Energy update: Deepest Releases & Activations

Right now we are having a very deep release of parasites, parasitic entities and shadow matrix creations, within our bodies and especially from very deep within the Earth’s crust. Very yucky stuff and a massive amount, like 🤮 You may also feel like the creepy crawlies within your own body and tension, as they are dissolved and cleared. Also a LOT of Frequency interference that’s trying to interfere with the corrected sound and light fields streaming in and re-encrypting our Realities and bodies.

On the positive side we have a lot of higher Consciousness streaming in, expanded states of Consciousness can be experienced, a lot of clarity and re-membering returning, light codes, DNA & Diamond Plasma Lightbody Activations.

There is a massive Activation of the pineal and pituitary gland and higher Heart Mind unfolding as our Crystal Palace within our third eye and Azure Point and Cosmic Seed Crystal within our High Heart awakens and ignites! That can also be very uncomfortable and even painful.

Keep clearing and strengthening/ protecting your energy field and take it easy! As we’re about to come fully online there is also a lot that is trying to interfere with this and our Ascension, so just know it for what it is! Relaxation is key! Keep re-membering your true Power and use it wisely and super-consciously!

Remain in the flow state and Eternal Now Moment.

Be like water.

Re-member you are formless.



All else are fleeting moments.

Remain in Neutrality, be the Observer, to release all with more ease and super extra fast quantum God speed!
Miracle quantum healings are possible now and indeed the new normal!
We are returning to what we were always meant to evolve into, Superhuman! God-Source embodied in the physical!

Keep holding the vision and Frequency of The New You & Nova Gaja, keep overwriting the old, keep seeing through the illusions of the old artificial Matrix to complete it’s full dissolution.

Let it all be revealed through you now, dissolve into the ONEness that you have always been and always are.

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


2 Replies to “Energy update: Deepest Releases & Activations”

  1. Zuzanna

    Thank you! Your message helps to understand!
    I had a horrible time in the past few days, very depressing, sad, and I was extremely overwhelmed. I almost gave up. I asked for support, I did my daily walk to the forest, I cried, I suffered, I did mantras, tried to transmute the bad feelings into compassion, and … they are gone. Just like that. I am so thankful and relieved. Thanks God! Well, until the next time I guess.