Commander Hatonn: The Tipping of Earth

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Pro­ject Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command, Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. You may call me “Hatonn”.

HATONN:  As Commander of the Phoenix Starship, I have asked Anne to pen a message to all Lightworkers and souled beings at this most urgent time.

As you know, our messages to all of you have repeatedly told you about the tipping of Mother Earth.  I cannot express the urgency of this message to you, as time has truly come to that final point of the most wonderful event to occur.  That, my friends, is the event that Creation, all Lightworkers, all the 200 Star Nations, and the millions of Star Nation delegates surrounding Earth have awaited to happen.

Yes, It is the graduation of Planet Earth Shan to 5th Dimension after 4.5 billion years waiting for that moment.  Mother Earth has indicated that the RED ALERT has been made at this time.  It is most urgent that we monitor for any changes that may have to be made of the stationary co-ordinates, and to, also, monitor again any spiritual changes of all souled beings.  Every day we must make adjustments, and you can see this is an unending job for which we are prepared down to “dotting that last T” for perfection.

We wait for those sleeping souls to see that spark of God within to come alive.  Surely, when that Great Chord is struck and memory returns to all souled ones on Earth, we expect a great number to enter the beam of light.  Because some of these ones have just awoken to the Light and have not worked at their soul growth, there may be problems with their fleshy envelope, as they step into the beam of Light..  That is why our fantastic medical staff aboard every ship is prepared in every way to take are of any problems. needing immediate attention.

I am not repeating the message about how to become enlightened, but only to tell you that Mother Earth has waited for more ones to awaken, because she loves you with a deep love.   She has her own freewill and she decides when she tips on her axis.  That “when” is imminent, as she can’t hold her breath much longer.

Mother Earth knows the exact minute.   We know that moment has to be at any time now, as that what she has told us.  She told us she was waiting wee more time to monitor the Ukraine situation, and when she would see that things are being ended, she will then be prepared for the ultimate time…. tipping on her axis.

So, what is happening with Ukraine and Russia?  At this time things are calming down.  Russia has complete control of the air space over Russia and the Ukraine and shall make sure no outside efforts to interfere shall be stopped.  A message from D-PHB is coming later today.  That should tell you the latest news from the perspective of the Lighted Realms.

If any of you are aware, you should monitor the sunrise and note that the sun is way off course for this time of year.  Each day the rising is in a different coordinate.  Mother Earth is tipping back and forth, and she tips on her side at 49.9 degrees and back again like a top ending it’s spinning.

Isn’t this exciting?  Stay strong, you Lightworkers, clear yourself often and keep calm, centered and balanced.  You souled beings, who have not awakened to the Truth and are still “sleeping”, I tell you this final word it is all of the Lighted Realms’ hope ad joy to have even one of you to awaken to the Truth.   There is still today that is given to you to awaken, as the Lighted door is still open.  Please do come to “the Heavenly banquet”. I wait to greet you with open arms.  Come home!  Come Home!



**Channel: Anne Bellringer


18 Replies to “Commander Hatonn: The Tipping of Earth”

  1. Franciely

    I’ve learned something very true in all these years. Messages that contain and convey some kind of threat, discomfort or fear are from the false light. True beings of light never give messages with content of fear. It doesn’t matter what “name of the being” is said in the message.

  2. Mike Ohira

    for further info:

    There are 3 popular destinations for people who reincarnate after leaving planet Earth. They are:
    1. Your home planet (not earth)
    2. The Sun
    3. The mothership New Jerusalem

    Two or three weeks ago, I received info from “One of the Highest of the Universe” that no more reincarnation will be allowed for the mothership New Jerusalem. Now, why is this? Why did they put a stop suddenly to what had been continuously occurring for many thousands of years?

    For answer look here:

  3. Harriet

    It’s strange. There are as many different versions of the Event as there are Channels. Some cocreators say there isn’t an Event. Nothing more then a split between the frequencies. You are in 4/5D and I’m still in 3D so we don’t even see each other, we’ve disappeared. Perhaps the Event or Flash is when we are fully in 5D and we can see each other’s lightbody. I remember reading that people from a few centuries ago, if they time traveled to the present, they would see everybody today glowing, as we are supposedly at a higher frequency than them.
    If you read everything for long enough and all the Channels contradict each other, some of you guys are right … you have to discern what you want to believe.
    Also, why would Earth decide to kill multitudes of people by the tilting of the planet, when we are complaining how the Dracos/Archons/Cabal has been trying to lower our population for decades with diseases, war/battles, 4 different WW3 events in 8 years, then Covid didn’t work, the vaccines didn’t work, and now the Ukraine war?
    Wouldn’t mass death, caused by Earth herself, be a shame at the same time we are all trying to be loving, and JOYOUS people?
    It doesn’t make sense. It was my understanding that in order to turn Earth and humanity towards 5D we needed every person’s love and light on this planet, all 8 billion of us. That is why there is so many here. The few that stayed in 3D would be the extent of the death. Perhaps the few in 3D is millions, but still, we lose millions every day due to the natural death cycle. If the Earth tilted an additional 25 degrees, we would lose billions.

    1. A lightworker

      My feeling is that there’s still a bunch of possible futures (although all of them end up with a community of 5D humans living in bliss). So you see some channelers talk about one possible future and others talk about another possible future. After all, it’d be a bit hard to convey “oh here’s the 100+ possible futures for mankind.”

      I think what Commander Hatonn describes is one quite plausible future. Unpleasant in part, yes, but it may be possible that Earth can only fully transition into 5D if it cleanses itself via this axis flip.

      Note that ancient texts have spoken of this. The Qu’ran writes something like: a sign that the last day is near when the sun rises in the west. Indeed, that’s what happens if the earth flips its axis.

      Well, if we want to start living in a 5D community and we want that to happen somewhat quickly (not say 20 years from now), I don’t really see a way to accomplish that without mass death. Unfortunately. Because right now, a lot of people aren’t ready for 5D and choose to keep living in 3D. And I think that neither Source nor the Pleiadians want to overwrite people’s free will. Their bodies will die, but their souls and their free will remains intact.

      Or maybe we will have to keep struggling for 20 more years under government tyranny and deteriorating living conditions and media gaslighting.

  4. alsoonewhobelieves

    This information is super interesting to me because around 2009-10 I learned about the Pole Shift (not accompanied by “the Shift” or “the Event”) and it scared the crip out of me, as this was before I developed even a shred of discernment. I eventually had to just let it go, as it was too upsetting. Lately the Event seems to have replaced it. However, today, I just saw it here in this channeling, where the two are actually combined! PERFECT

    I don’t see why all 8 billion persons would need to got to a ship to be “saved”, since The Event would bring us to 5d and the pole shift would be occurring on 3d earth (but I am not sure). I too am dubious of jumping into a beam of light until I have felt which polarization the beings are who are who are sending it (positive, negative, or neutral). There is no shame in taking a moment to discern, which I think is what Dubious was expressing.

    love to all in the room

    1. JKV

      Well, this would cause land masses to be covered with ocean water. It’s like if you took a large bowl filled with water and suddenly shifted it all that water will be displaced. Same thing goes in this instance.
      As far as the Light beams, no negative ETs can be close to the Earth anymore. People can stay here on this Earth if they want and face what’s coming. If you look what these dark ones on this planet have done with all of the poisons, 5G radiation, wars, violence, etc, who would want to stay. Besides AI has taken over everything a while back. Only way to stop this madness on this planet is for the entire grid to go down so you can take out there power supply. I could go on but each person needs to do their own research and use their own discernment. We each create what we believe as our own reality anyway.
      Peace, love and joy.

  5. Ben

    This channel has been ringing the alarm for the imminent tipping of the planet for many months and years now. It’s pretty comical. My advice would be to ignore and carry on. Of course everyone has the free will to believe what they want to believe.

  6. JKV

    After I read this channeling I completely agree. I had channeled this information similar to this back in 2014 from the Arcturians/Pleiadians/Ashtar. They said similar. Another person who could validate this is if you listen to the last session Allison Coe(QHHT hypnotherapist) posted on her YouTube channel, it was an amazing session she shared from her client. Her client describes this ‘Event’ happening in full detail. Can’t wait!

  7. Dan

    Dear Mike and others who cares about humanity’s wellfare , No worries that much . The article intent is to awaken sleeping population . Axis tipping forth and back is just like a pendulum clock , means 49.9/2 = 24.95 degrees from balance point , not far from 23.26 degrees [ Regression Line Degrees ] . You see , less than 1 degree increase . All will be fine . Remember take care of youselves , my brothers and sisters !



  9. Dubious

    Why is no one else talking about this? Surely the Arcturians, Matthew, the rest of the Pleiadians, the Argorians, Source, Mother Earth, the Angels….heck, everyone, would be sending out messages urgently telling us all to step into random light beams that suddenly appear….?

    ‘Heavenly Banquet…?’ What or ‘who’ is on the menu?

    My intent is not to offend, simply to be wary. It reminds me of warnings I have heard from Gene Decode and many others, stating that a portion of the Pleiadians are not positive, but rather are human traffickers, and pose as a fake Ashtar Command in channeling. And that people should never step into a light beam like that. Whether or not that is the case I won’t be stepping anywhere near any random light beams without absolute, unmistakable, verification to do so, from Source WITHIN.

    1. Mike Ohira

      Oh, you poor soul! My time is limited so I will make it short.

      This is time of URGENCY. You are one of those many sleeping souls that have not awakened yet. If your vibrational frequency is not up to the level of 5D, you probably won’t make it.

      1. Light beam works like an elevator, a light beamed from under the spacecraft to transport evacuees up to the rescue ship.

      2. No, not many people are talking about it but certainly a lot of people are aware of “The Event”.

      3. Heavenly Banquet, of course! That will take place on the mothership The New Jerusalem.

      4. Even if you lost your life by entering into the light beam (due to your low vibration level) don’t worry about it. A clone, a better version of you, can be made instantly and will be furnished with your soul.

      5. Commander Hatonn is not an ordinary commander. He is Christ Michael and a person in charge of the whole Milky Way Galaxy. Christ Michael and Yeshua was a double incarnation of Jesus who lived on earth 2000 years ago. That means Christ Michael and Yeshua were two souls occupying the same physical body of Jesus.

      1. Dubious

        I think you have me confused with someone who hasn’t had more then 30 years of knowledge regarding ALL of this and much more. Someone who hasn’t had that ‘dark night of the soul’ and seen the truth of ‘self’. You presume to know me yet fall so far off the mark.

        As I said before, do not step into random light beams so naively. It isn’t all light and love out there. In a dream of duality there is darkness, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place, and random light beams are as trustworthy as telephone calls from people with Indian accents purporting to be from your internet provider, who want you to log into your bank account online.

        ALWAYS go with your intuition, that connection to source. That is the one and only direct connection to absolute truth. Trust YOU and the God connection within above ALL else.

        It is time for us all to stand in our own power and connection to source, as the powerful beings we are. To focus, intend and clear the way to that connection that is already there. We need nothing else then to stand in our own power, take responsibility for ourselves and all we create.

      2. Gon

        Jesus is known as Amira to those of the confederation, Hatonn speaks about him.
        I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. My friends, my loved ones, this is a day traditionally associated on your planet with the remembrance of one known to you as Jesus, Joshua, or known to us as Amira. The mission and accomplishments of this entity while on your planet have been greatly misunderstood by most, in that an effort was made by a number of your people to interpret his words and actions within the framework of that which was earlier understood and yet was so sorely lacking as to require his sojourn upon your planet.

  10. Mike Ohira

    For people that are unaware, THIS IS URGENT MESSAGE!!!

    Tipping of the Axis of Mother Earth will cause a tsunami 5 miles high that will surely devastate and erase completely the surface of the planet. The time we have waited for, THE EVACUATION OF PEOPLE FROM EARTH, is now imminent as this article is trying to say.

    “When that Great Chord is struck and memory returns to all souled ones on Earth”… maybe a
    Solar Flash to awaken people. Memory of our past lives will return.

    “To step into the beam of light”, one need to be in high vibrational frequency of at least 40 MHz which is the vibrational rate of 5D. A lower vibration will cause problem but you need not worry. Medical staff will be awaiting on the ship.

    Now, let me repeat: THIS IS URGENT MESSAGE!!!

    Hope you all got it. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!