Benjamin Fulford Full Report: EU Negotiating Surrender to Russia, Fake Biden Government Doomed

The EU or Nazi fourth Reich, knows it is checkmated and is trying to negotiate a surrender to Russia, multiple sources confirm. This means the fake Biden regime in the US will also have to surrender or die, the sources promise. “Ukraine is the head of the snake. Once it comes down there is no globalist empire anymore. It is finished,” explains an Australian special forces officer. 

The reason for this defeat is that the Pentagon and the five eyes nations (Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the US) are refusing to fight Russia on behalf of the Nazi EU.

This caused the French military to do an inventory of Nato’s ability to fight Russia minus the Anglo Saxons. They concluded Nato could only hold out for five days against a full-scale Russian attack.

It is also clear this Russian move was planned long ago. That is why Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2021 that Major European political figures have “spoken of the need to create a single space from Lisbon to the Urals. I believe, and I mentioned this, why the Urals? To Vladivostok.”

“Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky knew that war would start on 22 Feb 2022. He knew the exact date a few years back!” an FSB source notes.

Even more intriguing, the Russian coat of arms shows a knight in a white hat trampling a reptilian. Is this just a coincidence or does this mean current events were planned centuries ago?

Whatever the case may be, it is clearly game over for the Khazarian mafia in Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says the Kyiv regime has almost completely lost the ability to manage the administration of the regions and districts of the country.

The FSB and CIA are both saying Khazarian mafia Ukrainian puppet president Volodymyr Zelensky has long since fled to Poland. He has also been promised a rich retirement in Florida. See attached photos of his assets in Costa Rica at Dresner Bank ($1.3 billion) and his $34 million house in Miami, Florida.

As for the Nazi foot soldiers using civilians and human shields in the Ukraine Putin does not expect to reach any agreements with “a gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that are holed up in Kyiv.”

The Russians say the Nazi troops in Ukraine will be treated as criminals and most will be killed outright. It is basically game over.

There is also military activity outside of Ukraine. For example, French intelligence sources say the nation of Moldova located between the Ukraine and Romania has “ceased to exist.”

Swedish intelligence sources say both Finland and Sweden surrendered to Russia last week and promised to stay neutral and stay out of Nato.

The de facto surrender of the rest of Europe to Russia can be seen in many public comments. For example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted in an opinion piece in the New York Times that “This is not a Nato conflict and it will not become one…Russia has an overwhelming force…What happens in Europe will have profound implications worldwide.”

Talk of sanctions against Russia is also pure bluster. That is why German Economy Minister Robert Habeck says his country could not do without Russian oil and warned that “a shortage in supply could threaten social cohesion in Germany.”

To understand what the Russians are thinking, it is good to look back at what their Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin told the Davos gangsters in 2021. He warned that ignoring “systemic socioeconomic problems” was a “dangerous illusion.” He noted “Modern technological giants are de facto competing with states,” and that “global business attempts to replace legal democratic institutions and essentially usurp or restrict the natural right of people to decide for themselves,” had to be stopped. In what amounted to a declaration of war against the KM corporate fascists he concluded “The world cannot continue creating an economy that will only benefit a million people, we must now proceed from stating facts to action,”

The Russian FSB is now negotiating directly with the White Dragon Society about how to replace the post-war Bretton Woods system with something that actually works for the people of the planet. When the FSB told a WDS representative that “81% of all wars from 1945-2001 were started by the US…The US can do all kinds of shit and name it as ‘history’ and not is paying any price for it.” The WDS replied, “The US Corporate government will soon cease to exist and good riddance.”

This sentiment is shared by leaders around the world. For example, to see India’s attitude watch this hilarious 2 minute TV clip.

Since the Pentagon is refusing to fight Russia on behalf of the Nazis who carried out terror attacks like 911 and Fukushima, the KM tried to turn to Turkey for protection. This is what the Turkish official media had to say:

Regardless of what happens, a war between Turkey and Russia must be avoided…If the West brings Russia to its knees, the second step will be to directly turn to Turkey.

The rest of the Muslim world is also shunning the Khazarian mafia-run countries. For example, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan “has struck a deal to import natural gas from Russia – despite outcry over the invasion of Ukraine.”

Saudi Arabia has also broken with the KM and stopped supplying free oil to the KM in exchange for fiat dollars, CIA sources say.

That’s why gas prices in the U.S. are skyrocketing. The situation is similar in Latin America. For example, Brazil’s Bolsonaro refuses to sanction Russia, saying Ukrainians have entrusted the fate of a nation to a comedian.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro refuses to sanction Russia, says Ukrainians “trusted a comedian with the fate of a nation”

Global revulsion at the KM’s never-ending evil means the alliance to eliminate it is close to final victory, Dragon Family sources say.

Putin has one last move in this chess game.

He could nationalize all of Russia. Just as Xi has this plan as his last move.

There will be no nuclear war.

A global economic crisis may be necessary to defeat the satanic cabal.

If both countries are nationalized, the global system would collapse.

A global reboot would be overseen by the Alliance, a CIA source describes the situation.

The corporate propaganda media is trying to sugarcoat the whole thing by pretending that their oil, car, technology companies, etc. are pulling out of Russia, as if they can take the oil wells, factories, etc. with them. In reality, they are being seized.

Corporate propagandists also tried to make it appear that they could destroy Russia financially by excluding it from the SWIFT international bank transfer system. However, as MI6 notes,the SWIFT system is essentially a money laundering system for NATO. It is an old system. The BRICS couldn’t care less about SWIFT.

The same is true for Visa and Mastercard, which have announced their withdrawal from Russia. In truth, the Russians have already prepared a switch to China’s Unionpay payment acceptance network, which operates in 180 countries.

It is time for Western nations to realize that their complete dominance of the world economy is long over, according to the Russian government.

The FSB also notes that Covid disappeared from Russia as soon as the biowarfare labs in Ukraine were closed.

Another benefit of the military action in Ukraine is that most of the world’s spam and email fraud operations are now over. The end of KM’s money laundering activities in Ukraine is also proving fatal for them, they note. The loss of both military and economic control has forced the KM to negotiate a surrender.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who was recently arrested (tested positive for Covid and is himself isolated), has agreed to work for the alliance to negotiate a transfer of power away from the KM.

For this reason, he has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on behalf of the KM puppet governments in the United States, France and Germany,” Mossad sources said.

Nevertheless, the KM is now desperate and dangerous and is making several attempts to stage a nuclear terrorist attack. For example, there are news reports of a “cargo ship full of Porsches, Volkswagens, and Bentleys burning in the middle of the Atlantic.

That’s what the CIA said about the fire: It was almost certainly a contract killing. The Alliance deployed a DEW from space.

The energy beam hit the engine room and melted everything. There was no way to put out the fire. The Alliance knew there was a nuclear device aboard the freighter, bound for Rhode Island to be used in a false flag event in the US.

Russia’s Tass news agency also reported, “The nationalist Azov Battalion is planning to blow up a reactor at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology National Research Center, blaming Russian forces. The KM also still hopes that it can get out of the affair with an assassination.

That is why Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said Putin should be assassinated to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Here is what the CIA had to say about it: Lindsey Graham will test positive for Covid a second time very soon.

He will isolate himself at home. (We know he will be arrested and interrogated by the Alliance). When he resurfaces, he will be wearing the GPS boot. Most likely, he will disappear. A cover story will be invented. He has crossed the border.

Washington DC is also now blocked by trucks to put an end to the criminal Fake Biden regime. It is only a matter of time before the plug is pulled on this whole show.

Take a look at some of the photos and videos below to see how out of touch with reality the so-called G7 leadership has become. Note the fake Kamala Harris, the fake Biden, the dressing up leaders of Canada, Ukraine, France, etc. and you will get an idea of how degenerate things have become.

Please also note that these so-called leaders have not yet paid for the fake pandemic and vaccine war crimes. In case you didn’t notice while you were distracted by the Russian invasion, the British government has released a report confirming that the fully vaccinated are now responsible for 9 out of 10 Covid-19 deaths in England.

There are similar reports of vaccine damage from around the world.

That’s why the U.S. Senate just voted to end a national emergency over so-called covid. They are just the latest part of a growing movement to end the whole scam. In Canada, provincial governments, the military, etc. are openly opposing Justin Castro’s attempt to turn Canada into a totalitarian vaccine state.

MI6 sources say they have checked Justin Castro’s entire history, going back to grade school, and have concluded that he is a Manchurian Candidate and traitor. Don’t expect him to be around much longer. The same can be said about Emanuelle Macron and many others. Humanity is about to be liberated and it will be unstoppable.

To conclude this week, we would like to show you this video of an alien UFO. A NASA source involved in Project Bluebeam says, “I’ve never seen anything like this.

This is not BlueBeam. My best analysis: this is a portal that has opened up to show another world of technology. Here’s another mysterious phenomenon filmed recently in Russia. Another sign that these are not normal times is the many UFOs in a BBC report on the situation in Ukraine.

Whether it is bluebeam or something else, these events, both terrestrial and otherworldly, are a clear sign that planet Earth is undergoing changes of biblical proportions.

A new age is dawning.



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  1. Eunice Daniel

    The OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT and OMNISCIENT GOD, the CREATOR will not permit satan and it’s mad KM to rule. More LIGHT OF GOD to the Russian president.

  2. TheNOWTeam


  3. Mary

    Just curious as to how this page came by to post Ben’s Weekly newsletter? Do you do this on a weekly basis? Some of us pay to get this report weekly, but am curious as to how you are able to post it here for free??

  4. Peter

    Can someone please tell me what KM refers to? I know it will probably be obvious when I see it…

  5. Jo Lightfoot


    Soon may it be
    no longer real
    to lie and cheat and steal,
    much less to hurt and kill.

    Soon may we see
    and cause to be
    an alternate reality
    of holy liberty.

    * * *

  6. Winged Hussar

    White knight its Saint George. Saint George killing the dragon. Russia is a christian country (ortodox) and this is one of many christian symbol. There is not anything mysterious.
    Putin, macron, Merkel, Biden etc, there are two sides of the same coin. This war its another steps of globalisation (covid, war, hunger, another plan-demic, digital money, time digital money (you have 30 days and must spend them all, total invigilation, killing people who are againt them (5g, fema camps) – 2030 NEW WORLD ORDER).
    There is no good future. For them maybe, not for regular people. We are cattle (covid = cow id)
    Sorry for my english. Thanks.

    1. PS

      What I find especially sad is that YOU believe that you are cattle. YOU are acquiescing to their narrative.

      Claim your sovereignty. Stop living in fear. God wins. Not them.

    2. anna

      Putin was invited to a WEF meeting in January 2021. He read klaus schwab and his sycophants the riot act about the idea of a one-world-government.

      I suggest you find it and also read even just a few of the VOLUMES of speeches he has made insisting on a multi-polar world in which all nations are sovereign and treated as such.

      It’s become hip to say “Putin’s in on it” by people who clearly know nothing about him.

    1. Linda

      Hello Tai. Yes, I believe God our Creator wins. How could He not? He created the scriptures (script-yours) and sometimes it does surely seem that we are all following a pre-ordained script, approved by the One Who Knows The End From The Beginning And The Beginning From The End. For some reason we must perform this final act of the script, however insane it might seem. Covid brought the bugs scurrying out of the walls, caverns, deep underground tunnels, various Atlantic and Pacific islands – and revealed them and their antics for all those who have eyes that see and ears that hear the truth. The Light WINS !!!

      1. Ru Smith

        Your Script. It’s all AI. It is the god people worship and it isn’t pro-humanity. No one wins if humanity doesn’t win because it will mean we are still batteries for that which farms humanity.

        1. Linda

          There are 2 gods in the Bible, Genesis 1 is the satanic god that created man in its image. This phony god was cast out of heaven down to earth with a third of the angels of CREATOR GOD that wanted to follow him. This god uses men as slaves and food. Genesis 2 is the LORD GOD Who created His mankind creature from the dust of the earth and breathed into mankind’s nostrils the breath if HIS Life. When we read the Old Testament, the LORD GOD is always written in CAPITAL LETTERS, while the “image of god–the satanic reptilian god, the copycat god”–is in lower case letters, as in Lord God. When I reread the Old Testament with this new knowledge, it finally made sense. The final battle on earth is mostly in the heavenly realm between powers and principalities associated with Jesus Christ and Lucifer. We know the copycat/image of god entity has all sorts of electronic/nano capabilities at its disposal, direct energy weapons that easily target and evaporate entire neighborhoods with the “SMART” components many seem to love and admire. The “smart” functions in our lives are harmful and dangerous to human beings created by the LORD GOD. However, Jesus Christ sits next to GOD THE FATHER, WHO IS LIGHT. Fake/copycat satanic LED light is no match for pure, unadulterated, majestic golden light that contains all colors, frequencies, harmonics of every color of the rainbow created by our Father God. Thank Jesus.

  7. mitchell.

    Hilarious, could not stop laughing. Now the fun starts (for some) keep up the good work Ben.