From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Doctors

Our space Doctors Without Borders have started the next stage of resuscitation of Earth and earthlings.

From February 4 to March 20, with the help of the energies of Venus and Mars, Co-Creators form a new 7-year cycle of our civilization’s transformation.

By the Venus vibrations, they affect our value system, material connections with the world and relationships with other people. Using the Mars vibrations – on the goals we choose and the ways to achieve them.

Both planets combine their energies in February-March. Based on them, we will be able to better determine what to strive for in the next seven years, and what to get as a result.

Venus and Mars connect once every two years, helping Co-Creators and Galacom to adjust the vector of many events. Every 77 months, they start a big 7-year cycle. Such a cycle is being formed today before our eyes.

It usually occurs at a time when Mars connects with Venus in its stay in a retro loop, helping reboot our value system and life goals.

In 2022, the new Co-Creators’ program also coincided with retrograde Venus, as well as its connection with the power of retrograde Mercury. Taking advantage of this, our space Doctors Without Borders, from November 2021, when the retro loop of Venus began, to March 2022, when it ends, reset all our concepts, scenarios and behavior.

In this stellium:

The energies of Venus change our value system (from ownership of material resources to relationships with other people);

The intense frequencies of Mars give focus to our intention and the efforts we turn these values into deeds;

The vibrations of Mercury determine the ways in which we act to get results. They make it easier for us to find the right information, tools and people for this.

The retro loop of Venus was in Capricorn, whose energies affect long-term goals and strategies, professional sphere, and social status.

Therefore, during this period, many of us changed our whole way of life, views and habits.

An important factor is the connection of the energies of Venus with the modifier Pluto (the exact aspects were on December 11 and 25, 2021 and March 3, 2022).

During this period, Co-Creators especially intensively cleansed our lives from limiting attitudes; outdated approaches that do not allow us to rise to a higher level.

Considering that both the retro loop of Venus and the new Venus-Mars cycle are connected at key points with the Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, the ongoing reboot has a karmic, fateful character (see – Our Nodes, Disclosure News Italia, March 2, 2022).

One long-term life stage ends, and the other begins (according to the cycles of Lunar Nodes 9.5-18.5 years). Our past goals and values are finally and irrevocably ending, and they are replaced by completely new, larger-scale and truly cosmic ones.

As noted above, the new seven-year Venus and Mars program is being formed from February 4 to March 20, 2022. All this time, the planets are moving side by side, connecting twice: on February 16 at 17 degrees of Capricorn, on March 6 at 1 degree of Aquarius.

The double connection of their power in different signs helped Co-Creators to form a new action plan for earthlings in two stages. Between the two stages, the planets passed through a junction with the powerful reformer Pluto on March 3.

It means that we will have to go through the crucible of transformation before Doctors Without Borders will finally prepare our program for implementation according to the progressive Aquarius model.

What does this scenario look like in more detail?

The first conjunction of Venus and Mars occurred on February 16 at 14:28 at 17 degrees Capricorn. The Morning Star moved in a retro loop, completing it on March 2.

With the energies of this stellium, Co-Creators were rebooting of our views, helping to finally part with the past. At the same time, they laid the foundation for the future, a new system of values and aspirations.

The combination of the energies of Venus and Mars had important features.

Firstly, it coincided with the Full Moon, which occurred on the same day. Secondly, it was with the peak activity of the Jupiter and Uranus sextile (the exact aspect was on February 18).

Their strong vibrations exposed everything that had previously been carefully hidden, and now revealed it, and the events began to unfold rapidly. The important plans have finally matured and received a powerful start to achieve the most difficult goals.

The Full Moon on February 16 at 16:57 UTC, the day of the conjunction of Venus and Mars, occurred on the Leo-Aquarius axis and formed tense aspects to the Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, closing them to a Large Fixed Cross.

Their energies were supported by important fateful decisions regarding the culminating events during the eclipses of April-May 2022.

There will be a lot of intense struggle. Co-Creators help the Light Forces by connecting the energies of the conflicting polarities of all four signs: striving for a free future, uniting people, using their will so that they fully realize their potential.

The first conjunction of Mars and Venus took place in Capricorn, whose energies strengthen the stability, constancy and inviolability of concepts, models, laws and rules. And this established order began to change and be revised before our eyes.

Everything was transvalued in terms of stability, reliability, rationality, common sense. And what took shape into concrete long-term goals was tempered in the crucible of Pluto’s transformation.

The connection took place on March 3 at the 28th degree of Capricorn. Mars made exact contact at 08:43 UTC, Venus at 17:56.

It was the third conjunction of Venus and Pluto (the previous two were on December 11 and 25, 2021) and was an important point of transformation that began in November 2021, deepened in December 2021 and continued in January – February 2022.

Everything that is no longer relevant, under the influence of the triple conjunction Venus-Mars-Pluto, was decisively discarded or destroyed. Everything that has the potential for growth and development has been regenerated and transferred to a new quality. The energies of Mars gave these processes dynamics, intensity and purposefulness.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars with Pluto took place on February 23 and will last until March 12, 2022. Their energies divide the life of earthlings into “before” and “after”. Some long-term programs will be finally curtailed, while others will begin.

The combination of the vibrations of Venus, Mars and Pluto will:

1) Actively clean out and cut off from our lives everything that is sick, obsolete, irrelevant and unnecessary. The energies of Pluto bring the cosmic laws of renewal to Earth.

For some of us, it can be:

With a minus sign (through dramatic and painful breakups, material losses and harsh blows of fate, violence and crime, if we resist change and cling to what we don’t really need, devalue our desires, do not have long-term development goals);

Or with a plus sign (as the disclosure of our development potential through transformation, if we are really ready for it);

2) The energies of this stellium also activate new beginnings with great prospects. Here Pluto acts as a powerful energy reactor, feeding the most daring projects with its power.

It can also be in two ways:

Transformation through over-risk, overcoming and stress for the transition from one energy state to another, from our current level is a higher one;

Or it may be through the violent conflicts and dramatic, destructive situations in all spheres of our life in the next seven years.

Pluto is a very powerful planet by its energy impact. If the leaders of States are not able to control the masses, can’t mobilize people to overcome the crisis, ignore Cosmic Laws, morality and Spirituality, then, the vibrations of Pluto will destroy all their undertakings.

The cleansing and transformation processes during the triple conjunction of Venus-Mars-Pluto from February 23 to March 12, 2022 have enormous power, gigantic scope and affect social processes. This is supported by the fact that:

Aspects of Pluto are energetically closely related to the Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. In Scorpio, Pluto is in abode, in Taurus – in exile. This stellium globalizes evolutionary tasks, cuts Gordian knots and changes the destinies of peoples and States, especially autocratic, dictatorial and totalitarian ones;

In 2022, Pluto passes in the two penultimate degrees of Capricorn. In this position, its vibrations are as destructive as possible.

It is expressed in bloody wars, acute conflicts, the strengthening of dictatorship, terror, crime and violence. Pluto’s energies are destroying the political and economic foundations of States that have reached a dead end, breaking the world’s financial and economic systems.

At the same time, Pluto’s vibes have powerful regenerating properties. Thanks to them, a new quality is acquired through the unity of nations and countries in the fight against the parasitic system, Cabal, for a new model of the world, since any end is a beginning.

Pluto is in the 28th degree of Capricorn from February 3 to March 9. This degree is controlled by Saturn. Its energy strengthens the dominant, controlling, limiting vibrations of Pluto; tightens responsibility for violating laws (Earthly and Universal); destroys old structures and creates new ones; stiffens resistance to crises.

To implement a positive Venus and Mars program for seven years ahead, we need to take responsibility for our decisions, focus on the main thing, gain patience, act purposefully, and have a strong will and determination.

Pluto is in the 29th degree of Capricorn from March 10 to June 21. This is a Royal Degree under the control of Mars, which enhances the aggressive and belligerent qualities of Pluto. It gives an offensive, intense dynamic to all cleansing and transformational processes, makes pay for karmic debts of the past.

As a result, long-term plans and initiated cases may develop not as planned, but according to a new scenario, based on our choices and decisions made in the past. This is a time of strength tests, overcoming hardships, and struggle.

Pluto makes a complete turn around the Sun in 247.92 Earthly years. Using the combination of the energies of Venus and Mars in the 28th degree of Capricorn on Pluto, Co-Creators will accelerate the transformation of global processes, world models, structures and programs, which began in 1776.

In May-June 1776, Venus and Mars also began their new cycle and energetically repeated the same bundle of terrestrial and aerial signs and contacted Pluto at the 29th degree of Capricorn. Venus and Mars first converged in the terrestrial sign of Taurus, formed a trigon on Pluto, and then moved into the airy Gemini and joined there on June 12, 1776 at 6 degrees.

These days (July 4, 1776) the United States was created as an independent State. On this day, after the eight-year war of the American colonies against the British Empire, the Declaration of Independence of the United States was adopted.

In 1776, economics became an independent science, thanks to the publication of Adam Smith’s book An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, often abbreviated as The Wealth of Nations.

But in the same year, Adam Weishaupt founded the secret society of the Illuminati.

Formally, it was supposed to fight superstition and ignorance, spread enlightenment and morality, and replace monarchical rule with republican rule. In fact, it was exactly the other way round, which we are all witnessing today.

The triple connection of the energies of Venus, Mars and Pluto launches new historical events. They will finally and irrevocably pass through the stone crusher of transformation all the ossified and deadened models and principles of their implementation. The big reboot will be over and we will start a whole new chapter of our lives.

Staying in conjunction with Pluto, on March 6, Venus and Mars simultaneously entered Aquarius at 06:23-06:30 UTC and re-united at 07:13 UTC at 1 degree of this air sign.

Thus began the second stage of the new Co-Creators’ seven-year program of Earth and earthlings, which has a completely different character.

Venus and Mars come out of the limiting energies of Capricorn and rush into the freedom-loving space of Aquarius.

All the cleansing and transformational processes get even more acceleration and dynamics, and the situations associated with them will acquire a revolutionary, unexpected, and difficult to control character. The intensive phase of these processes will last until March 20, until the conjunction of Venus and Mars disintegrates.

The destructive structures, regulatory schemes, restrictive laws and the framework of the ending epoch, which is personified by Pluto in Capricorn, will begin to be filled with fundamentally new content.

Vertical ties will be replaced by horizontal ones; authoritarian models – by collective ones; restrictive laws – liberating ones; conservative principles – by democratic ones.

This will accelerate a revolutionary change in the world’s vision, both in society and in a single person.

Rebellious vibrations of Aquarius will continue to actively destroy the familiar material world, its laws and outwardly stable comfort, break the established framework and build a new just world.

It will be the beginning of a new seven-year stage (in the next 248-year cycle of Pluto) of building the world according to the laws of Aquarius. And the processes of February-March will take on a special scale in a year, when Pluto will leave Capricorn and move to Aquarius on March 23, 2023. An important factor in these processes was the simultaneous ingression of Venus and Mars into Aquarius and the connection in 1 degree of this sign on March 6, 2022.

In the new 7-year program, Co-Creators will shift the vector of events towards freeing from rigid frameworks and restrictions, towards greater justice and equal opportunities for everyone.

At the public level, our space Doctors will continue to form a powerful demand for social and economic democracy; and most importantly, the radical renewal in all areas where development has stopped, where restrictive laws have killed growth and opportunities for progress.

When Venus and Mars were in Capricorn, Dark Forces managed to impose selfish goals and petty interests, consumerism, and obedience to the System in exchange for stability. Now comes the time of increasing importance of social well-being, collective security and general material soundness.

It becomes crucial for each of us to have a noble, great humanitarian goal to make the world freer, more stable and better. All our abilities and capabilities will be in demand – intuition, knowledge, abstract imagination, scientific approach, logical thinking, modern technologies, organizational talents, the art to build partnerships and work in a team.

The fundamental value of Aquarius is the energy of Freedom. It will determine the main vector of development of society, the world order and our personal life.

The other three most important features of Aquarius vibes are also their drive to:

Equality of rights and justice in all spheres of life but especially what concerns common, social benefits – health, education and resource allocation. It is an ideology of equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality or race, place of birth, and income level;

Unions based on horizontal links. This is, first of all, friendship, work in teams of like-minded people, the creation of associations to solve personal and common tasks, and mutual assistance;

Creativity-action-service, a highest manifestations of Intelligence and Spirituality. These are scientific inventions, progressive technologies, cultural phenomena, as well as esoteric or religious practices that allow creating new worlds or highly spiritual ecosystems, schools, and teachings.

Our cosmic Doctors will support these principles with the energies of Saturn, the planet of structures, laws, order, which continues to be in Aquarius and is its ruler.

The peculiarity of Saturn’s vibrations is that:

All strategies can be sustainable and long-term if they are associated with free intellectual creativity, technological and favorable psychological environment, and work in teams of like-minded people;

Relationships with other people will be reliable and long-lasting if they are built on the basis of joint work, Spirituality, freedom of expression and equality of everyone.

The energies of Saturn are in conflict quadrature with the Uranus vibes.

It will help Co-Creators to remove all obsolete, conservative programs of the past that do not fit into the new Aquarius models. Everything that has become obsolete is waiting for a severe crisis, inevitable destruction, which will be replaced by a radical restructuring of the entire current Fifth civilization.

**By Lev