UFO or Northern Lights? Mystery Over Eerie Pink Glow in Malvern Sky

Malvern residents have been left baffled after an eerie pink glow mysteriously appeared in the sky last night.

Pictures taken by locals show the strikingly pink phenomenon above the Worcestershire town shortly after midnight on Wednesday, February 2.

One eyewitness said he saw the unusual sight from 1am and that it stayed in the sky for around 45 minutes before it disappeared.The glow has sparked several theories online

The creepy glow has sparked several theories on social media, ranging from extraterrestrial visits to nearby farms which use ultra violet rays to grow tomatoes.

However, one idea which has grabbed people’s interest in particular is the possibility it was actually an aurora, similar to the ones seen near the North Pole.

The Met Office did warn they were possible last night, saying in a post on Facebook: “A geomagnetic storm is forecast for overnight tonight, this means an aurora is possible.

“Whilst Northern Scotland will be best placed to see this, depending on the strength of this storm and weather conditions, the Northern Lights may be visible as far south as North Wales and north Norfolk.”

However, a spokesperson for the Met Office told WorcestershireLive that the pink glow in Malvern was unlikely to be an aurora.

He said: “If it’s midnight it’s obviously not going to be sunset, and Malvern is way too far south (and cloudy, by the looks!) for aurora.”

With the weather agency unable to provide an explanation, it seems Malvern’s eerie pink glow will remain a mystery for now.

Worcestershire has had its fair share of baffling and creepy phenomena in the skies over the years alongside this latest incident.

The sightings come from a number of sources, whether it’s confidential reports from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) or footage taken by stunned locals.

**By Alexander Brock