The Energies of February 2022: Infinite Expansion

Beloved Ones,

As we approach this new energetic month of February, we will begin to see much evidence of us moving into a new harmonic space. February introduces the importance of time and working with timeliness to heal emotions. A month that offers us too the chance to work on adapting to change, naturally, as we continue shifting between timeliness. With the coming of the 2/2/22 portal, we will have as well the opportunity to work with our DNA, repairing duality and working with painful feelings.

As we continue losing our fixed sense of human time and space, for we are on an accelerated journey, we continue sensing time as nothing but a mere human construction, as in truth it is not about time but about movement and emotions, that create the illusion of time. This is one of the most important months in terms of inner work, which will help us tremendously to achieve a new level of self-mastery.

We begin the second month of this loving year by having Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion very active, in co-creation with many planetary forces. This is a month to begin the creation, the expansion, depending on where we are in our path, of our soul’s desires. During January, we had the opportunity, with Venus reminding us to pause and evaluate our journey, to commune with our soul before building the next phase of our human journey.

It is now that we pass to co-create in a further way, when Jupiter comes to help us expand our creations, beginning a new path of conscious co-creation with All. Energies that are introduced by the universal number eight of February, a number that already indicates, rebirth, expansion, and abundance.

Number 8 symbolizes the infinite, where endings and new beginnings are intertwined. This is where we are at the moment, in the void where we commune with our soul to obtain more wisdom, before stepping into the unknown, for in our new harmonic timeline, the only way forward is to follow our own soul’s oracle.

Number 8 is represented by the fiery tarot card of strength – a woman holding between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – represents the physical strength that can only come through the power of love, wisdom, and balance, cultivated within. This is the perfect representation for the Wise Goddess of Love embracing fiery Leo, calming his wildness with her loving essence.

The message is that all can be done through the power of love, all can be shifted and dissolved when our human self finally surrenders to a Higher Power. One that is within All things and beings. A power that leads the way instead of forcing/molding our reality with our egoic self, who can only envision a small and limited view of what is truly happening.

Eight is said to be the number of infinite, for all is infinite in nature, and the only limitations are the ones created by our human minds, as it is the illusion of lack, coming from being immersed in a lower state of fear and separation. This is an opportunity for us to move inward and see where we still live in lack, where we still think that human resources are limited and can only come from the outside. For it is there where we begin limiting ourselves, by creating this same old story and by allowing its manifestation, in the physical.

Just at the beginning of the month, we initiate a portal that goes from February 2 to February 22. A portal of unity, and at the same time duality, as in our human plane, one cannot exist without the other. A passage in which many will see where duality keeps playing in their lives, and others where unity begins to reign.

This is an opportunity for us to work as well, as Guides shared, with the second layer of our DNA, to begin expanding our sense of time, and open ourselves to our multidimensionality, rather than continue living in a linear way.

I will share more of what I received in a separate post, as it is important to go deeper into this inner work for the 2/2/22 February portal.

Astrological Events

At a cosmic level, we being by having a New Moon at 12 degrees Aquarius. Juno, the asteroid that represents commitment, marriage, and a deeper union, will too enter into Aquarius, the Great Liberator, into the same day. This is an opportunity for us to begin freeing ourselves more and more from an old cycle, and the many false beliefs and habits that we keep repeating, unnecessarily.

On February 3, Mercury will turn direct, which as you know I simply share the date as a reference, not as a reality for me, as I do not foment or believe in retrogrades. However, I consider it important for those who still choose to believe in them, as we are all free to choose the beliefs, timelines, and personal reality that we desire.

A few days later, on February 8th, we have Ceres entering Gemini. Together with Mercury, this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for us to cultivate our minds, to navigate through our mental planes, retrieve wisdom, knowledge, higher guidance, and above all, continue learning as we evolve, for there are endless lessons yet to be integrated.

Ceres represents the feminine within us, the one that nurtures, heals, and restores everything it touches. As Ceres co-creates with Gemini, it is a frequency that will help us work with our minds, clearing them from debris, from old programming, and restoring our mental bodies at all levels. Caring and nurturing every aspect of ourselves is pivotal, not just the physical one, for as many of us are fully aware, we dwell in many dimensions, and all of them are equally important to keep us in perfect balance.

A wave of new ideas may be descended upon us at this time if we have already cleared our minds. A time for us to be open to receive new ways of communicating with our God Self, other benevolent beings, and dimensions, for we are retrieving this lost communication, distorted eons ago through Earth’s fabrics and other portals manipulation.

This is a very important alignment for us to work in many different levels, although after all it is all based on respectful communication, with ourselves and with others, taking this loving and nurturing frequency to our relationships with others, making them more loving, compassionate and caring.

Another important event will be on February 11, when Jupiter semi-sextile Chiron. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which represents the eighth frequency of February, is going to be very active this month too. Jupiter aligning with Chiron at that time will help us precisely in healing, in both directions, on a personal level, and in expanding on the work that we do to assist others.

This will also help us to work, during February, as the 2/2/2022 portal will last until the end of the month, to work with our second layer of the DNA, as I previously shared, and that is something guides invite us to do to learn how to navigate through our sense of time and space, healing, restoring memories, and learning how to best work with our new sense of time, for as we move into this new harmonic timeline, the more accelerated time will be for All.

On February 14, we have many astrological events that are key to helping us in our healing and empowering journey. On one hand, we have Pallas entering Aries, together with Pluto trine True Node, and lastly, Mercury entering Aquarius. All these events are for us to bring freedom, which begins by opening our minds to the Truth of who we are and how reality really is, and by first being empowered enough to be able to cope with emotional clearing, as we may find some painful episodes our egoic self denies to look at.

The path to self-liberation begins by confronting our shadows, learning how to embrace them equally, and taking the lessons that will help us be more unified rather than fragmented. This is a wonderful opportunity to do so, especially in a month where we are given the perfect frequencies for us to heal duality.

These events give us personal power, determination to adapt to change, and above all, clarity to see the truth and free ourselves from false beliefs. We are leaders, creators, and master healers. The time for us to see who we are, and stand tall in it, has come.

On February 16, we have another empowering event, a Full Moon on the 28 at 00′ Leo. In the midst of all this expansive and healing as well, month, Leo comes to remind us of the inner power that makes all shadows disappear, and that helps us overcome anything that we may be experiencing. The power that comes from our Essence as Divine Beings, and that is able to show us the authentic path, by helping us see the truth, and by reminding us of our strength and inner resources, as we continue healing and moving forward towards our next destination.

As Jupiter will not cease helping us to grow in many different ways, during this new month, on February 17 we have Jupiter sextile Uranus. This is one of the most important aspects of this year 2022. This is a time for us to bring positive changes. Changes that come from the evaluating time we take with Venus in the first month of the year, and that we see are not clearer, after taking a time off and pondering about our journey.

It is now that we healed, become whole again, and regain more unity that we are ready to begin creating the path that our soul desires. Aligning with these energies will help those who are ready to begin building again their new path. This has nothing to do with the coming of the new year, as it is often thought in our human fixed sense of time, but with our personal micro cycles.

There will be some who are ending a cycle, others beginning it, and others in the middle of it, and rather than associating it with the new year, it is best to learn our own natural cycles, to get to know where we specifically are, in our unique soul path.

On February 18 the Sun enters Pisces. We now pass to the invisible realms of Pisces, to where we illumined ourselves, regained higher wisdom, and begin to walk towards the depths of our being. A time of miracles and a time for us to leave an old cycle, of false beliefs, disempowerment, and begin to walk towards the Light of who we truly are.

One of the lessons that Pisces offers us is the ultimate transcendence of all the old mental programming and beliefs that we used to hold within, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore the one who has already discovered all the aspects of himself, integrating all the challenges/lessons required to embody a higher level of awareness that will make Him see the Truth, instead of the old illusion in which He was immersed.

Now that we have seen what is beyond our human senses and crossed the illusory veils, we are ready to embrace a new way of living based on authenticity, integrity, and compassion, attributes that can only be mastered in the physical.

We end the month with two important planetary alignments, that again involves Jupiter, for this is a month of expansion in many areas: healing, manifestation, soul mission expansion as well as new ways in which we can connect and receive guidance.

On February 23 we have Jupiter semi-square Pluto, and at the end, on February 28 Jupiter will quintile True Node. This is an invitation for us to reconnect with our inner Divine Power, and utilize it to build what will bring us success, unconditional love, and healing not just to ourselves and our personal path, but to All, for now, we walk in unity, and every single thing we think, feel and do, is not about us anymore, but about thinking in All as a group consciousness.

Use this power wisely and direct it towards the creation of that which you know is your destiny, as you planned it before you came into this plane. Use this empowering frequency to stand firm in your personal truth, heading into the direction of your dreams, building your soul mission on earth, expanding on it, and directing your thoughts and actions towards what is ahead, never to what we left behind, as the north node invites us to do.

These last two events summarize perfectly well what this month is about – expansion, transcendence of limitations and false programs, and above all, confronting all challenges, that in truth are mere opportunities for us to continue fulfilling our purpose, which is what these frequencies help us achieve.

We are in a phase of our ascension journey in which only looking forward will help us disengage from our past timeline. At the moment we look back, bringing past energies, we come back to where we used to be.

The choice is always ours to move into a more harmonic state of being or repeat, if necessary what we have not yet integrated.

As always, we are always where we need to be to continue growing, as expansion never ceases, wherever we may be in our personal evolutionary path.

I wish you all a wonderful February, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba