Ascension Update on the 22-2-22 Portal

Beloved Ones,

As I previously shared, we are in a very important month for those who are ready to reclaim their angelic wings, opening and restoring again their shoulder portals. Guides invited me to share a message of deep care at this time towards our bodies and personal protection, as we approach the 22 of February, where the full body activation will take place.

Protection and clearing is essential, while we are under the process of wings reclamation. The many intents from the opposite forces, at this time, to distract and neutralize this activation, is massive. This is why until it is finally complete, or totally activated, as it takes some time to settle in our physical bodies, we need to protect and strengthen our personal field.

Guides emphasize the importance of shielding ourselves, and most importantly, body centers, to be able to close all conduits to the dark-lower energies and other non-benevolent beings, that may try to impede this process. We are at a key moment in our ascension journey, as by working in our lightbodies and in the process of reclaiming our angelic – sixth dimensional – nature and wisdom, we will be having access to higher dimensions of consciousness, which is what the lower forces do not wish for us to do.

However, rather than focusing on what could distract us from achieving our personal mission and choice, at this time, the best is to trust, surrender to our Guides team and God’s Will, and begin the process of conscious alignment with the six and seventh-dimensional frequencies that are assisting us into our process of healing, expansion and especially experiencing a major intuitive opening.

Important body portals to take care of at this time are:

Our crown chakra

Our second chakra – sexual organs healing and restoration

Shoulder, where the 6D and 7D angelic portals reside

To be able to cope with the many physical sensations that come when we literally resurrect our Lightbody, shielding, detoxification, purification, which is not exactly the same, and cleansing is pivotal if the previous healing has already been done.

The pure angelic light that we are integrating, and that has been coming for a while to our planet, from the sixth and seventh dimensions, cannot be anchored if we do not first prepare the body, emptying it of all that cannot coexist, and making sure that it is prepared to hold these high frequencies, as the body may not yet be ready for the difference in frequency.

Use the element water, nature, everything that is organic and pure, to be able to cleanse yourself, naturally at this time. It is our responsibility to be our own caretakers. It is our responsibility to take full charge of our own activation process, healing, and the clearing that it previously involved.

Have a blessed activation, Beloved Ones.

Remember to stay always in the loving and illumined Essence of your God Self.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


4 Replies to “Ascension Update on the 22-2-22 Portal”

  1. Kay

    How and/or why did we lose our wings? What/who took them? Thankfulness of our recovery of them…merging back into one.

  2. AA-G

    For those who HAD wings at one time (you know who you are), expressing regret for what you did and asking SOURCE for forgiveness is job one. Humility is the order of the day.