Archangel Michael: Do You Still Trust Us?

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

Let’s put it this way, to restart the walk. I won’t say that all of you have abandoned it, nor that today you are extremely sorry for everything you have done; I can say that these cases were minimal, which makes us very happy. You have gone through this whole process with your journeys in your heads, going in balance and keeping your focus on ascension as much as possible. But the world out there keeps showing itself, keeps trying to throw each one of you off balance.

So, let’s just remember a few things here. First, the pandemic. Deaths, deaths, deaths. This has always been the big fact, people dying from the disease. At no time did anyone ask if those souls were leaving of their own free will. It is the same thing as you lonely people, on a rainy day, in the middle of the street, where the first transport that comes along you take, not even caring where, you want to get out of the rain. Very well, many souls did the same. They had decided that they were going to leave and that they were not going to be part of the process, not in the physical body. And I can tell you that they took this ride into illness, to fulfill what they had planned; the vast majority did.

Yes, there are those who didn’t make any deal, but they left too. And why are they gone? Because they never took care of their bodies properly, they didn’t emanate good energies, fear had fully taken over their existence. So we can say, in this case, that they reaped what they sowed; a total imbalance in their bodies, enough for the disease to set in, and there was no cure. Very well. But time has passed. Today we can say that several attempts have been made, to try to keep the disease at its peak, without success.

The last wave, supposedly the most transmissible, was practically less lethal. So this path is no longer serving the non-light. We can say that they have “thrown in the towel” as you say, they have realized that this way they are not going to achieve anything anymore. You are already living with the disease, as you live with the many others that are out there. So, what to do? “Trying to kill humanity doesn’t work anymore, because we won’t succeed”, so they think. Very well. So, let’s look for something that brings fear and despair to mankind: Wars.

Very well, you have always had a fear of a final great war on the planet. I don’t know if you remember, but we have said here a few times: This will not happen. And I won’t say that it’s because of you, it won’t happen because it will not be allowed by Father/Mother God to destroy this planet, as they imagine. And they are fully aware that they will not succeed, that we are here exactly to prevent this, but the problem continues. The news comes more and more desperate, more and more horrific, a lot of manipulation, a lot of deception, a lot of things that are disseminated that are not true, but you all believe; you are not there, to see the truth.

At no time am I justifying the one who started the war and saying that he is correct. A ruler who starts a war can never be correct in any sense. I just want to say that there is a lot more going on under the surface than you might think. But it was not meant to come to this. But as has already been said here: Free will continues. In the same way that we guide you: avoid this, avoid that, don’t do this, don’t do that; you can make up your own mind and say: “I’m done, I don’t want this anymore, I’m going to do it,” and you do it. In the same way, the one who is there in charge of power. He is still a human.

So what do I want to bring to you with this message? The focus has changed, in a while you won’t even remember the pandemic anymore, because it is no longer hitting you, it is no longer the number one priority. Now your news is only about the war. So what do I say to you right now? Take the focus off of that. You are feeding this war, when everyone sees what is shown and feels pain, dread, fear, this energy feeds the egregore of war. Because it feeds on fear, it feeds on dread, it feeds on the deaths it causes.

So I ask each of you not to put another quantum of energy into this egregore. Change the channel, stop listening, don’t get into this energy. I am not saying here that war doesn’t exist, but war is not what is being shown; neither are the reasons, nor the consequences. So much is manipulated, so much is false, and you are falling right into it. And again you talk about a nuclear war. I will only ask one question: Are we drinking juice, swinging on the net? I believe that you will answer no. Then many will ask me, “But what about those who are dying, because of something you said would no longer happen?” And I answer: free will is still in you.

Those who are losing their lives right now are there because they chose to be there. Many are being forced. Is there any justification for this? So… I decide, I am a ruler and I decide to go to war and I force everyone to fight for my decision; and many die for my decision. What happens to me? Don’t even want to know. So don’t take sides, don’t be for or against anybody. Don’t judge something that you don’t know, what is actually happening. Yes, the first step has been taken.

The first one threw the ball at the neighbor’s house and the neighbor felt obliged to respond with more balls. So there are no culprits and there are no aggressors, everything has a purpose, and you don’t know what it is. It’s all looking like a big theater, where all the powerful people are rallying against what is happening; they are rallying against it, but they are still feeding the war. If you really want something to stop, what do you do? You work with the head, not with killing. But the world is working with killing and instigating more and more war, and bringing fear, pain and despair to whom? To all the inhabitants of the planet.

So, I ask again: Which path are you on? The path of ascension or the path of the Third Dimension? Because this is all just a big theater to take you out of the focus of your journey. One thing I can say: We are not sleeping, or swinging in the hammock, or drinking juice; we are very well aware. But it is what we have always said to you: You are in charge of the whole process, not us; but everything has a limit, and I can tell you that you are testing our limits. It is as if you are saying: “You are there and we are here, doing what we have always done and will continue to do, and we want to see how far you go.

There is no threat to us, nobody threatens us, nobody frightens us. Why? Because we see the truth, because we see the manipulation that is being done around this whole process. The process exists, it is real, but not in the way it is being put. But if that neighbor had taken that little ball and just given it back, none of this would be happening. It is a shame, it really makes us very sad, because it seems that everything we have taught and tried to show has been worthless. And I will say one more thing: This is not the way they put us on the wall. If you think that because you are walking down this path we will act in any way, you are very wrong. We are not like that. We are not human. We will do it when we think it has to be done. And I tell you: We will do it, no matter who it hurts, no matter who we will please or not please.

So, I just leave a question in the air: What are you emanating today? Are you afraid of a planetary war? The famous one that everybody knows will destroy the planet? If you answer yes, I am very worried, because you just said that you don’t trust us; you just said that everything we said is a lie, that we are not here, that there is nobody taking care of the planet. And I’ll tell you something else, you signed your letter to stay in the Third Dimension, because if you believe everything that is there and that will come to this end, you really haven’t learned anything; you’ve forgotten everything that was said, or you’ve really taken a stand.

So I will just say to you, let each one make his or her own decision. Whoever wants to keep feeding this egregore, of falsehood and lies, of pain and death, keep putting the focus on it; keep turning on your televisions and crying, crying against, judging, watching those images. Congratulations to you, you have put another quantum of energy into it there, and it has become even stronger. I would really like to know what the answer is for each one of you, and I will know.

The phrase: “The world will fall around you, but you will fall on your feet,” has been said by me for a long time. Now if you don’t believe it, if you think that all this is nonsense and that you really have to worry about the future, fine, make your choice. On the side that trusts and knows, deep down, that this is all a big manipulation of the consciousnesses of the planet? Or do you want to suffer the pain of those who are there, wronged, and you can affirm exactly that and keep vibrating in that energy? The decision is up to each one.

I just say, be careful what you are emanating, because you will get back the same thing. It will not come any different. You get what you emanate. If you are emanating the focus on war, you will get more wars, that’s all I can say. Free will is still there. Now I will close by saying: This planet will not be destroyed, that I guarantee. Now, how you are going to behave on the road to ascension is up to each one of you. Make your choices. The time has never been riper for choices.

And we are here watching. And for those who believe, wait, because you will see our action. We are not standing still, nor are we apathetic to all that is happening. Wait, trust, and you will see. That’s all I can say.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


10 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Do You Still Trust Us?”

  1. Malissa Liburdi

    ALL That Is…

    Escalating YES, until SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!








  2. Dubious

    This is NOT Archangel Michael. In fact most of this doesn’t even make sense grammatically, it reads like a bad Google Translate. I don’t want to discourage the channel, but either the channel is being deceived here by something purporting to be Archangel Michael, or is not channeling clearly or correctly.

  3. Douglas A James

    Funny why are galactics not intervening stopping the war. Stopping MSM lies.. showing their ships en masse.. promises lots of them. Nothing visible mass meditations 3 hit 144k now and still no big dominos falling..

  4. Emma

    AA Michael or any divine are never asking for our trust. They just help those ready.
    When someone say; Do you still trust us, you are suppose to feel shame if you dont trust, or that is what the channeller or entity is wanting you to, feel shame. Shame is not light.

  5. John

    The truckers made a huge contribution to worldwide freewill and freedom look how many other countries are joining in with their own trucker convoys and we are becoming more and more aware of the ukrannian war scam ie the Khazarian mafia strongholds being destroyed and the media is reporting it as russian aggression LMFAO much love to all.

  6. Saphire

    Are the truckers convoys not making a difference,!!! Many are waking up!! Fear has been replaced by courage strength faith change !!! Is it not raising the frequency??