Benjamin Fulford Full Report: The Entire West Is Bankrupt

“What do you do if a public figure you know of as a nice old lady has chopped a child’s head off, drunken their blood and eaten their heart?” responded a top MI6 figure when asked why Queen Elizabeth II had “tested positive for Covid” i.e. been arrested.

We heard before from a cousin of the Queen that the British Royals (until recently) had annual human sacrifices at Balmoral Castle. Now we know the details because video evidence of this has been given to MI6.

The reason this is coming out now is that the Rothschild family and other top Khazarian mafia bosses like the Rockefellers have gone bankrupt. They have been pulling out all their blackmail cards, such as the one they had against the Queen, in a desperate bid to stay in power. “It is a compromise and control mechanism and it exists worldwide,” says MI6. “Every painting in every government office has a camera in it,” MI6 continues, explaining why it is so hard to “drain the swamp.”

“A lot of people are forced to do it with a gun to their head” the source continued while noting that “A lot of the worlds’ military has also taken part in human sacrifice.”

This explains why I saw a look of sheer horror on the faces of George Soros and Paul Wolfowitz when I asked them about the families that own the Federal Reserve Board. They must have been recalling their own bloody initiations into the top ranks of power.

It also probably explains why the speaker of the Canadian House of Parliament was too scared to answer a question from an MP about who in the government worked for the Rothschild’s World Economic Forum (see below later in the report for the answer).

Even Canadian elected officials aren’t allowed to question the World Economic Forum ties to Canada’s Parliament – Prepare For Change

This is all coming out now because a growing number of people, and not just so-called “conspiracy theorists,” are waking up to the fact our governments have been hijacked by an ancient Satanic cult.

The question is, what are we going to do about it? Since the Queen and many other top leaders were born into this cult and either had to go along or else be sacrificed themselves, this may be a case for a truth and reconciliation process. Time, and public opinion, will tell.

In any case, the issue now is to prevent these Satanic leaders from starting World War III as a get out of jail card.

This brings us to the subject of Ukraine. High-level Rothschild and Rockefeller servants gathered in Berlin last weekend to beat the drums of war there as their response to bankruptcy. These servants include US Vice President Kamala Harris, UN chief Antonio Guterres, EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov notes that Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina are sending “mercenaries” to fight in Ukraine,

The reason the Rothschilds and Rockefellers need to hire Albanian mercenaries, however, is because regular US troops will not start a war with Russia to save the FRB from bankruptcy.

A CIA source comments that “While the United States and the Britons are convincing the whole world about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…the Minister of Defense of that same Russia left for Syria to inspect the exercises of the Pacific, Northern and Black Sea fleets in the Mediterranean Sea.” “Russia will use its strategic facilities in Syria in the event of military confrontation with NATO” confirms the official Tass News agency.

This means the Russians are saying they will destroy the head of the Octopus in Israel instead of just dealing with their men in black in Ukraine. In other words, checkmate. 

However, in what they hope will be a total game-changer, the US secret space force is about to “put a holographic ‘shell’ over some areas. That means that SOME of the world will live in ONE reality — a fake ‘sphere’,” according to a NASA source. The video below from England appears to show exactly that.

The source adds that “some of the world will live with nature, the real world. HOW FRICKING CRAZY will that be?”

This move to try to put people into an alternative reality is probably linked to massive crypto-currency mining operations and facilities in Ukraine. The Ukraine government has also just legalized crypto-currency. This prompted Serhiy Tron, founder of White Rock Management to say that “By creating a high-tech, innovative cryptocurrency market that plays by clear rules, the country expects the speedy arrival of crypto investors from all over the world,”

If you look at the board of White Rock Management, you can tell it is a Rothschild front.

In other words, the delusional Rothschilds are hoping to escape from reality by moving into the “metaverse” and using digital currency.

MI6 notes that if the Russians take over the nexus of money laundering and cryptocurrency trading in the Ukraine “they will have all the information on all the worlds’ spies.” That is why most spies are now locking themselves in their houses, they note.

Of course, the KM is also trying to stave off bankruptcy in the real world by raising prices of commodities like oil and copper, but it is not enough, says MI6.

What has to happen now in the real world is that we have to permanently remove these people from power. This brings us back to Canada where people in reality-based businesses like trucking and farming have successfully overthrown the Satanic Rothschild government of Justin Castro.

Castro is now under house arrest. Also, here is the answer from the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service to the Canadian MP’s question about who in the government works for the Rothschild World Economic Forum:

-Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister

-Chrystia Freeland – CA Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance

-Katrina Gould – Minister of Families, Children and Social Dev., Empl and Social Dev -Francois-Philippe Champagne – Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Innovation, Science and Economic Dev. CA

-Ailish Campbell – Canada’s Ambassador to the EU

-Elissa Golberg – Asst. Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada -Renee Maria Tremblay – Senior Counsel Supreme Court of CA

-Jagmeet Singh – Leader, New Democratic Party – in lock step policy-wise with J. Trudeau throughout the pandemic. 

A CSIS source adds “Brother, according to ELECTIONS CANADA, the number of lost/missing ballots was greater than the margin of Justin Trudeau’s election win in 2021. His share of registered voters was 20.3%. He is not a valid PM, based on the math of Elections Canada!!!!”

For this reason he was arrested, confirms MI6. We have placed the Canadian prime minister under house arrest and banned him from travel, the press and the public. His passport has been cancelled as a subject of Her Majesty,” it says.

Australia and New Zealand are also exempted. Look at these Maori warriors reading the riot act to the criminal New Zealand government. Now look at these Australians demanding the removal of all Rothschild traitors from their government.

There is even a Rupert Murdoch news agency confirming that the entire pandemic was a big lie, noting the official confirmation from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that not only did the so-called covid deaths account for only one percent of the deaths during the pandemic, but that 92 percent of that one percent were people with pre-existing health problems ranging from pneumonia to heart disease.

However, the fight is far from over. We must all take direct personal action if we are to win. In my case, I will file criminal and civil lawsuits against the board of directors of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan. They actively participated in the cover-up of the mass murder in Fukushima on March 11, 2011.

For this reason, I will charge them with war crimes punishable by death. I will also charge them with violating my human rights by trying to force me to wear a mask but refusing to provide scientific evidence as to why this is necessary.

They violate all principles of journalism by refusing to debate based on facts and evidence while bankrupting the club over a fake pandemic. I will also sue them civilly for financial losses incurred by their refusal to allow me to attend press events, which is my right as a member of the club and as a member of the working press.

The Japanese police have already informed me that they are willing to investigate these allegations. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces have also pledged their support. I have also informed the club that if it agrees to hold an official press conference to discuss the mass murder at Fukushima and the fake pandemic, the charges will not be pursued.

Other journalists must take similar action to ensure that the Khazarian mafia is stripped of control of its media apparatus, including the New York Times, the Associated Press, etc. Only then will the last sleeping sheeple wake up.

The police and intelligence agencies also need to do more. For example, we have a reliable eyewitness account from a member of the Japanese Foreign Ministry that Bill Gates was recently in Pakistan to sell vaccines.

For years I have been getting information that Gates has been executed or is dead. Apparently Gates wanted to prevent us from sending military police to arrest him for mass murder by faking his death.

Watch this video to see what a monster he is: Famed attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich charged Anthony Fauci,

Tedros Adhanom, the director general of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, BlackRock, Pfizer and Christian Drosten. Drosten is the German virologist who heads the EU’s Covid 19 campaign and the one who first recommended the use of fraudulent PCR tests.

These operations are monitored and tracked by the world’s intelligence agencies, as sources from the CIA and MI6 confirm.

According to Asian intelligence agencies, Chinese mafia puppet leader Xi Jinping is also being targeted for his role in the fake pandemic. A 40,000-word article listing Xi’s mistakes in politics, economics and diplomacy has been circulated by them in mainland China.

The East-West Alliance for the Liberation of Planet Earth will continue the struggle until humanity is finally freed from this ancient satanic curse, Asian and Western intelligence sources promise. The Asian Elders, who are helping to bankrupt the KM, must intervene now and support the Whitehats in the West and the East.

We promise a multipolar world with competent governments working as servants of the people and other living beings on this planet. We have presented them with detailed plans on how exactly this can be achieved.

We all breathe the same air, use the same oceans, and depend on the same biosphere.

It is time for us to take good care of it.



23 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Full Report: The Entire West Is Bankrupt”

  1. toothgrisle

    Congratulations Diane!!
    Clear-eyed consideration sprinkled with a little logic may pull you back from the brink of this lunacy yet!
    The “clone or double taking their place???” aspect is a little disheartening though.

  2. Finch

    The guy who wrote this is a bit of an enigma. Just search “who is benjamin fulford” and follow the old rabbit hole. The discussion on Cassiopaea is very worthwhile.

  3. AlwaysLight

    Hi Everyone, reading through the comments here, I believe it is worth pointing out that this is ultimately a battle of those who wish to keep the masses asleep and enslaved, and those who wish to inform and literally ‘show’ the masses the face of the darkness, so that they can choose to ascend out of it. This means it is in large part a battle of information and misinformation. The darkness always deceives, but often the white hats will put out dis/mis information to throw off and guide them where they want them to go. This is a vast an complex puzzle and it I don’t believe it does anyone any good to focus on and ferret around on what’s true and what isn’t, unless you’re directly guided to inwardly of course. One of the other reasons for this is that the ascension is about becoming heart centered in being, and away from head-centric and complexity addicted being (which is the space in which the darkness has corralled humanity into living) – which is a little like a hall of mirrors, the more you entertain it, the more mirrors and confusion you have. Whereas if you go into your heart and live from there, you have knowing-ness, which is vastly different from worked-out-ness based on past experience of the mind (which includes all the garbage programming of the darkness to keep you confused and scared). The light has won as regardless of which path is taken now, it all ends in the light victory, so the only thing that remains to be determined is how each of us as individuals choose to to walk to that end, either in chaos and suffering, or joy and happiness.

  4. tom

    Go inside yourself and you will find truth. The outside is full of BULL S****. YOUR HIGHER SELF will send you on your right path.

  5. Bill

    “Other journalists must take similar action to ensure that the Khazarian mafia is stripped of control of its media apparatus, including the New York Times, the Associated Press, etc. Only then will the last sleeping sheeple wake up.”

    Will they really be “awake” if it takes that much for them to be on the same page? Being awake implies some level of awareness which these people don’t exercise from their complete trust and go team mentality of their favorite news anchor/political face.

  6. Holistic

    I can comment on Canada . The parliament led by Justin Trudeau voted last night to enact theEmergency Powers Act . All civil liberties are going to be suspended if the Senate and the Governor General agree to uphold this House of Commons vote. Fulford has to be questioned. He is not living any of the realities he writes about and the Canada reality is very different than what he says.
    More, there are mercenary troops that have taken over police forces in Ottawa and elsewhere. They were responsible for the horriffic handling of the freedom fighters last week. Most canadian police refused to hurt the protesters but mercenaries brought in on UN planes are not squeamish.
    This is the reality in Canada. It is now an occupied tyranny.

      1. Holistic

        Several Canadian provinces are taking the federal government to court to nullify the Emergency Power Act . As well other legal challenges have been launched. We must invoke the power of Truth and Light as the Darkness closes in.

        1. Linda

          Kevin Annett in Canada is attempting to create the Republic of Kanada but has been removed (cancelled) from the internet now. God Bless Kevin Annett.

    1. PS

      Correct. No one knows exactly what’s going on because everything is so compartmentalized. Even if you ask God directly, you are still interpreting what He tells you through your limited human intellect. So even THAT isn’t perfectly accurate in terms of detail.

      And maybe that’s just it. The details are hard to pin down, and it occurs to me just now that maybe the details don’t even matter. What matters is the overall pattern, because that is the ultimate goal.

      Even when I look at many different truthers whose sources are incredibly varied, the overall pattern is the SAME:

      The Cabal is going down for good, and we are going to be free. And this will happen in fairly short order.

      That is the unifying pattern. That is what so many truthers all say in different ways using different details and different sources. That is what I intuit when I ask God.

      1. Linda

        PS – I agree with you too. The pyramid gods deliberately create chaos on a daily basis, to keep humanity in a state of confusion. The MSM gives us one “shocking” news report one day, then another the next day that contradicts the one the day before. Then, we are given a hopeful news report about people standing up to the madness and our hearts rejoice. Then the next day, they return to reports of gloom, doom, and hopelessness. What garbage!!! The pyramid gods thrive on keeping the masses stupid and in chaos. But, their plans to destroy humanity in their great reset (note the lower case “g” and “r”) are crumbling before our, and their, eyes. Bit by bit, a little hunk of granite at a time. Praise God !!!!!!!!!

    2. toothgrisle

      One thing I DO KNOW, none of the batshyt wing-nuts commenting here, have a clue!
      It’s called faith, because it’s not knowledge!

  7. AM

    I’m getting confused what information is true. I thought Bill Gates was dead. I hear Light has won but still lots of struggling is happening. Is the current Justin Castro double operated by whitehat or bad ones are operating??? Very confused.

    1. Mike Ohira

      Everyone is confused. In my case, the more I investigate the more confused I get. I heard Hillary Clinton was found guilty and hanged in Gitmo, then in recent info I received she was sent to Gitmo to be tried. Barack Obama was put to death by firing squad but he seems to be still hanging around. It’s all the cause of fucken Rockefeller-controlled media of the west which controls all media outlets of the world.

      1. toothgrisle

        Hillary hanged?? Obama shot??
        Perhaps your “investigation” should move away from the “sources” spewing that B.S.!!
        Jus sayin’

    2. Diane

      It is all confusing. For myself I am refusing to believe all the execution stories. They simply confuse things. And why execute someone, only to have a clone or double taking their place??? Surely it would be easier to bribe/ threaten the real one if you wanted them still hanging around. Executing them outside the knowledge of the public seems pointless. Things make make much more sense when you realise the people walking around are probably the real thing.

      1. toothgrisle

        Congratulations Diane!!
        Clear-eyed consideration sprinkled with a little logic may pull you back from the brink of this lunacy yet!
        The “clone or double taking their place???” aspect is a little disheartening though.