Breakthrough Tesla Tech Turns Toxic EMF Into Healing Frequencies For 4G, 5G and Beyond

There exist thousands of studies on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, including research that shows how EMF radiation can even cause diseases like brain cancer. What if there was a way to use Tesla’s genius to protect us from Wifi, 4G, and 5G, even turn them into healing frequencies that help us?

DNA Antenna Absorbs EMF

Dr. Martin Blank was a chemist, an expert in colloid science and electromagnetic radiation science, and has shown how DNA (including the mislabeled “junk DNA”) acts as a fractal antenna within electromagnetic fields.

This means that all of our DNA is picking up the harmful frequencies coming from Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G and other related technologies and creating unbalanced physiological effects within humans, animals and all biological life.

Cell Phone EMF and the Brain 

More specifically, research has shown how cell phone radiation interacts with the water in our brain to create electrical vortexes and also that EEG signals are dramatically changed when using a cell phone, including when you are simply carrying it.

A Ted Talk with Jeromy Johnson discusses how much EMFs can affect our health and well being.

The Technology Is Highly Advanced and Based on Nikola Tesla’s Work

We encourage you to check out the unique company EMF Harmonized, whose products are based on light, sound, vortex physics and something incredibly advanced, which is known as longitudinal scalar waves. 

Longitudinal scalar waves were first recognized by the famous Serbian physicist, inventor and genius, Nikola Tesla.

These longitudinal scalar waves have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, seemingly violating the square of the distance law in physics and create conditions of over-unity: more power being generated from the receiver than has been transmitted by the transmitter.

Dr. Konstantin Meyl postulates that longitudinal scalar waves are the primary transmission vehicle through which DNA communicates. By utilizing DNA for biological signal programming, our devices are able to offer the highest quality results for you making them the most unique devices on the market.

In other words, yes, cells do communicate through biochemical means, but there also exists an electromagnetic system of communication.

Dr. Meyl is a German professor, electrical engineer and physicist who discovered and fixed a fundamental mistake in Maxwell’s Equations, which led to him being able to derive Nikola Tesla’s results and explain many other mysterious physical effects in science.

EMF Harmonized uses this science and has developed breakthrough technology for EMF defense.

They use these longitudinal scalar waves as well as holography (holograms) to capture information radiated by the DNA of certain substances.

That means it turns harmful EMFs into healing frequencies through the disk itself.

Holographic discs and strips hold this frequency and offer your body biological harmonization, which protects you from the harmful effects of certain electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

In other words, the frequencies from the technology create biological harmonization that tells your body to stay in balance and to not react to the disruptive EMFs.

**By Michael Wright


4 Replies to “Breakthrough Tesla Tech Turns Toxic EMF Into Healing Frequencies For 4G, 5G and Beyond”

  1. Spiritual Dragon

    I use Tachyon Products and the Micro Disc to protect me from EMF. I also wear a pendent to protect my thyroid from EMF for years since I use to work in Tech Support, surrounded by lots of equipment..

    From the Tachyon Site:
    Thousands of studies show a long term use of harmful EMF emitting devices can cause serious ailments and disease. The Tachyon Micro-Disk transforms the disruptive wave patterns of harmful EMFs into a coherent, positive, life-enhancing field protecting you and your loved ones. These hazardous electromagnetic fields emanating from hand-held devices disrupt the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of the body and can cause major imbalances.

    Use on any type of mobile phone including cordless or a regular home phone and other small electronic devices like tablets, iPads, iPods, Game Boys,… or any hand held electronic product. Powerful EMF protection. Safe. Good for a lifetime.

    1. Neil

      This might be useful.

      The terminology that is being used is not up to date with the physics of today. But, many of the descriptions in the videos on the marketing website are accurate modern aether physics. There was actually a set of experiments done in the 1990s which demonstrated that “tachyons” do not exist.

      However, what does exist are infinitesimal particles, which the Vedic literature calls “Bhutatmas”. The Bhutatma is the smallest unit of matter, and at the same time, the smallest unit of Consciousness.

      Infinitesimals are the origination of everything, including Life and Consciousness, all fields and all palpable matter and can travel with any velocity from zero to an infinite velocity. The “aether-matter” has 5 phase states, just as normal matter has 5 phase states. Phase states of normal matter and aether-matter are based on energy density per unit volume and local group velocity.

      The behaviors and properties of the infinitesimals which comprise the aether can be considered as similar to the behaviors ascribed to “tachyons”.

      Thus, I am considering buying some of these “Tachyon” products to experience how they work for me personally. Maybe I will be able to do some instrumented experiments with them.

      Thanks for the reference materials, Mr. Dragon.

  2. Dr. RN Boyd, Ph. D.

    Holograms are made by interference patterns of coherent laser light produced by 2 laser beams intersecting with a physical object. The write-up does not offer any explanation of how a light-based hologram can interact with impacting microwave radiation and produce “beneficial frequencies” which arrive to the person’s body HOW?

    1. Susan

      Well according to EMF Harmonized, the company for which this post is a PR piece, a golden hologram made of mylar is programmed with 300 frequencies that cause an information transfer to cell DNA which results in red blood cells returning to and retaining their negative charge.
      And the verdict is? Dr. Boyd?