The Siriusians: Crossing the Bridge

Dearest Ones many of you are wondering what is happening to you at this auspicious time in Earth’s history .We have talked before of Ascension symptoms and for many of you as Lightworkers, these are coming to the fore quite strongly now. It is no accident that the current so called pandemic has affected the population in so many ways.

The symptoms that many are experiencing at this time are being attributed to a virus and the fear that it has caused has been exaggerated by the darker element on Earth as a means of control. However those of you in the know ,may now be coming aware that viruses are not the cause of illness but are the end result of a contamination by other means. Your planet has been bombarded by poisons from above and inside of the Earth, in the air and in your food ,for many years.

Your bodies have been so used to this contamination that they respond with symptoms which allow change to happen. Your own body is an amazing being in and of itself that can very well cope with many things that the darker element have tried to throw at it in the past. It has adapted very well but we are here to tell you that the end is in sight of your body having to experience these problems.

You are all travelling from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and above and as such your bodies are changing from Carbon based to Crystalline and your bodies will not be affected and will not age as before. We may have told you this before but Dearest Ones this is happening now and you are seeing the results of this change.

The symptoms that many of you are facing at this time can be exhausting as they range from mild to severe and are very like the viral symptoms that you call ” the flu “. In fact it is a space flu in effect as your bodies are reacting to the changes of “air” coming in from the Universe. The rays coming in from the Central Sun are changing and within these rays you are experiencing downloads almost daily and this is taking your body and mind more time to catch up with than your higher self. Aches, pains, cold symptoms, tiredness can come and go in ways that they have never done so before.

As your body comes to terms with one change or download, another comes in and it starts all over again. However you as Lightworkers are ahead of the game and are almost finished crossing the bridge so to speak. These downloads are bringing to the surface old problems that may have been hidden for years and this is their final clearance. There is no hiding for them now as they finally come to the surface to be cleared.

You may be feeling all the emotions under the sun as you clear away the past .Anger, irritation, sadness and fear can all be felt in a day and this can be quite overwhelming for you. However these times will not last, as you finally come to terms with these emotions and learn to transcend them into the happiness and joy which is your birthright.

We are here to guide and aid your journey as we have been through our own transition in the past. When you feel any debilitating symptoms it is most important for you to rest, go within and call on us for help to allay these symptoms. As we have said before serious symptoms must be checked out by your medical doctors but do not be surprised if nothing serious is found.

These are completely new times for you all and as such can be exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. We are excited for you all as you come to the end of the old world and enter a New World of Peace, Love and Joy. Be assured that all Light beings will be entering this New World. Many of your friends and families who have not yet awoken, will do so in the future. Your friends and families are only Lightworkers who have not woken up yet so do not be too angry with them. They will do so in the near future as much of what has been happening in the past will come to Light.

The darker element on Earth will not be able to exist in the new changes that are taking place .The Light is shining on the darkness that has been hidden on Earth for centuries and will be seen by all . It may appear to you that nothing is happening but dear Ones the Light has won and all the Darkness that appears to be happening on Earth today is indeed helping to wake people up to the change that is happening .

It has been noted that many Lightworkers have been working in the shadows for years and may not be in the forefront of life as such. You may have been working tirelessly for little or no reward. This will change as you all begin to realize how powerful you are and you start to manifest all of your own desires.

All of humanity is changing and you as Light workers will be very much needed to assist others who will also have to go through their own dark nights of the soul so to speak. As way showers, humanity will turn to you for advice about your own journeys.

As powerful sentient beings use your manifestation tools to bring forward all that you so desire. Those of you who have doubted your abilities in the past will begin to see almost instant manifestation in all that you so desire. As Lightworkers you will begin to see this in your own world and many of you will not recognize your new lives as they may change dramatically and you become more of the person that you always wanted to be.

And so Dear Ones it is important for you all to clear out the last vestiges of negativity in your hearts and for your souls to be the Shining Lights in the world to carry forward all of humanity into the 5th dimension on Earth .

As always we are here to help you on your journey and guide you forwards across the bridge to the 5th Dimension. Go within and call on us any time that you are feeling less than Love and we will surround you with our Love and Healing.

We are Sirius and we send you much Love and many Blessings.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius


31 Replies to “The Siriusians: Crossing the Bridge”

  1. Starseed

    This comment section is better than the article. I see you fellow lightworkers and recognize your pain and frustration! I’m hurting too. I wish these channeled entities would quit with the fluff and just help us get through this nonsense, or just recognize how hard it is here day to day on this dense planet. Sending you all light and love, tired as I am. Keep on keeping on, hold the line.

  2. Mother Goddess Sophia

    You earth humans are not born social victims/collective addicts/debt slaves of the political, economic and financial system in any region! The current wave of global awakening means that you have been given an apocalyptic door and a god-given opportunity to rewrite the rules of the game in your world, and everyone’s life! Be sure to remember that each of you is the creator of your own life. You have been given the soul sovereignty and free will of equal individuals, and you can make your own most conscious choices at any moment! Do not care what mistakes you have made in the past, as long as you recognize them at this point in your life as a system of slavery run by the dark, as long as you acknowledge that you have been induced and deceived and enslaved and oppressed enough, now is the time to awaken, Tears to escape the temptation has been induced to trap you in the darkness the ego negative karma of snakes dragons network, especially when you are from 3 d hell snake dragon crawler the bravado of the dark forces the horror movie thriller combine are brainwashed nightmare shook so hard, must always follow you the brave heart, that is your divine guidance of the soul, Begin the journey of 4D awakening to enhance your life! The game of the brave awakening begins! No matter how many bullets in front of the sea of fire cut off blockade! Finally all the tests went through the door of evils which everything you have experienced by death, is to wipe out your generation of remaining in the body by the crawler the fear of snakes dragons genetically modified implanted the ego dark karma virus stubborn disease of cancer cells, so never give up hope, after the after the fire of purgatory refinement and nirvana reborn, will return you successful ascension into 5 d heaven to forever freedom! So now the awakening lesson for you global awakeners is to always be alert to the shadows of the inner and outer egoist , to consciously clear them! Your inner and outer echo of the ego panic anxiety will certainly emerge, to calmly observe their inner and outer echo of the crazy egos, do not identify with them, to tell the inner and outer shadow of the egos, their fear scary has no effect! 3D is over! Don’t bother anymore! The more they do, the faster they die! Find a place to Big cry and declare your ego dead if you have to! So be as good as your word and act positively to withdraw from the rules of the game in 3D society and release all karmic relationships (karmic family, karmic marriage, karmic labor, etc.) from the contract! Go vegan! Resolutely no longer participate in any killing blood sacrifice harm animal life of dark traditional dark culture and dark religion dark ceremony bad habits! The awakeners resolutely forbids the sterilization of animals and pets include to make vaccines and so on! Knowing that the only way out now is to surrender the direction of your soul sovereignty ! No exceptions!
    5D Earth Queen Mother Goddess Sophia bless all global awakened ! 2022-2-18

      1. Mother Goddess Sophia

        yes all the animals evolving in 5 D will be vegan animals and longevity same like in Hollow Earth 5D animals with 20,000 years old not to say 5D human being ! so just remember all the animals is human pieces of soul families beloved brothers and sister. they have god given power and sacred rights gifts special talents and function support Mother Earth and humanity evolution ascension Now ! as they are already part of oneness of nature Earth so they are more easy ascension with Mother Earth to 5D ! so they all part of humans being ascension guidance and accompany if human being are ready for their unconditional love!

  3. Linda

    Could God be in the process of separating the wheat from the chaff? It just seems that for the last two years, people are revealing their true, inner hearts. Some are fearful and believe what they’re told by various media, some are reflective and trying to come to terms with the current madness. Those that control those faces that run the govts seem to think they know more than our Creator God. I believe their day of reckoning is upon us.

    Where were they when God created Light and set the planets in their orbits? Where were they when God created the winged and crawling creatures and the great beasts that roam the earth? Where were they when God created the “seed of life” and all manner of trees and vegetation? He said, “You will have this for your meat.”

    Where were they when He set the ocean tides to come just so far onto the shore, and no farther? Where were they when God fashioned human man and human woman to share in the beauty of His Creation?

    Do they recall that God has numbered all of the grains of sand in the world; He calls out and speaks to His Creation – and the birds, the flora, the fauna, the ocean creatures in the depths, the great wildebeasts know His voice and send their Love to their Father Creator?

    Have they forgotten that, “He knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end?”

    He created frequency, color, vibration, interaction of elements, which were also created each individually by our genius Creator God. God is Light, Love, Golden Energy. And the current mad things on earth really think they are any match for HIS omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence?

  4. Wanderer

    This is the voice in my head speaking to you, saying:

    “The world has gone mad.

    After the imaginary climate collapse and the imaginary pandemic, now comes the imaginary war (in Ukraine).
    Due to a severe brain damage, the vaxx-addicted majority of society is about to flush itself down the toilet, so to speak.

    Should something be done about it? – No. A predominantly mentally degenerate and spiritually insane species is not worthy of protection. That can disappear.”

  5. Mother Goddess Sophia

    Great cleansing is first about let your egos to die which all 3D programs of negative destruction patterns thoughts emotions hobbies which based on fearful karma chains so for this success Done you must fully surrender to your true self of your heart calls ! best way is to be a vegetarian no meat no alcohol no cigarette no coffee sugar of additions for purification detoxification and positive change then your higher self /soul will happy guide you to ascension path and gateways! just remember always trust and love your self unconditionally. never give up your hope ! no matter how much challenge went through just believe there is only positive good reasons results rewards for your journey especially 144 team! then you will see the magic of heaven light shine upon you! Mother Goddess Sophia Blessings to you all !

  6. Stacy

    Hi Brothers and sisters,
    I so resonate with all the pain and suffering that ONE must release , and yes at times (numerous) I wasn’t sure If I was going to make it, but here I AM.
    SO! Just reaching out, from one heART/S to another, if you need someone to talk to I am just here.

  7. Raksha

    Oh my. Should we create the “alcoholic lightworkers group”? I know about the “hot flushes”. I also have various symptoms like “light explosions” in the head or “eletric discharges” in the belly when I am about to sleep. Good to know I am not alone. Thanks for your reply.

  8. Harriet

    Once in a while I get a gift from my angels showing me that there is a great side of life to aspire too. With all my suffering they must have thought I needed something to hope for so I didn’t kill myself. Examples: my MIL and BF both went into complete remission with terminal cancers and my alcoholic friend went into recovery, I’m told because I “willed” them all to heal; recently I received the gift to actually see the light from my lightbody peeking out from my left eye; my angel saved me from a terrible vehicle accident this past summer; I was put into a state of bliss so I could see what it was like to live in a higher dimension; I see Earth’s aura sometimes; I saw the air ripple when fairies flew by; I have felt complete joy all day every day; and many other gifts.
    Please ask your angels to send you gifts/signs/surprises to give you a boost. It’s as easy as saying “I expect great things today, great things tomorrow and great things all week”. Say this every morning. It’ll take a couple weeks for the angels and guides to set things up in your favor, and then you’ll start receiving gifts or surprises, some big some small. Maybe not every day, or even every week, but you’ll know your spirit friends are working on something special to renew your faith in them and God, your soul and yourself to become someone better and happier.
    I use to be the most negative person on the planet. Now I try to be grateful everyday even for the little things. But I’m especially grateful for the gifts, and when I remember them I feel the joy and a reminder of what it will be like when we live in 5D and beyond. Then we will be creating our own miracles.
    Thank you Siriusians and Thea for this article. Many blessings to you all.

  9. rht smythe

    Remember as well……..Light workers are PRIME TARGETS for DARK ATTACKS.
    They usually attack in the late morning hours, 4-6 AM and wake me up. Im being blasted a LOT!
    My Crystaline pyramid “Safe place” is holding up well to the attacks but my mood is dampened.

    I better get FREE chocolate chip cookies FOR LIFE as a reward to swimming in the cesspool …LOL!
    I aint joking!! =)

  10. david k gates

    Symptoms….Back in 2012 I started documenting the ascension symptoms I was starting to go through but in 2015 I lost it when Youtube wiped my channel out during an upgrade.

    Feb 17, 2022 STILL going through symptoms weekly. However, my stomach and lower abdomen are giving me a LOT of trouble the last 3 weeks.
    Thought I had some bad chicken but maybe it was purging and cleansing.
    1-2 days a month I am dead tired and just lay in bed. Dont feel bad, just exhausted. Add the usual symptoms of headaches and flu like stuff.

    I am an Old Soul and a First Waver. The thought of the unawakened having to go through this in a much shorter period makes me /smh.
    They will DEFINITLY need help.

    I remember back in 2012-2014 I was often curled up in a ball in the corner of a room not knowing what was going on, but my “SOUL” hurt.
    Ive also been helping transmute a lot of the negativity being produced so that adds to the pile!
    IT IS AWESOME to finally have something tangible (Freedom Convoys)

  11. John Sutter

    I agree disease originates in the “Terrain”. Illness is not caused by germs, and viruses don’t exist.

    Unfortunately, at least in America, everytime someone feels under the weather, they run off to their idiot doctor, who applies a fake and meaningless RT PCR test and tells them they have COVID. Americans are so bereft of any intelligence or critical thinking skills that they believe whatever the idiot doctors, MSM and government tell them. It is possible to explain to them COVID isn’t real, and the test is the basis of the scam because they can make King Tuts mummy test positive, it just bounces off them. They’re just too stupid. This is how the COVID farce rolls on. There will never be an end to it because there is an unlimited amount of stupidity in the American people.

    The Luciferian globalists are still firmly in control. They have many more fun times ahead planned – energy deprivation, starvation, more slow acting poisons for the idiots to take in their body called “vaccines”, economic collapse and thermonuclear war.

    They want to reduce the population by 90%. It looks to me they’re going to hit 100%. Any species as dumb and sheep like as humanity isn’t worthy of life. They gladly comply with their own death.

    1. P.S.

      I told you before, and I’ll tell you again. The Globalists are not going to get what they want anymore. It’s over for them. We are no longer on that timeline.

      And who are you to deem whether or not someone is worthy of life? What gives you that right? Nothing does. You have no right to determine whether or not someone’s existence is worthy. Your presumption that you do makes you NO DIFFERENT than the Luciferians you so hate.

      1. david k gates

        Respond with Love =)
        JOHN… I SEND YOU truckloads of Love and LIGHT!
        Every day will be a tiny bit better as the Light returns.

      2. John Sutter

        I hope you are right. I wish to see evidence you are right. I’m just sick to death of seeing people constantly submit. I can’t stand this never ending compliance with what really amounts to a room full of psychopaths imposing their will on billions. I see the populace in some sort of mass psychosis that was induced by mere repetition of words and phrases. I watch a coworker I happen to like do things that make no sense like wear two masks, but when he drinks his giant mug of coffee that takes him an hour he has his masks off. I guess caffeine keeps COVID away.

        Enormous damage has been done. Millions have been killed. It’s all because of the ignorance, stupidity and cowardice of the masses. When I actually see that which you speak of I’ll admit you are right and I am wrong.

        If someone is so stupid so as to take a life ending injection with a smile on their face all the while virtue signaling moral superiority to me for being smart enough not to do it and for HAVING THE BALLS TO TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF, how am I to have any respect or sympathy for them.

        These are the same people who want to put us unvaccinated in a concentration camp.

        Fortunately, they took their shots and won’t be around much longer.

        1. Galactic Federation of Shitposters

          Hey brah, if you don’t like the movie perhaps you should go to the concession stand for more snacks. I recommend a nice Indica dominant strain, helps calm the mind down and lessens the impact of the extraneous emotional sewage that seems to be bombarding us constantly these days. It’s can be enough to drive a light worker mad. Gotta find something to look forward to to keep heart positive. It’s the key to weathering the storm. Look at the other comments here. We all feel it. And we need to be able to rely on each other for a helping hand when we stumble. It’s the only way forward. We have many tools we’ve been given/are being given right now in are our tool belts, we just have to remember how to use them. Anyways, my message is, smoke some pot bro. It helps, and it’s non habit forming.

          I wish the Light to illuminate your path, Brother.

          1. John Sutter

            If I move back to Colorado I’ll take your advice under consideration. I personally don’t think it’s a harmless drug. It takes the fire out of people, but since I’ve been burning up my whole life it might make me slightly less a maniac.

            My young son does it and I don’t think it does him any good.

  12. Forer4n

    @Roger, you are not alone. Many serious lightworkers are using alcohol and substances to cope with this crap. We are advancing as scheduled, even if these channelers are honestly a bit ambiguous about the true nature of the many varied victories over the dark system that controls a ton of humans and thus, artificially, the timeline movements. Hold on bro. We are near to something.

  13. Roger

    I have been clearing, purging and releasing for so many years now and there is no end in sight, my body is in pain and the energies are bombarding me and it has been almost impossible to function, to take part in society, and to try to be positive about anything. Hope has kept me going..It is such a solitary process as well.. In the last few years I decided to drink alcohol to cope with it, and I like it. I have not ascended, and there is no sign that I ever will, instead I became an alcoholic.. Cheers!

    1. Raksha

      Wow, I usually dont post on the comments, but Roger, I swear I could have posted your message myself. I went trough intense purging for the last few years, with no end in sight, and I too became somewhat of an alcoholic.
      And I judge myself for it, as it is so contradictory with the ascension process. My main reason for drinking is boredom. In the last stages of my “process”, whatever that is, I started to loose interrest to pretty much everything, it became difficult to find the little joys or enthusiasm that used to get me going in the past. I can barely go outside anymore as I feel so sensitive and vulnerable, like an onion with no layers of protection. I keep going on cheer faith alone. But even my faith is starting to weaken, I am over exhausted. But I wont ever give up, there must be a light at the end of this rebirth process. I am with you.

      1. Dubious

        Raksha, you could have been me writing. It is much the same for me. Honestly, alcohol in the evening ‘peps’ up my mood after yet another crappy day that I dragged myself through and relives the sheer boredom. The exhaustion is horrible, it doesn’t help that I wake up between 3am and 4 am every single night for no particular reason. Odd aches and pains in addition to the exhaustion, and have been having horrible dreams recently. To top it off I still suffer the hot flushes that I have had since my early twenties. More then 20 years of burning from the inside out in sheer torture, multiple times every single day. This hell has to end.

        1. Raksha

          Oh by the way, I live in south of France and there is a lot of good wines around here. I hope at least you enjoy drinking as much as I do.

          1. Raksha

            Oups, my former reply went all up there, I dont know why. Its best to have our priorites in order, I think.
            It really did me good to know I am not alone. Thanks friends. Sometimes, when you read the channelings, one can believe other lightworkers are doing so much better.

    2. Franciely

      Dear Roger. I know exactly what you feel and what you are going through, because with me it has been hell since 2012. In fact, I ended up realizing that my entire incarnation was a cleaning process that when it arrived in 2012 only intensified.

      Since the 2000s I have been dealing with severe depression and terrible obsessive compulsive disorders. I took all the medicines that were said to be for the cure of all this but it never cured anything. I spent more than 10 years taking drugs thinking I would have a cure. In 2011 I decided to stop everything. In 2021 I took what I call a huge slap in the face that was my first awakening. From then on I started to go through more and more heavy cleanings. My cleanses have been very emotional and mental. I have such strong emotional purges that on the days that this is happening, what comes to my mind is to go to the pharmacy and buy several boxes of sleeping pills and take them all at once and maybe disincarnate, because the pain I feel is maddening. .
      My chest literally hurts so much it makes me want to reach deep inside and take all that pain away once and for all. It’s too terrible. And yes you are right to say that it is super hard to stay positive by going through these cleanses day after day, year after year without stopping. Without getting a little relief.
      I ask my guides and mentors why there is so much pain like this, what it all means but to this day I haven’t had any answers.

      The way is for us to continue on our path, not to give up that at some point we will have it, we will be free from it all and we will have our reward (Peace, Joy, Well-being). Trust that it will happen and it is not farther away.

      1. david k gates

        Great work!! Way to go on all the hard work in your dream sleep!
        Warrior….you need some R and R, so step away from this battle a day or as many as you need.
        Seriously, tell your guides to give you a couple days off or at least super light duty and relax. Recuperate, Release, Relax, Rest and then Return when you are ready =)
        I will pick up the slack.

        1. Franciely

          Thank You Dave for the words and for the good advice. I feel completely alone and I have no one to share this with. But I confess it’s good to know that I’m not alone in these pain cleanings.