The Angels: War or Peace? We Choose

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you watch events unfolding on your earth, keep in mind that you have more power to affect change than you might ever realize. You can’t physically stop missiles, or the people who wield them, but you can stop the wars closer to home. You can stop the wars within your own heart and your own mind. You can become ambassadors of peace.

The vibrations of war and peace exist within every human being upon your planet. You make war when you attack another perspective or decide that someone’s perspective has no right to be. You make peace when you walk away or listen with compassion and seek to understand. You make war when you attack and criticize your body in the mirror. You make peace when you are kind and caring to your body. You make war when you belittle or put another person down for not showing up in your life the way you want them to be. You make peace when you learn to live and let live. You make war when you put yourself down. You make peace when you show yourself kindness and compassion.

Each one of you can either empower the vibration of war or be an ambassador of peace. Each one of you can contribute to the solution of a world that seems to be in crisis or you can contribute to the vibrations that fueled the fires of war. Choose peace, dear friends. Choose kindness. Choose compassion. Walk kindly away from those who attack rather than attacking back. If someone crosses your borders, then let your silence be the loudest voice of reason. If someone has done wrong to you then handle the issue as you must, but then, let your compassion for their pain steer you into kinder directions in your own life. If you hate the beliefs of another, please turn the other cheek to love, and therefore empower, the beliefs you can stand behind.

Your peace is needed now. There is not just one man behind this war dear friends. There is a vibration of hatred and fear that has fanned the flames of war in this particular human heart. This vibration has been stirring for some time. This vibration has been empowered by racial hatred, political hatred, hatred for the vaccine, and for those who won’t get it. This vibration has been stirred by all who feel that someone else can do them harm and all those who don’t believe in their own power to choose an empowered vibration.

One man currently stands as a symbol for all who have been possessed by fear, hatred, and the insecurity that says someone or something other than their own God-given power to attune themselves to the vibration of all they desire could rob them of what truly belongs to them. One man, dear friends, stands as a vibrational point of focus for the hatred and fear that has been stirring in the mass consciousness. Pray for him. Pray that his soul is filled with light. Pray that he be released from the possession of this vibration of fear and hatred because there is no greater pain than being possessed and letting your light go out. There is no greater pain than losing the feeling of your connection to the loving source. There is no greater pain than feeling alone and afraid and insecure about all you have held dear. Those in misery do indeed love company, on both a personal and global scale.

Pray dear ones, that this soul, and all souls, who want wars – great and small – have the light of love rise up within them. Pray that they come to know that they too are loved by God as surely as a parent would love their child no matter how far off course they get. Pray for the leaders of this world that they be filled with light, love, wisdom, compassion, and a willingness to dialogue rather than attack.

Then dear ones, pray for the strength inside of yourself to be ambassadors of peace. Pray to be released from the bonds of unforgiveness and hatred toward those who have wronged you. Pray to be released from the need to be “right” rather than to be loving. Pray for the ability to release yourself and others from the bondage of your expectations and instead expect that God loves you enough to bring you what you want in ways beyond your imagination. Dear friends, you can be the peace you wish to see. You can be the ones who turn this very volatile world situation around. You can be the ones whose choice not to engage in anger, judgment, hatred saves lives.

You are that powerful, that important, and you matter. Right now the world needs your peace. With every choice not to engage in hatred, you weaken the vibration of hatred and strengthen the vibration of compassion. With every choice not to attack opposing perspectives but rather to empower your own you empower the vibrations of reason and weaken vibrations of reaction. With every choice to pray for the hateful, hurting souls in the world you bring the Divine light ever closer to your planet earth. You matter dear ones. For the love of your planet and countless lives upon it, to the best of your ability, choose peace.

We love you. We judge none of you. We know you are all doing your best. We are simply asking you to step into a greater power to affect change, right here, right now. Pray dear ones, that all hateful and hurting hearts be healed – the ones of those you love and the hearts of those you can’t stand, for in truth, the more hate, the more hurt, and the more hurt, the more your prayers are needed.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Channel: Ann Albers


3 Replies to “The Angels: War or Peace? We Choose”

  1. Mike Ohira

    I understand, but we’re still living in a 3D world, a world of duality where peace-minded souls are regarded as weak and irresponsible.

  2. Emma

    I hope i do not attack, but I do state my opinion.
    Also very greatful that others do that too, or I would not know so much about the world, about dark hats agenda, and white hats efforts.
    I love info, and I love to discern about what feels right.

    Also I am not 12D, so I do not want peace with dark hats and their puppets, as they cannot be trusted IMHO.

  3. alan

    Hello and GO*D Day Divine ONE called Ann and All;)))
    You talk about Non Forgiveness and in the course in miracles it can be the cause of illness and it is to be done with deep Love for the other and the self , not to be taken lightly as it is Sacred Ceremony. If we can Forgive all Trauma it can change the future of this planet.
    Always Love. Grandfather;)))