The Federation of Light: Predictions

Hello again, my friends. There are thousands of ‘Heroes’ all over the world in their trucks and thousands of Heroes supporting them … in the name of FREEDOM. Rather than hold on to my hat, I take it off to each and every one. Is it then, that your crystal ball still shows a world lockdown?

The Brightest of greetings to you Blossom, indeed the Brightest of Light Greetings to all that are drawn to our ‘service’. If you were to see from our perspective the ENERGY that is radiating from the places where these vast engines are gathered, it would fill you with such Hope! Not only is this Energy emitting LOVE, it is sending out Vibrations of Courage, and Strength, and UNITY throughout your Planet. We still hold with our ‘prediction’ of a world lockdown. As we have mentioned before, it will be under the guise of ‘the virus’, yet, this will not be why it is taking place.

Are you able to elaborate on that?

Not greatly. Yet, when this takes place, it would be beneficial for each one to ‘accept’ it for a time and use ‘the space’ to concentrate on sending out your Love of the Mantra to assist in keeping the Vibration as High as possible. From what we ‘understand’, it will not be for a long period of time, yet, it is necessary for ‘political bombshells’ to be announced.

I am a little confused and trying not to let ‘things I have heard’ influence my questioning. Is it the good guys or the bad that lock us down?

It is rather complicated. In that, we would say it is a mixture of both. It is a Master Plan and difficult to explain and much would not be advisable to disclose.


Perhaps, it is easy from your position to be a little remiss and just accept things to be rolling along. Yet, remember too, there is no time.


That is why you are here. Remember?

‘Yes, yes,’ you might say. Yet, this is CRUNCH TIME. This is when you expand your awareness and reach deeply within to ‘discover’ that which you are.


For to … uncover/awaken … that in you which has been waiting to receive you … you will find to be the Greatest Gift of all.

WHEN you ‘GET IT FULLY’ … it shall be as if all that is presented … all around the world … will be seen from a different perspective. There will be no attachment to what is being revealed … for the KNOWING of it all happening in order to CHANGE EVERYTHING, shall allow your TRUTH and TRUST to reach heights yet unknown to the Soulself.

As you … uncover/let melt away … these layers, SO MUCH will ‘fall into place’ regarding SO MUCH. Not just so much of the ‘Why’s and wherefore’s’, yet, more so of THE WHOLE … THE BIGGER PICTURE … which in turn will uplift your Energies and determination within the Self … which in turn, gathers momentum to continue on so Bravely with that which you came here to accomplish.

Not wanting to repeat too much of our last chat yet, is it JUST the Mantra that will remove these layers?

No. It is YOU.  The Essence of  YOU that begins to understand everything about the Mantra.

Keep your promise to yourself and ‘Get there’ … the place within you that you KNOW to be waiting. Excitement for what is to come shall ensue, replacing fear and despair.

Your remembrance of why you are here shall become more apparent through ‘FEELING’ your Strength and Determination.

This KNOWING we speak of, cannot be expressed in words particularly, because it is a FEELING inside of you. Not necessarily knowledge of what is outwardly taking place and all the ‘In’s and out’s’ of such … yet, a FEELING OF KNOWING that … ‘Actually, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.’

When you reach this KNOWING, this UNDERSTANDING … all the fear, all the disbelief, all the lies that are to be revealed … all the pandemonium that is … to take place/ensue … indeed, ALL that is to ‘play out’ will not affect you as it once did.

The acceptance that ‘This must be, in order to’ … will fill your Being with a Newness. A Refreshed Energy … a different kind of Energy within you, that is NOTICABLY different.

As you are bringing this through, I can FEEL exactly what you are trying to explain yet, as you say, it is a feeling, so therefore, I feel you are finding it difficult to express and yet, you seem determined to keep trying because it is important and also, so very uplifting.

This is so. Yet we are ‘assuming, in humility’ that the Energy these words ‘carry’ will not just assist you, Blossom, in understanding the STRENGTH AND NEWNESS OF SPIRIT that is opening up NOW, yet, as EACH ONE tunes into our Energy as they read or hear our words, they will also feel this that you are feeling at this moment.

We feel it would be appropriate at this time …

I know what you are going to say and the Love which it carries has put a lump in my throat and filled my eyes with watery Light, and I am so happy you are going to say it because it is so deserved.

Indeed, Blossom, we feel this to be the most appropriate opportunity to offer our honour and deep respect to the ‘Gentleman Joe’, who so lovingly took on the task (as agreed beforehand) … to take our words off the page and fill them with the Grace and Love that we so desire to be expressed, through the softness and extreme quality of his ‘IS-ness’.

Yep! Don’t know why … but I’m blubbing. I too, cannot express in words my Gratitude to him. I know he will be wanting me to thank you yet, he knows too, he’s a big boy now and can do that all by himself. From all of us who feel so Blessed to have you on board … Thank you Joe! Now, where were we?

We were hopefully filling your Being with a Stronger Understanding of YOURSELF.

This is most Empowering and most Joyful!

As each New Dawn rises the ‘YOU THAT YOU ARE’ … will warmly smile …



As you FEEL and KNOW that the ENERGY is amping up …

As you FEEL THE LOVE THAT IS EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING in your particular world.

What a difference to wake up to this. Letting go/releasing … the old Energy, consciously giving it a ‘Mighty send-off’ in Gratitude for all that it was. Visualizing it transmuting into Light Love as the winds of change take it to a ‘nowhere space’ where it can begin a NEW SELF Expression.

As you honour and invite this NEW HIGHER ENERGY …

into YOUR LIFE …


into THE HEARTS OF EVERY LIVING THING UPON YOUR PLANET … you will become overjoyed at the difference in ‘Self’ that it has wrapped inside.


This is so lovely! I guess the thing is, we as individuals need to really KNOW this! If we just think, “Oh, that will be nice one day … then it goes on the back burner until the postman delivers yet, we are the ones to knock on our own door … all the time. To remember these things you offer us. Not to take them for granted. Not to say as some do at times ‘Yeah, Yeah, blah, blah, blah, same old, same old.’ It’s time to REALLY STEP UP TO THE PLATE!

‘The same old’, dearest Blossom, will always and ever be ‘The same old’ for one cannot change TRUTH.

Yet, Truth can change can it not? What was once ‘MY TRUTH’ about certain ‘understandings’ years ago, has been replaced by a new Truth within me …

With respect, we would say, that you call it ‘Your Truth’ … at the time. Yet, it was more so an ‘understanding’ of what you ‘thought was’ … due to the level of awareness your soul had led you to.

Yep … that makes sense.

The Truth we bring through regarding your SOULSELF and WHO YOU ARE … CANNOT CHANGE.





This cannot change. It can alter in Vibration yet, it cannot change this fact.

Just before we go … you have explained to us that the words/energy of the Mantra are encoded. Some feel it suitable to add or use ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ … and they want to know if that still has the same effect?


We feel we have spoken of this before

You may well have done … I’ve had a lot going on!!

Yet, it is the I that is the ONE.

Therefore, I is the WE.

Simply put yet, perfectly explained. Ok … Time for me to get some breakfast and time for you to whiz around the Universe a couple of times … doing what?

That which we do as an expression of who we are … LOVING ALL THAT IS.

And we follow in your footsteps, no matter what role one has chosen in this epic production. Thank you as always … In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

**Channel: Blossom Goodchild


18 Replies to “The Federation of Light: Predictions”

  1. david k gates

    TIME AS HUMANS KNOW it is simply a system of measurement based upon one full rotation of our Earth and also one full rotation of planet Earth around our Star.
    QUICK! Someone give me 4 cups of Time!
    Someone send me 300 lbs of Time via Fed Ex!
    PIck up that Time and move it to the storeroom.
    Can someone go to the store and get 3 boxes of time?

    There is not “time” . Only a system of measurement
    BUT IT IS FUN to play around with all the wild possibilities of Time travel and all that =)

    1. Susan

      David you might enjoy a short novel by Alan Lightman, “Einstein’s Dreams.” Since we’re going back to lock down, possibly, there will be plenty of time for reading and meditating and imagining our wildest dreams.

  2. Mogex

    Tired you might be of my ‘will-order’ w-ord, but the plan is coming into place, financially too. The pieces ARE falling into place. Peace, freedom and space, and all will come together.

  3. John Robbins

    Thank you Blossom. I always have a soft spot when it comes to your messages. Blessings. Nothing that could happen (another lockdown?) would mortify me at this stage. We’re already too far gone down that yellow brick road of massive change!

  4. Logan

    I can’t believe people fall for this nonsense. 1rst of all the galactic federation NEVER and i mean NEVER make predictions. and 2. the message is about accepting lockdowns LMAO sounds like it was written by an elite puppet coercing citizens to just accept vaccines, covid, masks and lockdowns and decemation of your rights as the new normal. Def not from a higher source. If one has eyes to see and a brain to think you can figure that out on your own

  5. John Robbins

    Time passing is subjective, it seems to be/feel “real” to the ego or mortal mind. Imagine you are in a bubble, your world. Everything outside the bubble is Reality. Everything inside the bubble is subjective reality. When the bubble bursts, whatever the catalyst for this event, our reality desolves, and True Reality is experienced. So we are with respect, on a bubble bursting journey here. I naturally speak for myself now. True Reality already has each of us “encoded” in It’s Sacred Vibration, so nothing of our True value or nature is ever lost in our bubble popping transition into the Light.

  6. AA-G

    Blossom’s “Federation of Light” say the same thing repeatedly. I don’t find them helpful. We’re always right on some cusp, some future hoop we have to keep flaming in order to jump through it… for some amazing outcome that never seems to materialize. It is way past time for The Cavalry to appear, in some OBVIOUS form or another. At this point things feel like we’re stuck in a tar pit.

  7. Susla

    Please remember that Blossoms friends promised a big announcement before election, and when election was done, they said, but election is not done yet, after inaguration it was more and more difficult for her to keep it up.

    Now they predict a lockdown. Well I dont trust her, or her friends, including the white cloud person, that is negative and jugdemental.

    But… since this site dont write who made the article, then I keep landing on channelers I dont trust.
    There is a date, a by and how many comments in top of all these articles. The ‘by’ is always the website here (Era of Light), which is foolish, as we are on the website already, and know the website is hosting the articles, so why not just use the space for who really made the article/channeling?.

    1. Tammy

      You have that right not to trust. We shifted timelines which changed the course to save lives and this new course will actually accelerate dark’s demise. Believe it or not but we don’t need censorship on the site. This site allows us to skip over what does not resonate. What does not resonate with you may help another.

  8. tammy

    Thanks Blossom. Something tells me that this message comes at an opportune time for our preparation for things to come quite soon.

    1. Susla

      When so many people dont resonate with Blossom, then maybe YOU should look at yourself. Are you too naive?
      Deep State do also infiltrate this type of conversation, and maybe you cant discern.

  9. Wanderer

    There is no time?

    Reality means existance. Existance requires time.
    Without time nothing would exist.

    If there was no time reality would cease to exist, even our thoughts would cease to exist because thinking is a process requiring time.

    Now, will you still say that there is no time?
    But there will be a “crunch-time”?
    How can there be a “will be”, a “was” or “has been” without time? – Eh?

    I’m telling you this: We are no fools. So, stop this BS and go and flush yourself down the drain!

    1. Douglas A James

      Time isn’t linear is the point. Timelines .. all timelines are merging you follow this era of light you should know time isn’t as.we have been told.. yes there is a past present and future but all is now also.. it’s hard to comprehend ..once we get back to 5D it will make more sense..

      1. Wanderer

        Time may not be how we perceive it.

        From our point of view, we have the impression that time passes by.
        But what, if time is a constant standing still, and we are moving along time?

    2. Daedalus

      Time is a consensual construct. You have timezones on Earth … they were not a part of nature in any way. One part of the Earth lives in “future” while other lives in “past” and while both of the sides live in one moment now. Thats all it says about time as fake construct.

      Sure, someone will say – “but everything gets older and dies and thats the outcome of time passing” – yes, but is it an influence of time, or is it an influence of our mind perception of time ? Can we have a timeless perception ? Absolutely we can, our dreams are timeless and even when something is put “before” and “after” in them feels very vague and feels like all happens at same moment. Meaning the dreams are a true state of being, and this state is a dreamlike state.

    3. Arthur

      Time doesn’t exist. It is an illusion generated by an imperfect consciousness. Learn more physics. In it, time is an abstract non-physical parameter. There is not even a tool to measure it.Clocks measure everything except time itself!
      “How can there be a “will be”, a “was” or “has been” without time?”
      This is the imperfection of your consciousness. At your level, you are unable to understand this.
      Existence and thinking do not need time. All you need is energy.