Galacom Update: 3D Earth Obstacle

On February 11, 2022, at 10:05, AM CET, Galacom delivered new info supplementing the update transmitted earlier (see DIN 05/02/2022). Below is a summary of it.

Today, many on Earth are seriously concerned about why more active measures are not used against those who incite unrest, program people’s consciousness without their consent, sow lies, ruin and discord in specific parts of the planet.

There are several reasons. The main obstacle remains the 3D Earth itself. The chaos reigning on it makes it difficult to use new energy flows directed from the Center of the Galaxy. They are distorted and blocked by negative forces concentrated in the field of the planet.

Their power has weakened, but they skillfully use the gigantic burden of karma, its cause-and-effect relationship, shifted onto the shoulders of humanity, continuing to hold it as a hostage. Hiding behind a human shield, they do everything on behalf of the earthlings to baffle Co-Creators and Galacom.

To break this connection, the Light Forces use the anti-karmic reactors created by them. It important element is the Pleroma-Gaia Axis, recently extended on Earth to 2D with the help of Lightwarriors’ ground team (LEV, about it see – DNI, Galacom Update 15-21 January 2022). But the efforts of three-dimensional humanity to end the anomaly are also extremely important.

Karma Lords, Fate Guardians, Space Builders, Keepers of linear and spherical Time, and other Higher Beings, which will not be named yet, also participate in solving this problem.

​Now they are all involved in cleansing the entire Local Universe from karma and rehabilitating many Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, and Angels.

At the final stage, the clean-up of the elements, elementals, physical forms at various levels will follow.

The extension of the Axis from the Pleroma to 1D and its full activation will completely remove the malignant tumor of karma, without metastases and repeated formations.

Galacom works closely and harmoniously together with everyone to extract and annihilate everything that distorts energies and forms cancerous cells that corrode the Universe.

The parasite-vampire system and its consequences on Earth will be destroyed.

The full interaction of all systems for the elimination of old and the birth of new worlds, including on Earth, has been established.

All the forces involved in this, despite disagreements and dislikes, explicitly and implicitly participate in the building of another space-time instead of the one that is not suitable for future life.

This is a natural cosmic process. Everything cannot be stored in space. Much will remain only in the archive that man will not see. It will be removed from his memory and consciousness.

Earth, as an echo of old destinies, will also write down its chronicles in the archive, with which it is no longer on its way. They will be preserved in Akashic Records.

The zeroing of energy on Earth will not be full. The history of the planet will continue. Everything that does not fit into the New Era will be withdrawn, and the meaningful and Spiritual will continue to develop.

These foundations are laid in humanity, its innermost essence, and living naturalness. And now it will open up even more actively. Dead to dead. Alive to alive.

The division on this basis is tacit but very intense, already occurs quietly, under the radar. This is part of the Transition on Earth.

The Transition itself does not coincide with your understanding, because you don’t see it in its entirety. The mind and consciousness of earthlings do not fully perceive it. Understanding comes only in parts, step-by-step as humanity matures and becomes aware.

Do not judge harshly what is happening in 3D reality. The energies that have been created by you or not by you cannot just disappear at the wave of a magic wand.

They have to get out of themselves, starting with your inner space.

Reprogramming a living person will be his liberation from the old Matrix and the three-dimensional shell in which he/she still lives.

The sooner the “dead cells” dissolve and leave Earth, the sooner humanity will be reborn.

Many Messiahs on the planet annihilate the negative.

They don’t advertise themselves, and many people don’t even know about them.

Without their service, humanity and Earth could have perished again, to begin anew with the same parameters at which they would have disappeared. To do this again, it would take millions of years, a colossal amount of energy without full confidence that the new will still lead to the birth of God-humanity, as Co-Creators planned.

Therefore, the battle for living humanity continues until the final victory over the destructive forces, using the energy from their decomposition for the good of Earth.

It’s like humus which contributes to a good harvest. This is exactly what is happening on the planet right now. Spring does not come after autumn. Nature loves thoroughness and order. The energy of the Rays of the Absolute will fill the seedlings, and contribute to accelerated maturation. This is helping humanity, Gaia without violating the Karma Laws.

Everything that happens on Earth does not happen by chance. All accidents obey their energy patterns. When the concentration of energy of a certain quality reaches its highest point, then, the amount of labor and effort expended turns into quality, into the result of appropriate sign.

For now, such is an approved and ongoing plan, pursued by Co-Creators and Galacom.

**By Lev


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    1. John

      Hi Lara i managed to post a reply recently so no i dont think we are censored all best much love to all

    2. George E Hopkins

      BS Meter always redlining with Galacon…just saying, if it looks like BS, smells like BS, it might be BS.

    3. PS

      Probably not. There’s a cache delay with comments that happens from time to time. So your comment can appear instantly or it can take 30-60 minutes to show up.

  1. Lara

    Really? I got to “Today, many on Earth are seriously concerned about why more active measures are not used against those who incite unrest…” Um…no. If anything, we hope for more to awaken to the BS matrix they’ve been hoodwinked into.