M2-Class Solar Flare

On Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022, the Sun of our solar system unleashed a powerful “M2-Class” solar flare which blasted forth plasma particles into Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere and caused strong activations within our planet’s core and on its outer surrounding energy fields.

As a reminder, solar flares are rated as being either “A-Class”, “B-Class”, “C-Class”, “M-Class”, or “X-Class” with each level also being given a numerical rating of “1” to “10” in a general sense, but there have been flares far beyond these numerical ratings such as “X-29” (which has tended to occur from the far side of the Sun and does not directly impact our planet).

However, both Traditional as well as Spiritual Scientists are now saying that solar energy is so intense that when a flare is given a high rating, it probably is even higher than reported.

For example, yesterday’s “M.2 Class” could have actually been a higher numerical rating.

We must remember that technology can now only give us a basic idea of what is happening in the cosmos (although it may be a very good idea), but our intuition and physical, mental, and emotional symptoms are the true ratings.

People all over our planet have been reporting to various types of Healers who understand the concept of “Light Activation Symptoms” the following experiences: extreme exhaustion as if having been drained of energy, unusual headaches like migraines, painful necks and backs and knees, rapid heart rhythms, anxiety, nausea, dizziness, teeth and jaw aches, and insomnia.

Not everyone is having all of these symptoms at the same time, and not all of the symptoms are extreme.

However, an increasing number of people are reporting most of these symptoms being experienced at varying levels.

When traditional medical doctors are consulted, they cannot find anything “wrong” with the patient, but of course, they often recommend further testing (traditional medicine is “big business” economically so the more that the patient can be convinced to submit to further evaluations through other testing procedures (some involving harmful radiation), the more money that “Big Pharma” can make.

The “average” individual does not understand the principles of “The Shift of the Ages” or “Consciousness Transfer” or “Spiritual Ascension”, etc. and the transformations that this entails plus the scriptural teachings that have given us messages about the very “Now” that is occurring.

As has been suggested in previous articles, many people think that these discussions are only “Star Trek” television or movie scripts.

Many have never studied cosmic energy either in school or individually, so they are critical of what they do not understand or simply ignore it.

If they feel unwell, they just go to “the doctor” and take a “prescription” drug or submit to some therapeutic procedure.

There are times, however, when of course traditional medical help should be sought, but these are extreme situations such as broken bones, excessive bleeding, or some other traumatic event having occurred.

Most of humanity is not sick! THEY ARE TRANSFORMING!

Here are some of the notes from the 2000 “Shine Conference” which occurred in London, England in which university-degreed scientists participated:

1.) There is high energy in the Galaxy, and the solar flares are encoded messages.

2.) The flares create higher vibrations in the human physical form which activates the mitochondria (information giving and receiving aspect of DNA).

3.) Mitochondria is now accepting more photons of LIGHT which is changing carbon-based forms to crystalline ones.

4.) Crystallization deals better with ionization coming from flares, coronal mass ejections, tails of comets, the Photon Belt, and other cosmic happenings.

5.) A clearing and cleansing of outworn cellular programming is occurring so that a higher consciousness in humanity can exist.

6.) Electrons and Photons are flooding the human body, and physical, mental, and emotional symptoms occur because of this.

7.) The experience of feeling very heated, for example, is the removal of excess energy from the cells so that more Photonic LIGHT can be received.

8.) Symptoms can be soothed via the process of “Grounding” which involves:

a.) walking barefoot on the ground (weather permitting),
b.) wearing magnesium-rich gemstones which are RUBELLLITE (Pink and Red Tourmaline), IOLITE, NEPHRITE, RHODONITE, OLIVINE, DIOPSIDE, or VESUVIANITE,
c.) chanting healing and calming mantras from the Vedic tradition,
d.) drinking lots of spring water, and
e.) making sure to take a daily supplement containing magnesium which relaxes the nervous system, assists with achieving better sleep, creates stronger muscles, stores proper calcium in the bones and it stimulates calcitonin and suppresses problems with parathyroid which can break-down bones; it re-mineralizes teeth, alkalizes the blood, helps the cells to receive proper hydration, creates proper enzyme function, and enhances insulin secretion which facilitates sugar metabolism and prevents diabetes. Without magnesium, glucose is not able to transfer into the cells, then glucose and insulin build-up in the blood causing various types of tissue damage including to the nerves in the eyes.

We are being constantly reminded that the LIGHT from the many aspects of the cosmos is not going to cease.

It is becoming stronger in order to allow our planet and all of creation upon “Her” to elevate. We must adjust to its higher faster waves and frequencies.

We have been given the ability to make the adjustment, and the ability is residing in our DNA which is found in every one of our trillions of cells throughout the physical vessel, and DNA is being constantly upgraded.

As Dr. Simon Atkins, a leading expert on cosmic energetics has advised: “This is not the time for spiritual laziness. We must be getting lots of rest and grounding”.

He taught this in reference to a particle called “Wave X” which created a huge vibration of radiation when Sirius and Alcyone conjuncted with the Galactic Center in September of 2015 from about the 24th to the 28th of that month.

The frequency of that conjunction is now ongoing and has been activating the “God Particle” between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain for the purpose of allowing powerful spiritual abilities including healing.

Dr. Atkins also stated that the process of LIGHT surging to the planet must be intensified because of the continual disharmonious actions of lowly-vibrating human beings who are attempting to interfere with human transformation.

Dr, Atkins’ words are indeed true as can be realized by current happenings.

Therefore, to reiterate, we must anchor and acclimate to the ongoing LIGHT by self-nurturing, and this also involves studying the HIGHER LAWS of SOURCE which have been taught for many eons of space/time.

Many other suggestions for handling “Light Activation Symptoms” in this “Now” have been given in previous written discourses.

It is wise to review them because LIGHT is advancing onto our planet daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as we enter a new era of existence.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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