Artificial Timelines Have Been Collapsed


IT IS DONE, ALL FALSE HOLOGRAPHIC OVERLAYS, implants, inserts, false memories, artificial realities and Frequencies fully dissolve and


A FULL REMOVAL OF ALL NEGATIVE ALIENS and their affiliates, entities, demons, demon seeds, parasites, AI materials, black goo, graphene, reversals, negative alien technology etc ALL FALSE MATRIX CREATIONS, THEIR CAUSE & EFFECT CLEARED, REMOVED, DISSOLVED & NEUTRALISED. This is also very much connected to clearing of reversals, hybrid DNA codings and traumas connected to this, as well as sexual misery, trauma and gender split/ divide. All memories and imprints connected to the negative alien invasions and DNA mutation and hybrid codings and programs.

The deadline has passed. Everyone has chosen.

I’ve seen those that did not choose to live by the Law of One are now going to quickly disappear, be arrested or die, all will be removed and held accountable and ALL TRUTHS ARE REVEALED NOW! Within & without!


Massive entity/ negative energy removal unfolded at Collective level, all part of yesterday’s ‘Ascension & Diamond Grid Activation’ that I facilitated. Think of it as a massive exodus and entity removal, a FINAL DEEP SWEEP of the old Blueprints with all its distortions, reversals and inversions. This then allowed for another final massive Soul Retrieval and Multidimensional DNA Activation/ Soul braiding and Mass Soul/ Higher Self Identity Walk-ins, for the Planetary Soul, each individual, Collective level, going out to all races and life forms, ALL of Creation.

It’s a fully re-trieval and reactivation of our Original Source Codes and Divine Blueprints across all of Creation, with upgrades!

I was shown White Doves ascending from the Grids everywhere and one group of them with a Rainbow banner!

Big Schumann Resonance spikes with some white-out happened as we started the Activation, continued for some hours and are showing a lot of Healing green Heart Energy!

The Emerald Crystal Heart is ready to come fully online, restoring our 48 strand DNA Template. The Crystal Core of Earth is pulsating and ready for the final ignition, and so are our Sacred Krystal Hearts that have and are receiving much Healing from past hurt, sadness and betrayal. Our Third eyes receiving further pineal and pituitary Activations along with our WINGS BEING HEALED & READY TO OPEN!


Think Mandela effect, Matrix glitches, Timeline shifts, memory loss/ re-membering a different ‘past’ just super amplified!

We have a big sunspot group that helped take the 40 Starlink satellites down, starting to face earth again. This is supposedly the one that fired the biggest CME ever observed on the 15th. Both flares which I remember well as I felt them VERY powerfully AS they were happening! So this should get interesting! One thing I know for sure is that WE ARE FREE NOW!

Our Organic Timeline has been fully re-claimed and being restored now, and all others collapse!

MUCH is still unfolding, we’re just getting started, but this is where the fun begins!

There is still a lot of higher frequency light and plasma waves streaming in and through us now and into the now FULLY FREED & RE-CLAIMED GRID SYSTEM! Iridescent Diamond Rainbow Plasma waves are flowing freely through the grids!!

The Activation is still VERY active for the 72 hrs (until 11:22pm on 25th) after we went ‘live’, so everyone is welcome to join in if they feel called, it’s truly quantum. These are Collective Activations we anchor in on behalf of ALL, so everyone gets affected.

Our bodies are fully activating our True, Original birth transduction records and Divine Blueprints are completely cleared and released. That’s our True Self now coming fully online! I was shown the fetal cells in our coccyx/ tailbone cracking, fully releasing our true Blueprints now.

All seals and membranes, implants and inserts, now fully removed and dissolved! All the old artificial Matrix imprints, remaining distortions, reversals and lower codings within our DNA, Templates and Blueprints are now fully releasing from our bodies!

Re-births hurt a little this also means that our memories, gifts and abilities are coming FULLY online now along with our DNA and Plasma Lightbody! Again, each is at a different stage of their journey, but this is what is available now and QUANTUM SHIFTS ARE POSSIBLE NOW, WHEN YOU BELIEVE!

FULL 12-15 strands DNA Activation and more (24-48 strands). It’s all coming online and unlocking now! I am being shown that strands 13-15 are becoming physicalised. Our RISHI higher identity, pre-matter/ antimatter self is merging with our matter form and becoming materialized/ manifest in form.

As we merge matter and antimatter.

Spirit and form.

The old is no more and it’s clearing from our bodies as well as the new DNA activating, which can cause body aches/ energy hangovers along with that massive Collective negative entity removal and old Blueprint wipe taking place. We are deeply purging all of the old so self care remains a top priority. Salt baths, earthing/ nature, essential oils, energy healing, massage/ body work, assisting the Purification through fasting etc as well as plenty of high pH water and supplements all support. Your body knows what you need, you just have to ask and listen.

Stay in gratitude for this sacred Transformation from the old to ALL NEW REALITIES & THE NEW TRUE YOU to be unfolding through us NOW!

Very soon many of us will start to feel having a LOT more energy with ALL the INTERFERENCE FULLY LIFTING NOW!! But again, anchoring Frequency and activating DNA also takes a lot of our energy so be patient. All in Divine NO-TIME. I have already felt a HUGE shift in my overall well being since the 17/18th. I have more energy overall and feel less exhausted, I am much more at ease and relaxed overall and the feeling of joy are returning. It’s just that yesterday was, and all continues to be super MASSIVE!! We’re just getting started so to say.

New sound and light fields will become visible now as the corrected ones are returned, so you will hear even more as well as see! Our eyes have been receiving upgrades these past few days with us sometimes getting blurry vision, they are adjusting to being able to see the higher dimensional Realities. So far we have only been able to see less than 1% of the full light spectrum, an important piece to re-member! Also, sound and light is what creates matter and it has been messed with and this is what is being corrected now and as it does, our Realities start to sound and look different too!!

HEART ACTIVATIONS CONTINUE TO UNFOLD, as said, there’s still much going on and to come!


Let the old dissolve at super extra fast quantum God speed by holding all in Divine Neutrality, whilst knowing it for what it is, by seeing through the illusions and veils as that’s how we COLLAPSE IT ALL!

All is first collapsed & co-created energetically, from within. The out there is a reflection.

Re-member the powerful Co-Creator that you are and use your powers, your every thought, word, belief, feeling and action responsibly!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Activation for this Divine Co-creation that keeps unfolding, and especially to those that sent donations, as they enable me to continue with my mission and sharing all I do.

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


17 Replies to “Artificial Timelines Have Been Collapsed”

  1. Mogex

    I am weary I messed everything up just because I felt the urge to read a programming manual… These things are difficult for the mind, it doesn’t react well to ambition. Holding a vibration, it can be so easy to make a mistake that *seems to* ruin the feeling. I feel safe… So I must be. I feel centered.

  2. Linda

    As I was reading this piece and got through a few paragraphs, I began to weep because this is what we have been waiting to hear for so long. It all makes perfect God-sense. Thank you, Ramona Lappin for this. God bless you!!

  3. Mogex

    The way of Tao, not some ‘fighting’ Spirit, a way of non aggression was needed. Heavens forgive me!

  4. EK

    How do I know which one I have chosen?
    Was it subconciously?
    Because I never received any obvious sign that said I had to make a choice. Through your previous post, I was aware of it.
    Re the memories…the bad and unpleasant ones? They cannot leave soon enough!
    But does that include the pleasant and good ones? Are they gone, too?
    I am not sure, but I think I might be seeing the effect, because it seems a lot of memories have been fading away for awhile.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. A lightworker

      Either your soul has chosen, or you’re going with the timeline that is the closest match to your vibration.

      My personal feeling is that this is about the 3d timeline, which is where you go if you’re still pro-jab mandates and basically believe everything the MSM says. If not, you’re going to the 5d timeline. If you’re reading this site, you’re probably in the 5d timeline.

      1. Silver Feather

        I agree with what you said a regarding 3D and 5 D timelines spilt. Some people are too deep in their programming, and they want to live in this old fake illusion. Each soul will have to make the effort to wake up at their own pace, their level of being awake depends on their own individual choice in timelines.

    2. PS

      I’ve imagined there are two paths people are going down right now:

      One is a big, wide, straight path that’s laid with brick and well-lit, but ends in darkness.

      The other is a narrow, root-filled, rock-studded, winding dirt track that’s completely dark, but ends at a bright horizon.

      The wide path has a lot of people on it just marching forward without looking around. They just go forward without thought. More people are leaving this path than are joining it.

      The narrow path has some people on it and each person is holding a lantern and looking carefully around. 3+ years ago, there were very few people on that path and it was very dark and unsure. Now, however, there are so many people on that path holding their lanterns high, that you can see as if it were daytime.

      If you are reading this, you are on the narrow path holding up your lantern trying to see what’s going on. That’s why you came here in the first place, because you were holding your lantern over this message to see if it’s true.

      1. blaudp79

        I used to be a person that is a non-believer and a fact based thinker. Since the 22nd of February I’m like a different person. I have connection with my spirit and I’m radiating like human torch. I’m totally confused but I know I’m on the right track. Based on your comment, I’m on the narrow path. I still haven’t done what you’ve suggested a couple of days ago, but I’m now sure that I can only get answers from inside. Thank you for all the help…

        1. david k gates

          There are many that will suddenly awake at the right time.
          LOL…wise words— Just be Cool to everyone and you’ll be fine!

        2. A lightworker


          A friendly word of advice — once you have connection with your higher self / intuition / spirit, personally I’d follow its directions always, no matter what others say, no matter how stupid it may seem from a rational perspective, no matter if it tells you something that’s contradicted by news / intel / truthers / whatever. At least give that a trial.

          1. Mogex

            I found I have a propensity to become fearful if I do something counter to this intuition, is it possible to get back on track?

        3. PS

          Sure, you’re welcome! I’m glad you’ve found your light and cranked that mother up. 🙂

      2. A lightworker

        Indeed. I’m not a Christian in the conventional sense, but I’m reminded of scripture:

        “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

        1. PS

          When I had that image I just described, it was some weeks after reading that passage in the Bible. I was talking to a friend and in the middle of our conversation about why people are still asleep, that image plopped into my head.

          That was when that passage clicked and made sense, because I suddenly had a picture of it in action. It also clicked in another passage about Jesus talking about placing a candle in a holder and not under a basket–letting your candle shine.

          It was just so clear, all those people walking down that big, wide road like they’re all staring zombified at their cell phones. Like the way you see people walk around in real life. And then those handful of brave, curious people stumbling over rocks and roots, stubbing their toes, getting caught in brambles, but they had their little lights and they were helping each other along. And then it played out more and I saw that more people were curious about the first group, so they got some lights and followed…and more…and more…until it was like a SEA of little lights. Like stars on the ground. And because each person was shining their little light, everyone could see.