James Gilliland: Coming Out The Other Side

We just went through a major planetary alignment which brought up our deepest darkest wounds. The Sun also contributed to this event with major flares. Obviously the Spiritual and UFO community did not fair to well in this experience as other communities, cities, even countries. Minus the truckers. They are awesome teachers concerning Unity, the whole world is uniting in support of them. There are other examples, doctors, nurses, lawyers, even some politicians, people from all walks of life are coming together with a common cause. Preserve humanity. Unity is the death knell of tyranny.

The separation and division games are a very bad joke we play on ourselves and if one would attune to their highest multidimensional self we would be laughing. It is very easy to release the past and forgive from that level yet how many are operating from that level? On the ego level we perceive things through our filters. Our filters consist of wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences, this creates our be lie fs and the reference point from which we perceive the world around us. But is this reality? How many realities are there? As many realities as there are people. Is the physical the only reality? What if imagination was real on the level of imagination? How can we say someone is right or someone is wrong? Do we base this on our observation of physical events in time on a physical world? Time is relative to the observer. We base our time on natural cycles, our revolution around the sun and the tilt of the Earth which creates seasons. What if you were on another planet, a day lasts weeks because of a slower rotation. What if they had an entirely different race, different history, different rules, customs and be lie fs. Do we force our be lie fs on them? Do we demand they accept a 24 hour day, 12 months, the seasons of Earth? To function as a peaceful society, we do have to adhere to agreed upon behavior. There are what is called God given rights, International Rights, Constitutional Rights other basic rights we agree on yet how do Spiritually and Technologically advanced civilizations live? Most operate on what is called Universal Law. They have councils with wise masters who have demonstrated a high level of spiritual adeptness and service to others. This is the eventual goal of Earth Humanity. A potential some will realize some will not due to clinging on to the past, old reference points. We also need to honor wisdom through experience, our Elders along with the reminders, our youth that just incarnated from Heaven, other planes dimensions most much more advanced. How do we honor both? In the future we will have free energy, replicators, med beds the possibilities are endless. In the now we have to do the best with what we have. We have to work within a system where the accepted exchange of society is money while transitioning into a new system. Either system has to have an exchange. An inward flow and outward flow in balance.

I keep hearing we have to live according to a new paradigm. Yet when we go to the grocery store and say charge it to the new paradigm and walk out the door, we might experience a different paradigm. One that consists of an angry owner or present laws that have a different truth. I got my new paradigm card and tried to pay my electric bill, my taxes, gas for my car but the date on it was 30 years in the future. Card denied. I tell them this is what I be lie ve, everything should be free, I live in an unlimited universe, this is my reality created by my consciousness. They would say this is not my reality, I worked hard to purchase these things and where is the exchange? We are in the chaotic phase of two worlds merging, the old world is collapsing, the new world is not here yet. It is like sympathetic resonance. The higher consciousness, the more advanced world forces the other world to change yet are there basics that hold true in both worlds? Demanding others meet your desires and needs is dysfunctional, it creates dependencies and eventually the well goes dry. If everyone is consuming and no one is creating what is being consumed obviously there will be an end to the supply line. If no one is consuming there is no need to create, there is no purpose in creating more if there is no need. This is what we call supply and demand. What if the supply was endless, we advanced to the level of replicators for all of our needs? Again what if we could teleport goods even ourselves anywhere, delivery and transportation will be done using free energy transports, anti or counter gravity? Why would we need humans for anything other than to consume? All we would need is robots to clean up our mess.

Would there be any pride of work, any roles other than consumer? How about pride of workmanship, creating unique things over stamped out unoriginal objects, clothing, etc. What would happen to self-worth our identities? Many people identify with their work, feel good about the service they provide. Psychologists would be very busy in the conversion into a fully automated society. These are all things to ponder. The most sought out objects in the future might be a rock or branch, a natural fruit or egg from a real chicken.

So what is the answer? How do we bridge the gap between the new paradigm and our present civilization? How far do we want to go away from nature? In nature we have to water, fertilize, pick, process and cook. Now there are the expenses and demands of governments, landlords, bank payments. Land payments, taxes, utilities etc. Some of this can be overcome by simplifying yet presently it is hard to operate and keep your land, vehicle, power on, the cupboards and refrigerator full without generating the accepted exchange of society, “Money”. Especially under the now paradigm. Do we expect others, governments to foot the bill? Where do governments go get their money from? Other people of which they take a considerable lions share. Much of what is taken from the people goes to the global elite which creates an extreme uneven distribution of wealth. The war industry also takes a healthy chunk out of other people’s money. The war and disease profiteers are the biggest siphons of money. Do they want peace and healing? Peace and healing are bad for business. We need a complete global overhaul and it is coming but there will be steps in the process. The transition won’t happen overnight unless there is a pole shift, complete financial collapse or some other global catastrophe putting everyone on the same playing field. Eventually we will transition once the med beds, fuel-less energy, anti/counter gravity, teleportation and replicator technologies are available. Right now we just have to be patient and do the best we can to adjust and help others adjust to the changes.

**By James Gilliland


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  1. John Robbins

    The need to be patient stands out more than all the other free advice offered combined. I feel like a drop in the Ocean. Or am I really the Ocean in a drop? Perspective IS Everything !! While I breathe in, an out, being patient, I wait for the penny to drop… Thank you James for your thread in the tapestry.

  2. Kelly

    James, you’re too far ahead for some to understand ’cause they’re still so entrenched in the old system. That’s all they know. All they have known. All they can understand. When the old paradigm breaks down…it will be for the best. It’s being chiseled away now.

    Many have yet to start asking themselves why so many CEOs are stepping down. Or why so many celebs, politicians, etc. have been ‘diagnosed’ with th crown v i r u s. (Arrested) Nor they have yet to ask themselves what’s going on with the stock market. Much less what the real function of the F E D Re serve really was. Did we ever need fiat money? Inflation? Nor what the illegal ta xes went for. Or maybe even what the D U M B S really were created for?

    Lots of progress has been made ‘behind the scenes’ that much of the public has yet to learn about. We’re currently going through the pole shift now.

    Normal? We’re never going back to ‘normal’. We’re advancing above and beyond it!

    Rereading George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ and watch Richard Fleischer’s 1973 sci-fi classic Soylent Green if you want ‘normal’ defined.

    Love and Light!

    1. John Sutter

      Respectfully Kelly, all this progress is hearsay and innuendo. Fauci was executed, Biden was executed, DUMBS cleared, the QANON plan…all of it is something with no actual proof of. Nothing QANON predicted ever came true.

      Yes the old system is being destroyed by the Globalists themselves so they can have totalitarian control over 500 million survivors, control that George Orwell never dreamed of.

      They’re quite open about this and have voiced their goals often and frequently. They’ve been writing about this for decades.

      1. PS

        Just because the Globalists want something, doesn’t mean they will continue to get what they want. Sure, that was how it was for 6,000 years. They could get everything they wanted.

        That is not how it is right NOW. They are NOT getting what they want and they are scared and angry about that.

        Hold the line. Have faith in God. Stop getting distracted by the Clown Show and thinking Clown World is in any way the real world. Go within instead of without.

  3. John Sutter

    The only transition I see happening is humanity being wiped out. The death jab has been administered to billions on the flimsiest of Bullshit stories ever concocted – that this thing called a virus, that has never been proven to exist, is going to kill you and you need this “vaccine” to stay alive. Yes, the COVID narrative is in trouble. But, you can see they are not done yet. They are already offering a new White Knight vaccine(for a non-existent disease and virus) called NOVAVAX. NOVAVAX you see is an “old timey” vaccine like we were taught about. It is not an MRNA vaccine it just has the “Spike Protein” that was allegedly incubated in Yeast cells. So, millions who held out against the MRNA vaccines because they were fearful of their affects and the intention of them are eager to take this new “old timey” vaccine. All one do is a little research to see what is going on. NOVAVAX Is another small biotech firm founded with money from who…yes you guessed right – Bill Gates (like Moderna and BioNtech). It received 1.6 Billion dollars from Judas Goat and wicked betrayer Donald Trump. Now they magically have the ability to produce billions of safe “old timey” vaccines in only the last 2 years. Coincidentally, despite being “old timey” it has to be administered in 2 shots, 2 weeks apart. Sound familiar? What these poor willfully ignorant souls are going to get is more of the slow acting disease causing poison that is the Pfizer/Moderna jab. They’ll mop up a lot of hold outs with this new White Knight “old timey” “vaccine”.

    Don’t think the death jab is the only thing they are going to kill us with. Of course, they have been destroying economies with lockdowns enormous debt money creation and cutting energy supplies. The fruition of complete economic collapse has yet to be realized but it’s coming, have no doubt.

    War, nuclear war, is on the agenda. These world leaders are all globalists, all dedicated to the extinction of humanity, so don’t think they are not so insane to not start a nuclear conflagration, they are insane, and full of hate and contempt for us. Yes, numerous times this website has published claims that supposed off world relatives of humanity have disabled all nuclear weapons. That is completely unsubstantiated. I’m not willing to be relieved of that notion based on some alleged psychic’s channel claiming that “Ashtar” and his Intergalactic Fleet has disarmed the nukes.

    They are setting up the next hammer blows against us as we speak. Their favorite method of genocide has always been famine. Currently, to those of us paying attention, besides the destruction of the overly complicated world distribution system, they are systematically destroying the production capacity of fertilizer.
    Without fertilizer almost all food production will come to a halt.

    They are also setting up their most devastating move and that is to shut down and destroy the production of electricity. Modern society is completely dependent of the production of electricity for every aspect of maintaining society. They’re planning based on their narrative of Russian Cyber attacks to shut down the power grid. Without electricity 90% of the population would starve to death in one year.

    In conclusion, I think all this New Age thinking and waiting for 5D or that some benevolent Pleiadeans or Sirians or whatever are working to bring about this wonderful new world of peace love and Unicorns is fantasy. I don’t see it. I think this is all escapism. It’s a fantasy you’ve been presented with so you don’t have to face reality. I don’t care how much people on here claim they are somehow in 5D, the very fact that they are posting here is proof you’re stuck in the same Shit-show as me.

    Now critics will come out accusing me of negativety. Why am I posting here if I don’t believe the content of this site? I’m stuck in 3D thinking they will tell me. If you’re in 5D send me a snap shot of this wonderful new world with Medbeds, machines that conjur whatever we need out of the ether of the universe etc etc.
    If this creative source energy is nothing but love and the cause of all things, then it is also the cause of evil and absence of love that has been so predominant. Maybe this source energy is neither good nor evil, neither love nor hate, but completely indifferent to our misery, death and destruction.

    Why do I read this site? Because I really wish their was good out there. I’d love to believe there was this infinite unconditional loving force that wanted our continuance and well being.

    I haven’t seen it yet. I doubt I ever will.

  4. Daedalus

    Its fairly simple – the current system is plainly UNSUSTAINABLE and is dying right in front of us. Collapsing rapidly. There wont be a way to kick the can further at one point, even for those who would desperately want to. We could very well be even beyond that point now, judging by some happenings.

    But there is another aspect of this transition where were are “neither of two worlds, yet in both worlds”. Its mental and emotional preparation of humans for new society. How many are still thinking like complete parasites ? How many are obsessed with trivial things and chase for something they can never catch in this false system ? And now many see these “values” die off. Those who are deeper and longer into such parasitic system of misery, are in deeper problem than those who have realized that this system needs to die. Theyre clinging to ship that is already sinking and will pull them to the bottom if they dont let it go.

    But the sooner the painful full crumbling of the system comes – this means a total economic and financial collapse – the better. The shock is unavoidable whatever one does.

  5. Derek

    “The transition won’t happen overnight unless there is a pole shift, complete financial collapse or some other global catastrophe putting everyone on the same playing field”.

    Hmmmm kind of like…the event?