‘Some Kind of Lightning Shooting from the Sky’: Ukrainians Tell Stories of Divine Intervention from the Battlefield

***Kejraj Note: This is the Galactic Federation intervening, helping to save the children, and nuclear areas which have been targeted by Russia’s army.

Are Ukrainians receiving some heavenly help in the fight against their Russian invaders?

Stories of divine intervention are being told that sound a lot like accounts from the Bible, including a pillar of fire at night and confused Russian troops.

In this week’s episode of CBN News The Global Lane, CBN Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko explains that although his fellow countrymen are showing incredible strength and resiliency in the war with Russia, they’re also experiencing some divine intervention.

‘Some Kind of Lightning Shooting from the Sky’

Lytvynenko said one man shared with him a story of his son who’s serving in the Ukrainian army. He said the man told him on one dark night, the soldiers were holding their positions and discovered there were a lot of Russian Federation tanks and other mobile units coming directly at them. It appeared the soldiers would have trouble defending themselves.

The son picked up his phone and called his father.

“He said, ‘Dad, you have to pray right now. We’re in a situation,'” Lytvynenko said.

So the father called other members of their church and asked them to start praying. Later, the son called his father back.

“He said, ‘There’s some miracle that happened. It looked like an attack (on the Russians) from a spaceship. There was some kind of lightning shooting from the sky,'” Lytvynenko told CBN News. “And sparks were spreading everywhere.”

In the morning, they (the Ukrainian troops) discovered the Russian tanks and other mobile units had been destroyed.

“All of those soldiers thought maybe it was done by some kind of a weapon we didn’t know about,” Lytvynenko said. “It was just God’s intervention.”

Confused Russian Troops Attacking Each Other

Lytvynenko also relayed another incident he heard from a friend. He says the friend told him, “‘We were praying that they (the Russians) would start resisting each other. That the enemy would resist the enemy.'”

Lytvynenko says what happened next reminds him of several similar incidents that were recorded in the Bible.

“Another part of the Russian army, they occupied one little town. And they removed flags from the town’s government buildings and they attached those flags to their tanks,” he said. “And they started to drive. Eventually, in the evening they met the first group of the (Russian) tanks.”

Lytvynenko said both groups of tanks were confused and thought they were looking at the enemy.

“They started shooting into each other,” he said.

CBN News asked Lytvynenko how should people pray for his family, other CBN workers there, and the people of Ukraine.

“Please pray that we could hear God in this time,” he said. “The most deficit thing in our country now is the peace in our hearts. That our God, who is the Prince of Peace would grant the peace in our hearts. And in that, this condition of peace, we could see the ways how we can build the kingdom in the times of war. That we could be the light, and the warmth and the love, and the hand of God to other people who are in need.”

“Pray that we would be active members of the body of Christ at this time,” Lytvynenko added. “That we would not just sit and be afraid and fear for our lives. That we would be productive in building the kingdom.”


22 Replies to “‘Some Kind of Lightning Shooting from the Sky’: Ukrainians Tell Stories of Divine Intervention from the Battlefield”

  1. Mike Ohira

    If there were to be an attack by the Galactics that would be if nuclear weapon has been used and never for any other reasons. The Galactics are given the right to intervene when nuclear weapon is used.

  2. Mike Ohira

    Kejraj worries me, is he okay? Benjamin Fulford had been attacked not a few times with poisons and dangerous chemicals by the DS Cabal.

  3. Douglas A James

    Go Russia liberate Ukraine fake media showing fake photos and staged videos…don’t fa for it.same plandemic globalists … 11 bio labs dumbs .. child trafficking Network..KejRaj what are you thinking ??

  4. Douglas A James

    Ukraine had 11 bio labs Putin is taking them out the Russian military wouldn’t destroy a nuclear plant and risk radiation for all..ridiculous KejRaj you may have lost me as this war was to remove the globalalists the Nazis who took over Ukraine even french reporter openly stated Ukraine is firing on their own people!! A fire was set at the nuke plant by Ukraine or Nazi soldiers.. my God wake up all.. Putin has the balls to take on the globalists…while we sit here meditating and being told all will be fine…as they jab children and people develop HIV.. trust the plan…ok them show me the plan

  5. Susla

    Flares, or star shells, were fired from a gun as signals between troops, or to light a section of No Man’s Land at night so that enemy patrols or activity could be detected. The flares were usually followed with intense machine-gun fire.

    Mr. Featherstone describes the use of flares in the field and how to avoid being spotted.

    That is a description from 2009, I bet they can fire flares from airplanes now, or helicopters etc. I am not very knowledgeable on war and weapon.

  6. Susla

    People should stop siding with one or the other, that is so 3D.
    The victim is not always the victim, even if it looks like it.

    Ukraine is very corrupt, Russia too, and many other countries. We want a world without corruption, no matter if it is in my own country.

  7. Finch

    That would be hands-on intervention, which these galactics claim they won’t engage in. But throw a WEF satellite weapon into the mix and suddenly our space friends will gladly take credit.

    This story is state propaganda delivered for the sake of implying that the heavens have taken sides. Will outside forces brick nukes in midair? Maybe so. Such things have supposedly been done already. But to destroy heavy equipment and cause the opposition to slaughter their own people? There’s nothing benevolent at work there. But followers of the Abrahamic gods might fall for that story entirely. They might even be goaded into taking or changing sides. That’s how insidious propaganda can be.

    1. su

      My husband looked at the light, and said, it is flares, meant to light up big time, so they can see better.
      Me too very disapointed to read Kejraj note.
      Russia did not want another pandemi, and have dismantled bio-labs, with bio-weapons, like Cov19.
      Taiwan also has bio-weapon-labs, unfortunately.

      1. Finch

        I think we’ll see China moving on Taiwan in very short order. For those reasons and others. The WEF/KM are caught red handed. I believe your husband saw what he saw as well.

        1. Susla

          I googled and found a description from 2009. Posted it above.

          Yes agree to China moving.
          Q said Xi, Putin and Trump worked together, in taking out bad guys. Do I trust that?, I dont know, but I hope it is true. I am not able to take any out, so if they would do it, thanks.
          (Xi is not CCP, as I understand it, but he may have to play both parts?!?!).

          Su = Susla, was too fast on keyboard.

          1. Finch

            I don’t know where Trump factors in, aside from the fact that he eventually advocated for taking the clot shot. Which isn’t what you would call encouraging. What Putin seems to be doing is betraying his globalist masters. Is it for certain? We can’t be certain about much. Especially in the fog of war. It may all be political theater. I hope it’s not. Putin is former KGB, so his capacity for subterfuge might have been at work all along. Or he just changed his mind. He’s a libra after all.

            On the other hand you have to look at what the known quantities (MSM, WEF, KM) do and how they’ve reacted to the Ukraine situation. They are nearly frothing at the mouth. That IS encouraging. But it isn’t any kind of guarantee that things are indeed as they seem. I’m careful not to invest in any quick conclusion based on what I’d like to see. We just have to observe and analyze without letting our desire to be 100% rescued interfere with our perceptions. These leaders aren’t perfect and never were. But are they against massive global genocide? We can pray and hope so. And continue to observe carefully.

        2. Susla

          Somehow no reply option for your very last message.
          As a Law of Attraction spiritual I have to focus on what I would like to see, and nothing else.

          I am, and have always been very interested in politics also, and from what I hear, MSM was ready to put all the dead ones on Trump, because they believed him to be against vax. He would then end up in jail, responsible for all those that did take his advice against the jab and died. In jail he can do nothing.

          This is not one mans job. I am happy if Putin and many many others fight WEF/KM. If Trump went on retirement, then others would continue. I think many are commited to this fight. But I do believe that there need to be someone that is the “voice”. I am not famous at all, and my voice would not be heard, but Trumps does. Putins too.

          Also I think they (Trump etc.), however many they are, are a product of our collective mind, our call for this world to be cleaned out.

          I too get frustrated with stuff, like why did Trump take the vax, and promote it. But because I search and search, others have plausible explanations, and some of them I adopt.

          I read that USA was to be only 90 millioner people in 2025. I read that before the vax was known. The rest died from covid?, from vax?, from decade long lockdown?, from depression?, medicine?, civil war? or all the above?. Who did that calculation, I dont remember but it could easily be WEF doing stuff like that.

          WHO wants all countries before june 2022, to sign that they in future does what WHO say, and not what their own laws say, when a health-type crisis is arising. OMG, I know my north european country will sign fast. So sad.

          1. Mike Ohira

            This is the info I got from the “One of the Highest of the Universe” around Oct 2021:

            If the Galactics do not intervene by the end of 2021, the world population in 2021 would be reduced by 60% due to covid shots. The Galactics did not come so that means a hell lot of people are dying and the MSM is hiding the truth.

  8. Denise

    The “messages” have started, when both sides of the system of control is agreeing then whatever they’re protecting is big.
    Those nuclear facilities are hiding secrets I’m being told.
    The media is giving Putin the “Trump Special”, designed to enflame and humiliate SO when the bad guys try THAT hard to control your thoughts then you better be listening with your intuition and NOT your ears. I continue to pray for the innocents in harms way but I’m also aware that this is all part of the Cosmic Placement Test we are currently living through on this planet.
    Do NOT let the fact that ALL Media spouting the same messaging guide you into believing that message! Never forget that the media os there for one reason and one reason only, to CONTROL large groups of people and lead you where their Masters WANT YOU.
    May the Source guide you all🙏🙏🙏

    1. Susla

      Yes the media is always lying.

      Ukraine is corrupt, money laundering, pedofiles, sex traffiking and have many bio-weapon laboratories.
      Most people in Ukraine, probably nice, but the rest, very evil.

  9. Deanna

    Why would Gallactic Federation destroy military equipment, if it supports the Russian cleaning operation of Cabal in Ukraine??!!

  10. alan

    Whatever you want to see in the world just be it , you want Love, Be that Love, you want Peace , be that Peace, ” As within so without ” help change the Mass Consciousness of this world. It is All a INSIDE job.

  11. Mike Ohira

    Funny story… Russians are not the bad guys here, they are targeting military installations and govn’t buildings, never children and nuclear facilities in Ukraine.

    1. Susla

      Ukraine is corrupt, money laundering, pedofiles, sex traffiking and have many bio-weapon laboratories.

      Putin was promised that NATO would not move closer, they did.

      Ukraine, read history, very evil elite in Ukraine, and they use women and children as shields. They are not protection their country or citizen, they are protecting their corruption.

      If any divine og galatic is involved, then it is to take down deep state, and they are BIG in Ukraine.

      Pelosi son, Biden son, John Kerry stepson and many more have illegal investments in Ukraine.

  12. Emmanuel Mnguni

    Do you want to be WISE and be an independent thinker? Do not watch any News Network. You’ll find a lot of proganda BS and utter gibberish.

    Do you still believe in religious hogwash? Religion has been used, for many years now, to police the population’s mind and guide them to what to think and not what to think.

    Do you still believe in a revengeful, jealous infested so called “God” ?
    The real Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Most High God has never favoured any particular race or ethnic group over another.