving at a rapid pace to its doom. They think that if governments lose their mandates then they will be free again, when in fact they are not. The only freedom comes when you get out of here and reconnect with the divine source. That is the only way out !!

    1. Jana

      there are many ways to feed the strong positive energy vibrations which leads to great changes over the whole World.Remember life of Ghandi or Mandela and other millions of Lightworkers who do not step out in the open, YET they DO their work for FREEDOM. I honor every deed which work for break of Matrix thus free the humankind. THANK YOU GUYS! YOU DO IT YOUR WAY!

    2. Daedalus

      Unlike some people – their intentions are very clear. And unlike some people, they make visible actions. And unlike some people, theyre not passive observers waiting for something or someone to save them.

      And when there is clear intention, there are “higher forces” in play. Always.