The Higher Octave Of Our Planet

Planet Earth/Gaia has/and is elevating to a higher vibrational frequency—a greater octave of a symphonic musical sound.

Over many ages, “She” has been traveling through the Photon Belt as well as receiving energy from the Great Central Sun via the Sun of our galaxy.

As the cosmos turns via Divine motion, each galaxy and universe also turns.

Like a beautifully choreographed dance program, the planets and stars glide and elevate across the “stage” of the “Cosmic Auditorium”.

All the while, colorful LIGHTS from auroras governed by blasts of solar coronal ejections burst forth to light-up the “stage”, and we, the attendees, watch in awe while at the same time receiving rays of LIGHT because we are actually participating in the “program”—THE RECITAL OF WONDER!

We travel, therefore, with our planet up higher with accelerated movement. We are made more multi-dimensional with each “flight” of our now more crystallized vessel.

Density is released as we experience a lightness of being. We heat-up with life force.

We connect more easily with our HIGHER SELF—the SOUL OF SOURCE.

A very high elevation can be achieved on April 30th, 2022, when a “Solar Eclipse” occurs in Tropical Taurus conjuncting Uranus in Taurus.

Materially speaking, this will place emphasis on global monetary issues, resetting how financial situations are conducted.

However, from a spiritual perspective, it will enhance psychic attunements, and thus, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.

There will be “knowings” without understanding of how the “knowings” are “known”.

There will also be those, however, who do indeed “know” how they “know”.

Similar to the phrase “Pay it Forward”, we will “Know it Forward”.

As usual, there is a caveat to all of these amazing abilities—consciousness must seek to anchor to SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Such blessings of spiritual capability will not be given merely by desire to achieve mystical power.

They will (and always have been since ancient times) be gifted to the righteous and the prayerfully diligent.

We can be reminded here of when Yeshua Ha Messiah told the worthy: “Do not cast pearls before swine” (The “Gospels” of the HOLY BIBLE).

SOURCE certainly allows each being on every planet to learn and to grow in wisdom via the exercising of free will with inspirations given by SOURCE towards how to correctly employ that free will.

Yet, if the free will is used unwisely, then instead of being able to continually lower planetary energies to the depths of density that cause the righteous to continue to have challenges, such disharmonious activity will be rendered “Out-of-Order” and unworkable any further.

Only harmony will be known, heard, and experienced.

Only LIGHT will explode from the multiverse.

Only LIGHT will exist.

Each cosmic occurrence in the “Now”—flares, coronal blasts, plasma waves, etc.—are preparing the “stage” for the major coming of the LIGHT.

What has been experienced up to this time frame has been the “rehearsal” for the RECITAL OF WONDER. We have yet to have the “dress rehearsal”.

Afterwards, the cosmic curtains open.

The “Orchestra of LIGHT” begins to play.

We come forth in splendor!

For the current “Now”, remember the scriptural verse: “Be still; and know that I am GOD!” (HOLY BIBLE).

This will allow us to be calmer, to connect to the ethereal realms through our various rituals, and to let go of the uncertainty of what is occurring on our planet and in the entire cosmos as a “New Golden Age” eventually comes through the birth canal of the space/time continuum.

It is normal to be fatigued and frustrated by the “labor” of it all.

However, if we truly believe in a HIGHER POWER, an INFINITE PRESENCE, then our normalcy must become “FAITH”.

As Sri Krishna taught: “Without faith there is no peace”. He also taught: “Everyone must have a personal relationship with the DIVINE” (BHAGAVAD GITA).

How have you been seeking association with the SACRED? Your answer may by your “application” to join the “performance” of and be with the LIGHT.

Hopefully, enough of those of our planet will anchor to the DIVINE such that we will receive the message “approved”, and we will gain the profound heights that LIGHT infuses into us, and we will realize that we are truly “Star Beings”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali