Expanding Awareness through Intuitive Guidance

Our intuitive guidance can come in many ways, but if we are sensitive to it, we always know what is best in every moment. It can create an encounter for us, something that can give us greater awareness. It can inspire a feeling and visionary experience that is beautiful and refined. It can be words or mathematical or astrological symbols. It will always be in terms that we can personally understand, if we’re open to expansion. It can inspire us with miracles and lead us to control of the quality of our physical world. Our intuition is part of our consciousness. It is guidance from our eternal, expanded Self and the consciousness of the Creator.

In our individual essence beyond the empirical world, we are infinitely and creatively aware. We energetically interpenetrate the awareness of all conscious beings. We can be aware of the awareness of anyone, because we are all the same Being in our essence. We are all constantly created out of the consciousness of the Creator. We are the Creator personified as each of us.

We are in a stream of conscious life force that has a resonant frequency that we can align with. This is the long-term wave pattern of human evolution and its guiding energetics. Our natural direction is toward greater light and joy. We can follow a different path, if we prefer, but with the flow of life that is enveloping us, we are being prompted to align with life-enhancing mental and emotional energetics.

We have the potential of creating our lives in a higher spectrum of energy. We don’t have to change anything physically in our own experience, but we can transform the energetics, because all dimensions are present for us, as we become able to recognize them. Through our perspective, we recognize them and express our energy signature, which vibrates with the polarity and frequency of our thoughts and feelings.

By intending to recognize a higher quality of life in every circumstance and encounter, we can become aware of our inner light and the light in every being we encounter, even the deeply negative ones. We can intend to be in gratitude, compassion and love in every moment. This can be our perspective, allowing us to drop our limiting beliefs, for they are irrelevant in the eternally-present moment. Our intuition gives us our higher guidance, if we pay attention to what we truly know in every moment.

**By Kenneth Schmitt