Russian Strikes Targeting US-Run Bio-Labs in Ukraine?

Is Russia’s “special military operation” actually a smokescreen to target US bio-labs in Ukraine?

Speculation on social media suggests Russian strikes on Ukrainian military installations could also include US bio-labs in the region, as the Russian government has for years accused the US of developing bio-weapons near its border.

The ulterior motive theory was put forth Thursday by Twitter user @WarClandestine, whose account was suspended soon thereafter. Fortunately, his thread was archived before the account was banned.

Evidently there are several US bio-labs in Ukraine under the auspices of the US State Department’s Biological Threat Reduction Program, an initiative where the US partners with other countries “to counter the threat of outbreaks (deliberate, accidental, or natural) of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases.”

“The Biological Threat Reduction Program’s priorities in Ukraine are to consolidate and secure pathogens and toxins of security concern and to continue to ensure Ukraine can detect and report outbreaks caused by dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats,” the Ukrainian US Embassy’s website states.

The program also led to the creation of two bio-labs in Kyiv and Odessa in 2019, areas that were recently attacked by Russia.

According to a map circulating online, US-backed bio-labs are also located in Vinnystia, Uzhgorod, Lviv, Kherson, Ternopil, and near Crimea and Luhansk.

Another map purports to show areas that were recently attacked by Russia, many of which are cities where US bio-labs are believed to operate.

Meanwhile, Russia for years has raised concerns over the prospect the US is developing biological weapons along its border, with Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev claiming last year there were clear signs dangerous pathogens at the labs could be used for military, or political purposes.

**By Adan Salazar


26 Replies to “Russian Strikes Targeting US-Run Bio-Labs in Ukraine?”

  1. Tylette Crosby

    As you all. Know all news. Media. Steady lying when Putin say no one better not. Interfere I. Heard people. Say he has found out. Something. Media is. Hiding look. At. Fox News the. Biggest lying media

  2. Antonio

    Thank You Putin 😢 for this man, another pandemic 2025 won’t be . Funny feeling that this whole pandemic was a scam.
    This needs to end with these bio weapons being bombed. Lost a job attachment as second chance , had to start all over again. I’m loosing money more than I gain. I’m 20 now . Putin you’re doing the world a favor.

  3. Finch

    Russia, China and the U.S. are a united hegemony. These global events are dramas they’ve dreamed up and foisted on all of us for the sake of distraction. This war is just pro-wrestling on a bigger scale. Except with real harm being done to the fighters. And the proles.

    These sociopath mega-elites are safe in their bunkers or on their islands until the VAIDs brings us down to more manageable numbers. But their names are becoming more and more publicly connected with this. They didn’t expect so much opposition. They got too eager with their new laws and now they’re in a pickle. They stand to lose control as people wake up to their own plight. My concern is what happens when the bad guys understand that their game is lost? When their own servants stop obeying their orders? What will they do when they throw their final tantrum? What form will that take?

    They won’t just take their ball and go home.

  4. John Sutter

    There are some points to consider. One, the non-stop demonization of Putin and Russia by the buffoonish US government and media indicate that Putin is in some way not entirely corrupted. He has made statements that the West has become collectively insane through the “woke” movement which seeks to abolish gender, family, religion, morality and White people.

    Conversely, he has met with globalists and most notably evil Jame Bond villain Klaus Schwab. Whether or not that indicates he is part of the one world government remains to be seen.

    I was in Kiev in November of last year. I can tell you the people were being targeted for death by injection. Zelensky (who is Jewish not Ukrainian) decreed that everyone must take the American death shots in order to work or use public transportation or dine in a restaurant, or have a fake COVID test every three days. I talked to many people and bo one wanted these vaccines and Zelensky was trying to strong arm these poor folks into taking it. Many were paying off doctors (since they are corrupt death dealing money whores) to get fake proof of vaccination. Others were only using taxis to get around or walking since they could not use mass transportation. Many of the people I spoke too considered themselves Russian or did not want to be separate from Russia. Everyone spoke Russian as I speak it on a limited basis and don’t know Ukrainian. The mayor of Kiev, former heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko is a thoroughly corrupt mobster and another non Ukrainian (he is in fact half Jewish) and he used public funds to build a Hotel he owns in Kiev. Zelensky is not the legitimate president of Ukraine. He is a USA/ZOG puppet, and was installed as president after the CIA/Mossad took control of the country in the violent “Maidan” revolution. I think many in Kiev and Ukraine will welcome liberation from this decadent and corrupt USA/ZOG puppet regime.

    Of course the real play is that the Luciferian globalists have manufactured this conflict in fact to finish off the USA. Despite our feeble and insane rulers bluster we are terminally ill and very weak. Our military is a joke, a place where mentally ill men can no go to have their bodies mutilated in this ritual known as transgender transition. Our hardware is useless. The F35 is not the air superiority fighter it is claimed to be. It can’t do anything well, not even defend itself or run away. Our Army is full of “Woke” officers and effeminate. Gone is the culture of masculinity and Espirit De Corps. The majority of our Armed Forces has also been vaccinated with the slow acting death jab. Many will peril from myocardial heart attacks from and exertion due to war. Biden has shut down our oil production from 19.5 to 9.3 million barrels per day making us once again very dependent on foreign oil. Russia is our no 2 supplier. Soon we will suffer total economic collapse and energy shortages and much worse skyrocketing inflation.

    Ultimately, this was probably another divide and conquer order out of chaos move by the demonic globalists.

    Their prime goal is the destruction of the USA. I’m sure if Putin and Russia are not firmly in their grasp they will attend to that later.

    If anyone who tells me that the globalists are not getting their way anymore I’d like some real and concrete evidence to that, not just some nebulous claims that they are finished.

    If they were finished a new war would not have been started.

    1. Daedalus

      Youre aware that Russia was also one of the first countries with mass vaccinations … and all with blessing and orders of Putin ?

      I mean, I dont understand folks like you – at all. It seems like almost everyone here is idolizing someone of politicians. Some are idolizing Trump, some Putin, and maybe some even Biden or Bernie Sanders.

      Its like you all expect a saviour to come and suddenly “save you”. Your “pick” , your idol, your “main prime choice”.To finally confirm to your own ego that “ah, I was right…”

      Some time ago, I had positive look on Trump. Not anymore after the vaccination programs and absolute passivity. Same for Putin, positive outlook where he looked calm in comparison to others. Not anymore after all this that happened recently.

      And now, I truly dont have anyone anymore “on my prime choice list”. And you know what ? I feel better than ever, and I feel like I was truly liberated from this bullshit, from this mind virus I was infected with. There never was supposed to be any “list” and any “picks”.

      There are no saviours, and noone is coming to save us. We will save ourselves, and we need no outside personas for that, theyre actually distractions and obstacles.

      1. Riker

        I’ve read lot’s of articles and comments on here. You’re truly the only guy (or girl) who seems to get it lol the rest are so brainwashed by this site, it’s BS, the fake (coming to save you) articles and the whole new age scam. In the words of The Picard “I work to better myself and thus the rest of humanity” It’s good to be free.

      2. John Sutter

        Daedalus, please re-read my post. Nowhere did I even suggest Putin is some kind of savior in fact quite the opposite. I did point out some positive things about him, and the Ukrainian people ate suffering under the ZOG installed government and Zelensky is an illegitimate president. The CIA/Mossad installed regime has been rigging elections since 2014.

        Yes, Russia has the Sputnik COVID vaccine, it is NOT however mandated. Zelensky in doing his masters bidding is coercing the people of Ukraine to take the American death shots. I know; I was just there.

        So before you put words in my mouth or misconstrue what I say, make sure you read what I say.

        And no one who posts their opinions here has been more critical of Trump or his cult of personality followers.

        1. Daedalus

          John –

          Youre literally seeing him as a saviour in first sentences “… to stop demonization of Putin…”. Why should I stop the demonization of demons, telling that demons are demons ? The cabal is west and east … and they play with their populations like with sheep.

          Youre an utter hypocrite. Very loud about Trump, but youre the fanboy of Putin. Your whole comment is a drivel about it. And second comment, too.

          Im telling you to stop looking at outer saviours – there are NO outer saviours. Putin is not your saviour, hes not saviour of Christianity, hes not a peacemaker anymore. Hes not making a “special plan” where he will defeat the cabal – hes part of the cabal, the blood of innocent people have already been shed in past numerous times, and it is now too.

          Everytime when Israeli Air Force penetrates into Syrian airspace or launches a stand-off attack on Syrian troops, the more advanced AA systems under Russian command go mysteriously silent. Everytime its the Syrian army that pays the price for it. Russians refuse to target IAF.

          True positive forces would never start a massive war anywhere. If there would be action, it would be swift, precise, surgical or covert attack. Never would civilians be exposed to danger. And this action alone, the invasion of Ukraine, gave the more power to NATO and US MiC than they have ever got before. Thats a “24D chess” move from Putin ?

          Disgusting how many people root for war and destruction.

          1. John Sutter

            Here’s my reply. I’ll squash your head in true 3D fashion. Nothing like a good ass kicking for a mouthy little internet punk. How can we make this come true?

        2. John Sutter

          Apparently, you can’t read or your reading comprehension is extremely low. I said he was being demonized by western media and the US government, I did not say stop demonizing him.

          You really are a little Quif aren’t you?

          1. Daedalus

            You would “squash my head in true 3D fashion” while talking really hardcore over the net, right ? Oh, that truly shown me – here Im shaking in my boots.

            Threatening to people over the net – It “totally” shows your “courage” to everyone here and further. Youre just a big mouthed coward, because cowards seek threats and intimidations.

            Remember, you cannot delete anything here, it will be and stay visible. And be careful who you threaten on the other side, you never know who is who.

          2. John Sutter

            I don’t give a fuck you little Eastern European soy boy. You gotta big mouth. I’d love to shut it but unfortunately I can’t get my hands on you.

            Fuck off faggot.

          3. Daedalus

            Such a big loudmouth you are. Threatening then cowarding out. Also a flurry of insults just shows how infantile you are.

            Noone’s identity here or on net is truly anonymous. I can see you even dont recall exactly from where I am, despite I have doxxed myself intentionally before.

            Be careful how you act here, because as I said before, you never know to whom youre speaking to (one person or a group of people) and what they are capable of.

  5. PS

    Some notes about how we can tell this is close to the truth:

    1. The account that posted the original thread has been banned from Twitter.
    2. Threader deleted the thread.
    3. MSM is screaming about this being a “conspiracy theory” this morning.

    Usually, when you see the Mouth of Sauron freaking out, it means you’re over the target. This is over the target.


    to Keiraj.
    I live in Ukraine
    I do not like when you are placing on the site of red flags
    who will redeem evil, Nazism, Intervention by “Nazi Russia ”
    All channels that justify false – Don’t do so more
    War cannot be good , its red flag-

  7. Daedalus

    I see too many people lately spouting copium nonsense …

    Folks, this is war – not some kind of “precision strike” or “coordinated deal”. The Ukraine is a sovereign country and was attacked by Russia from 4 sides (from Crimea, Donbass, northeast Ukraine and from Belarus). Its basically the same, identical pattern of what US cabal elements did in Iraq or Libya.

    Meaning, Russia is not a good guy here. Millions were tricked into believing that Putin was a positive guy, but by this action, he isnt. Actions speak volumes on their own.

    Also, ask yourselves, if these bio-labs are truly targeted, would the Russians go onto full scale attack along the whole line ? Absolute nonsense. They would do precision strike, would never expose themselves much. This is a full on assault that is happening now.

    Putin is a saviour of the world ? Ah, yeah … Bush also saved all those Iraqis and the world. Same for Obama and Libyans, they were truly saved and grateful to him.

    People , stop smoking copium … accept you were tricked and open your eyes. The cabal is everywhere, but the people have capabiltiy to take them down all in one swoop – financial system.

  8. Mike Ohira

    The top man in NATO (I forgot his name) is Khazarian mafia, another rat put in there by the US government. The current leader of Ukraine, a US puppet, is another rat. I cannot imagine a world without Putin because he is really a savior of this world.

  9. Mike Ohira

    The US government is run by neocons (neo conservatives) who are mostly Khazarian mafia, the murderers , killers and villains of this world. You call this group of mafia the Cabal. All the western media are run by the Cabal so Americans are not told the truth and unaware of what’s going on in their country. Believe it or not, the Americans are the stupidest people on the planet.

    Oh, by the way, stay away from McDonald hamburger which is owned by the Cabal. Human meat is used in McDonald’s meat factories all over the US.

    1. John

      I agree with all you say however i would say anyone who trusts their goverment is stupid not just americans but then can you blame them we have had thousands of years of indoctrination even back when we were throwing stones someone proberbly said ‘come on buddy join my gang’ we will protect you roll in to the present we are still doing the same thing but these days the criteria is to wear blindfolds and ear muffs however the good news is people are removing said blindfolds and muffs the world is waking up and its picking up pace much love to all. oh and yeah dont eat at mcdonalds.

    2. Wanderer

      @Mike Ohira

      “Neo-Cons” are SOCIALISTS claiming to be conservative. They infiltrate foreign countries and destabilize them violently to pursue their political interests.
      No matter what they wear, whether brown or red shirts, black or white shirts, green or maybe even pink shirts, SOCIALISTS are SOCIALISTS. They are the destroyers of all natural order. Their brains are infected with the virus of socialism. It’s their religion.

      Find a suitable planet for them and bring ’em there! (Plus a few million violent followers of a certain totalitarian ideology, claiming to be a religion of peace.)
      That will be the real cure for the civilisations on Earth.
      Alternatively give them the jab on a daily basis until they drop dead! 😬

      “Over and out.”

    3. John Sutter

      Yes Mike, as an American, I can confirm, the average American is the dumbest animal on the planet. You can feed him a sh@t sandwich and he will lick his fingers and ask for more.

    4. Riker

      What about the chicken nuggets!!!! GOD NO i love those nuggets! i must have them! Please tell me theres no human meat in the nuggggieeesss!!!

      1. Mike Ohira

        I don’t know about chicken nuggets but hamburger meat processed in US meat factories had been inspected and found to have human DNA. Human meat is not adult’s, most likely children’s who have been abducted and harvested of adrenochrome. Human DNA was also found in Mcdonald’s China meat factories.

  10. Wanderer

    Just search the web for “NATO-expansion map”.
    You will see that within the last three decades it came closer and closer to Russia and now is a severe threat, like the Russian missiles on Cuba were in the 1960s.
    The US did not allow such a threat then, so why should Russia allow such a threat now?

    1. John

      Because Biden wants his war to distract us all from the real threat Him or at least those behind him