St. Germain: Questions and Answers

Question: Can astral projection help with learning more about life beyond this life, and aid in spiritual growth?

St Germain: This is a wonderful question and the answer is “Absolutely!” Imagine what other more advanced races of beings would have to teach you, if you simply observe their culture and their behavior. You can bring so much back to earth and to your daily life that would enrich.

They come to earth now, either directly or in channellings to teach humanity about higher consciousness and higher mind.

May I propose to you that you undertake this exercise.

Focus on a particular issue in your life now, or perhaps allow your soul to choose which issue he chooses for you to understand and then go into a meditative state and begin to astral project. Go with the understanding that the question you are asking is about to be answered in what you experience.

Many times, as Sharon does so frequently, you go back to a past life and you see where you developed certain fears, attitudes, or impasses in your thinking. Come back to your physical consciousness understanding that you have just experienced the answer to this question, and now you have more to work with in order to break through this impasse and create higher consciousness for yourself.

Yes, absolutely, the answer is yes, my dear sir.

Question: Can humans truly heal from any and every disease?

St Germain: Again, the answer is absolutely, yes! Most affirmative.

Why? Because a human is not physical matter – a human is comprised of energy. Energy carries a charge. It can be negative or positive. Negative energy can create sickness in the physical manifestation of energy or what you call “matter.” To cure sickness, all negative energy must be eliminated or its polarity must be reversed.

To understand how negative energy manifests within your material consciousness, simply look at the last time you got stuck in traffic, your amazon parcel got stolen from your porch, or you got into an argument with another person. Your beliefs create these negative polarities within you.

You believe it is bad to get stuck in traffic. You may become late for dinner, or you are simply impatient. You believe you may have to pick up McDonald’s and dine by yourself instead of with the family. You believe that this is all bad. Is it bad? Is it bad because you simply did not get your preference? Is it terrible? No.

Can you use the episode of being stuck in traffic to find a solution, such as finding another job where you can work at home, or finding another route home, or finding another home that does not require a long commute. Or simply changing your attitude towards being stuck in traffic. Perhaps put on a course to help you learn Spanish while you are waiting. Or spend your time on line while your car is parked. There are many ways to get through this that make it less bad. It is simply a question of how you perceive it.

When your amazon package gets stolen, or you do not receive it, how do you react? Do you react in a way that will create dis-ease within yourself, or do you react in such a way as to forgive?

St Germain: And releasing negative energy is often a question of what you call solving a problem. Coming up with a better solution. That is utilizing your personal power in order to release negativity. In cases where you are ill, you have been holding on to negative energy or as often is the case with the Indigo’s, you have not transmuted that which you have attracted.

Sharon: Yes, I love the violet flame for that.

St Germain: Indeed. We attract negative energy because we are its primary transmuters. When you do not transmute, you will be fated to acting it out.

Question: How can we forgive?

St Germain: This is always a good question to ask, and people have been asking it over and over again. Understand that forgiveness is a state, not an emotion. When you move into the heart and away from the physical beingness, understand that you do not experience emotions as much as you experience states of consciousness.

These states are reached simply through desire. What in effect you are attempting to do is to bring this state of consciousness down to the physical manifestation, and that is the purpose of life and reincarnation – to experience greater states of awareness, and yes, Unity, as Sharon is pointing out, in your daily awareness.

So, the key then because I keep dropping the word – is awareness. Become aware of these states of consciousness and allow them to infiltrate into your physical beingness, your mental and emotional minds. This is an exchange of energy.

When you become affixed in an emotional state in the physical, you cannot then allow the flow of energies from higher consciousness. You have free will therefore you always have a choice as to how you decide to react to any stimulus. If you decide to enjoy a lower emotional state, then the higher emotional states will have difficulty filtering down to you.

The way to forgive is to relieve one’s self of the emotional trigger that has come up. Transmute the emotions, being they anger, be they sadness, be they feelings of betrayal, be they whatever… allow them to move beyond your mind via transmutation. When these emotions are transmuted, then the state of forgiveness can be filtered down to your lower awareness, your lower mental consciousness, because that is what the soul realizes is necessary and the soul is attempting to work with you.

When you are upset, in a lower emotional mindset, sit quietly and meditate. Expand your consciousness and examine the state of that consciousness, which is you, and understand that that consciousness is not upset at all, it is simply at peace.

So many of you believe that you are the physical manifestation that walks the earth. In fact, you are not.

You are the consciousness that empowers this manifestation to go through life’s daily experiences. Experiencing higher states of consciousness is a question of which you prefer to align with: your lower earth avatar, or your higher unseen consciousness that is the real you.

Understand that all life is energy and that you are energy as well. Both your manifestation and your conscious mind are energy, however one vibrates much faster than the other. Its task with any given manifestation is to aid that manifestation in achieving higher consciousness.

Understand that the manifestation that you believe is material matter – your body and your mind – is the part of the higher manifestation that requires healing and learning so your life’s experience is one of learning and seeking.

If your soul manifested you on earth to learn to forgive, then either it already knows and you have forgotten, which is quite often the case upon earth – all who are manifested there are subject to relearning the basics from one lifetime to the next because of the veil of amnesia. If you do incarnate already understanding how to forgive, then you will have incarnated for other reasons.

Sharon: My soul must’ve gotten pretty tired of me digging in my heels into the conditioned responses we all were taught that are appropriate reactions here on earth.

St Germain: Yes, but your soul simply continues, for the sake of higher expression. Higher expression must be brought to the earth in order to elevate and to cleanse the beings who live there. So forgiveness is necessary.

When you, as Sharon noted, enjoy your conditioned responses, such as for example you decide a person has made you into a victim and you decide to enjoy this victimization and to flaunt it for all to see, then you are disallowing higher states of forgiveness, and the glory of Godliness, to descend to your lower mind.

Let your emotions flow. That is another point.

Do not become mired in resentment and in grudges.

Do not subscribe to traditional responses.

If others choose to behave with a certain response, that is fine, however seek still to forgive.

Be different. Be willing to be such.

Be willing to become the salve that the human consciousness requires on earth.

Be not one of the sheep, be the lone wolf who decides how he must respond.

Sharon: Thank you Saint Germain.

St. Germain: Indeed, you are most welcome, my heart of gold.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


5 Replies to “St. Germain: Questions and Answers”

  1. Malissa Liburdi

    simple slow moving lessons we all must achieve on this slow motion tour
    soon it will speed up & this mundane parade will evaporate blossoming into a new reality

  2. Tammy

    Thanks Sharon for your service to others work and bringing us wisdom so important in this great shift.

  3. John

    Its all good even if it appears bad much lessons are there to know and in due course comes wisdom and with wisdom comes perception and with perception comes awareness of all so be it.

  4. AA-G

    I distrust all these unicorns who fail to mention SOURCE. All higher level ETs and Guides and Ascended Masters have relationships with SOURCE. In fact, you can’t GET to those levels *without* acknowledging your connection to a Higher Power. Put yourself into SOURCE’s hands, not all this goofy new age-y giftwrapping.