Saint Germain: Collective Awakening Starts In Austria

JJK: Today, right this moment as we speak, the Austrian parliament is enacting mandatory vaccination. For me, this is the mark of yet another low in the sociopolitical development in our country. Will this be going on for much longer?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: This law is another milestone in the accelerated awakening of more and more people!

Good is inherent in evil, and the good thing is that with each additional dose of injustice, the inner longing for justice and truth grows in people.

Only a quarter of all Austrians welcome the mandatory vaccination with conviction, the rest have their doubts or reject it altogether. Which means, politicians act against the better part of the population, unaware of the consequences.

Each individual who voted in favor today will regret this bitterly one day. Because even though this law accelerates people’s awakening, no one who co-enforced it will be relieved of their responsibility.

Human awakening can happen in many ways, and there doesn’t not always have to be such a fight.

JJK: What kind of fight?

MEISTER ST. GERMAIN: The fight you have already started to regain your freedom – inner and outer.

People who experience inner freedom won’t allow being imprisoned by anything or anyone, nor being degraded or suppressed.

The inner freedom many of you have worked towards over the course of the past years is contradictory to the outer restrictions.

This situation cannot be perpetuated much longer. The kingdom of peace you experience inside wants to be experienced outside as well. This is exactly what everything is moving towards, this is where the collective energy of humanity flows.

Freedom based on truthfulness, that is the path you have chosen, the path that more and more Austrians will choose due to today’s decisions by the parliament.

There is a collective surge of energy breezing through this country, and it is spreading throughout Europe and the entire globe. The collective awakening of humanity starts in Austria, and it starts NOW.

This process is irreversible and this path is getting richer in energy, spirit and love. Only one who loves has a longing for truth.

Energy spreading to Germany!

JJK: What is Germany’s role in this?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The energy is spreading form the smaller country to the bigger country – very soon you will celebrate great successes – TOGETHER. You will reach the goal of liberation together.

JJK: Does this mean taking on external fights?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: taking on YOUR fights!

This means: take a good look to discern your missions. All that matters is that YOU are in the right place, that YOU get acquainted with YOUR very own missions. Then you know your place and your role.

Never blindly engage in a fight – it has to be YOUR business, then you are in the right place.

There are many ways to fight. And you need to examine closely what your way is – and act accordingly.

Don’t follow anyone but your higher Self! Listen to the call of your heart and the whisper of your soul.

Until you have gained certainty I will stand by you – with the golden-violet flame of transformation.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


9 Replies to “Saint Germain: Collective Awakening Starts In Austria”

  1. Stacy

    I am that believer. It WILL and IS getting resolved peacefully. I am/ We are doing it NOW, always. Our mindsets go against the grain, we don’t accept nor conform. We have never! We ” ping ” out this consciousness ALWAYS. When you rise above the chaos within/without, and breathe..and stop with all thinking and FEEL and you KNOW the result. We are ALL wired and designed to do this. Breathe and KNOW ALL IS WELL AND GOOD, AND IT SHALL BE

  2. AA-G

    The last time Austria did something like this they caved in to the Nazis. It took six years of WWII and ten more years of post-WW misery to change everyone’s mind. What people might need to be doing is thinking about mass non-compliance. Or failing that, tossing their “leaders” in prison.

  3. Doesn't matter

    Finally racist, (editor) a channeling that puts you right in your place.leave me alone once and for all disgusting ego of yours.. Make yourself feel much better by pretending that I don’t exist. If it wasn’t for the need to read channellings, I wouldn’t be here unfortunately I have to deal with your pathetic way of being. Set yourself free.

  4. Diamond Black

    We are always under the weight of xombiez that need shaking to wake up, and im fed up with that process. An explosion over their heads is what they need.
    I’m done with the xombiez, they can all fuck off and die. Don’t care for them anymore, been doing this since 1995 non stop and demand return on my investment into awakening out of this bullshit prison.

  5. Bernard REMOND

    ‘JE SUIS’ Français et vis en France. Et j’observe le même phénomène que celui que ‘VAGABON’ décrit depuis l’Allemagne où il vit. De nombreux résidants de la France ont la même PEUR que ceux décrits par ‘VAGABON’. Etant dans le respect total des choix de qui que ce soit et de quelle nature ils peuvent être, jamais je ne ferais part de mon rejet absolu de ce que peut être leur peur, que je présume être déshumanisante pour eux. Mais il va sans dire que cette sorte de peur me serra toujours méconnue pour la simple raison que je n’ai en moi aucune peur d’aucune sorte…Je sais depuis toujours que ce que je redoute le plus est ce qui m’arrivera. Merci VAGABON d’avoir fait connaître ta présente publication.

    1. Wanderer

      Cher Bernard REMOND,

      Merci pour votre aimable réponse !

      C’est bon de savoir qu’il y a un allié spirituel dans le pays voisin.
      Bien que je sois conscient qu’il y en a beaucoup partout dans le monde, on peut facilement avoir le sentiment d’être laissé tout seul dans le désert, s’il n’y a pas de nouvelles des vivants qui arrivent de temps en temps.

      Que Dieu vous bénisse ainsi que vos bien-aimés!

      Dear Bernard REMOND,

      Thank You for Your kind reply!

      It’s good to know that there is a spiritual ally in the neighboring country.
      Although I’m aware that there are many of them all over the world, one can easily get the feeling of being left all alone in the wilderness, if there is no word from the living coming in every now and then.

      God bless You and Your beloved ones!

  6. Wanderer

    Very nice words but the reality of feelings in German society appears to be very different.

    People in Gernany are filled with fear. They are afraid that the government may follow Austria and implement the same rules soon. Many are getting angry about the situation which is becoming worse from week to week. Politicians who clearly stated before the election that there will be no vax-mandate are rushing now to bring to reality the exact opposite!

    On the other side the hatred the Coronazis show to the unvaxxed increases. Doctors and hospitals refuse to treat the unvaxxed, one individual has been carelessly left on a basement floor within a hospital without food and water, where he finally died. A short notice in a local newspaper, an outcry from some readers, and that was that. Never read or heard anything about it ever since.

    People who silently just go for a walk in order to show their non-compliance are held up by police in riot-gear, elderly ladies are dragged away, and men are beaten up by these terrorists in uniform.
    The next day it is said that the protesters were right-wingers, extremists, Neo-Nazis and so on, and they pose a threat to democracy. This kind of disinformation is broadcast 24/7 basically on all channels.

    Still, people keep going for a walk risking the confrontation with heavily armed police forces, and clashes with violent leftists from the Antifa, who seem to be not only financed but also protected by the ruling parties!

    Does anyone really believe that this situation can get solved peacefully?
    And if there are such believers, what do they smoke?