Russian Politician: Peace With USA Possible Only After ‘New World Order’ Is Established And America Becomes ‘Weaker’

Hopes that rock-bottom relations between Moscow and Washington can be turned around are unlikely at present, a top Russian politician has claimed, arguing that only when a new world order is established will there be less conflict between the two states.

Speaking as part of an interview with earlier this week, Aleksey Pushkov, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, who previously served as chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee, cast his view on the current power dynamic on the world stage.

“The US is a hegemon that is gradually losing its position in the world,” he claimed. “They suffered a very serious defeat in the Middle East, they lost Syria, they lost the battle for Afghanistan, they were forced to withdraw almost all of their troops from Iraq at the end of 2021.”

According to the Russian senator, US officials “are trying to maintain their dominant influence by having conflicts simultaneously with Russia and China, although with different degrees of intensity.” Pushkov noted that this creates a nervous environment both in America and the rest of the world.

“The US no longer treats us as a secondary power,” he explained. “They treat us as a paramount power, which is why they cite Russia, not China, as one of the main problems facing the Biden administration in 2022.” Pushkov warned that it will be “a year of crisis between Washington and Moscow.”

“As I understand it, they now want to solve the ‘Russian problem,’ that is, to subjugate practically all of Europe, pushing Russia to its very outskirts,” he said. “This is exactly what they need Ukraine for. The next phase will be a political or even military confrontation with China.”

Pushkov added that America’s political and financial elite “believe that they are the only ones who can run the world,” and do not intend to let anyone else take the helms.

“So, until a new world order is established in which the US is weaker and its role is diminished, we will be in more or less acute political conflict with them.”

His remarks come amid an increasingly tense stand-off between East and West, with senior American officials accusing Moscow of amassing troops and hardware near the Ukrainian border ahead of an invasion.

Last week, Biden threatened to hit Russian President Vladimir Putin with sanctions like “he’s never seen” before in the event of an incursion, which the Kremlin has repeatedly denied having any plans of staging.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, warned against a move such as this earlier this month, stating that “the imposition of sanctions against the head of state and against the leader of Russia … is a measure that is comparable to severing relations.”


10 Replies to “Russian Politician: Peace With USA Possible Only After ‘New World Order’ Is Established And America Becomes ‘Weaker’”

  1. Daedalus

    My advice is not to put any faith in any political side or party … there are plenty … or too many … of the traitors. And its the Uniparty that controls the USA… and many other countries (in their respective uniparties)

    Know that in the end, their agendas wont matter, as everything they worked on will fall off. And some of them will perish as they are only capable of following the old, crumbling narratives and parasitic systems.

    Disregard the nonsensical “war rumours” … its a plain desperation from the Cabal to clang with it. The COVID narrative is collapsing, and they know theyre almost done. Once the financial and economic global system fully collapses, theyll never have control.

    And ignore EVERY mass media outlet, whether its left or right, pro-US or pro-Russian … they never had and will never have interests of normal people in their agenda. So ignore them altogether, because they all belong to the same one media house that is against the disclosure of truth. Let the whole MSM die … were not far from it now.

  2. John Robbins

    Russians aren’t perfect, but they’re the best by far of a bad bunch, that I do know.

    1. Daedalus

      Even after more than a year since Trump is not POTUS and has no political connections, hes still in the heads of anti-Trumpers, 24/7 for whole year.

      It just shows what a deranged bunch of lunatics you are. Yet a US has been turned into a global mockery and is on its lowest reputation ever on global stage in that one year under Biden.

      Were not yet in the worst – youll going to see everything parasitic and insane perish, including you, yourself, very probably, as we have now taken a “hard way to learn” path. To say youre utterly dumb and lost, is an underestimation. Only a cabal’s sockpuppet, or a neoliberal nut, would have your way of “thinking”.

    2. AA-G

      Russia did not “own” Trump [eyeroll]. However, Trump’s recent urgings for people to get the shot are eye opening. The Left and the Right are an illusion, puppets of the evil dark center… which is collapsing into itself. No one will miss it.

  3. Vicki

    I wish people weren’t so brainwashed about Russia . Putting doesn’t allow any GMO foods in Russia but here in America they put it in everything.Think about that

    1. AA-G

      Putin, a Russian, loves his country and his people. U.S. and Canadian “leaders” only love themselves, and their dark god.

  4. Ihor

    Why are you spreading fakes from the Kremlin propaganda resource “Russia Today”? It is well known that this is a source of fakes and misinformation of the Russian special services. You undermine the credibility of your site. I am now distrustful of everything that you publish.