The Great Quantum Transition: Operation In Ukraine Part 3

On the Subtle Plane of Ukraine and its territory, Black Archons have built many of their objects. Some of them are active; the other is preserved until the day and hour of the X.

One of these facilities was the Boltysh crater in the Kirovohrad region in Ukraine. It was formed 65 million years ago as a result of the impact of a 25-kilometer asteroid that went 550 meter deep.

Co-Creators entrusted Lightwarriors to carry out another operation here to destroy the clones, embryos, self-resurrection Matrices of Black Archons and Dark Hierarchs stored here.

As it turned out, the asteroid brought a special container to the Subtle and Causal plane of Earth.

At first, it was not known what was inside it.

Just in case, Co-Creators isolated it, placing in a Sphere of Light.

The ground crew was instructed to examine the contents of the container more thoroughly on the spot.

After that, Co-Creators and Karma Lords had to decide what to do with it.

Boltysh crater today is almost 30 km of lowland, with an epicenter that is flooded with water.

A lake formed on the site of the sinkhole.

The village of Boltyshka is located on the shore.

Lightwarriors drove up to the suggested landmark – the local school, then went down to the water and on a Subtle Plane came into contact with the capsule brought by the asteroid. The Higher Light Hierarchs gave them access to it.

The group passed the information received to op’s Curators, who conducted a new comprehensive analysis and supplemented the date they already had.

They discovered that the Boltysh asteroid brought to Earth a capsule with aspects of the Local Universe’s former Black Co-Creator and his son Yaltabaoth.

The substance in container consisted of aspects of Monads and fragments of Causal DNA of both Hierarchs. It was a latent creation, and for its gestation and birth, a female foundation was needed.

The capsule was like a cannon shell fired into the Earth’s Causal Field. It was there for 65 million years in a completely isolated state, because there were no women of the right type on the planet for a long time.

They appeared with the beginning of the incarnation of the 108th Monadic Family, the most perfect of all embodied on Earth (More about the 108th Monadic Family, see Disclosure News – OPERATION IN GERMANY. PART 2).

Black Co-Creator waited until there were several dozen such women on Earth. Then, he chose 12 of their primary Monads and, with the help of Yaltabaoth, forcibly captured them.

Then, Black Co-Creator melted the prey into a single core and injected it in the natal capsule delivered by an asteroid.

After that, he introduced Monadic aspects into the core, his own and Yaltabaoth’s.

However, it did not go further. The Black Co-Creator did not create the conditions for carrying an embryo. And he did it intentionally, as it became obvious only in our days.

He loaded a special program into the capsule which was supposed to activate it when strictly defined conditions occurred.

Lightwarriors calculated one of these activation conditions. It was a certain vibration threshold, and very high. Earth has never been in such an increased vibes.

Black Co-Creator knew that in time our planet would be perfect again, and it was then that his creation would be born.

Such a vibrational threshold came today with Great Quantum Transition.

The Pleroma’s Hierarchy considered it absolutely impossible to leave an unborn monster on Earth and in the Local Universe, it had to be urgently eliminated.

Especially given that Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth have already crossed over to the Light Side.

But to destroy their former aspects in standard ways meant the death of 12 primary female Monads of the 108th Family. And although they were no longer viable, the Higher Light Hierarchs decided to do everything possible and impossible to save them.

The operation was going to be very difficult. Having received the permission of Co-Creators, Lightwarriors together with them split the capsule with the natal core of the Black essence.

At the same time, crystallization was carried out, and an attempt was made to isolate the cores of 12 primary female Monads of which little remained after their fusion with the monster.

Their condition defies any description. It was terrible. It is impossible to imagine what kind of pain they had to suffer but it echoed in the members of the team with acute heartache. One of the Lightwarrioress, when she felt it, began to cry, and when the work began, she was twisted from heartache, and sank to the ground without strength.

But by joint efforts, the core was split, and what remained of the 12 primary Monads was able to be individualized and crystallized. In this state, they were injected into the Monads of the three Lightwarrioress to try to restore them.

Then the team cleaned up the field of the Boltysh crater on a Subtle Plane by introducing a Crystal of Absolute Light into it. The complete cleansing of the adjacent territory was carried out by another ground group of Lightwarriors.

The participants of the op hoped that 12 Monads would be saved but no miracle happened. A day later it became obvious that recovery was impossible. The degree of their defeat and decomposition was too great.

Co-Creators made the hardest decision about their liquidation. For team, it was one of the toughest jobs, primarily moral, that Lightwarriors would have to carry out. Words cannot convey the strongest feeling of longing and heartache from just thinking about it.

The loss of human life is a tragedy, and the loss of the Monad, especially the primary one, is nothing more than an irreparable loss for the Source and the Universe.

The adoptive cosmic parents of the 108th Monadic Family have found a way to restore the lost Monads. They have developed the necessary action plan.

Lightwarriors were eager to participate in this operation. And they were heard. Of course, the Curators of the op, El Moriya and his dipole Zoe (Amrita), could have done everything themselves, but they saw how three earthly women passionately wanted to restore the 12 Monads.

El Moriya and Zoe extracted 24 pairs of particles from their Monadic cores and introduced them into the Monads of two Lightwarrioress.

Then, their Monads performed an act of division, singling out a part of the Monadic substance which was to serve as matter for the future bodies of the revived Monads.

After that, this substance was combined in the field of El Moria and Zoe with their isolated cores which in the future will form the nuclei of new 12 Monads.

These prototypes were introduced for gestation into the Monads of one Lightwarrioress (eight embryos) and another (four embryos).

However, it soon became clear that the unprepared Monad of the second Lightwarrioress could not cope with carrying four embryos at the same time, while the Monad of the other participant had already fulfilled the task and carried the embryos into the Monads of El Moria and Zoe. They, in turn, returned them to the core of the Collective Natal Matrix of the 108th Monadic Family.

It had to evacuate two embryos from the second Lightwarrioress and leave only a couple. The derived ones were moved to the Monad of her colleague in which they matured quickly and were elevated to the core of the 108th Monadic Stream. Later, the last two were delivered there as well.

After successfully completing the operation, Lightwarriors headed to the venue of the next one. It was located in Askania Nova in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

Here is one of the oldest and most unique wildlife reserve, claiming to be one of the seven new wonders of the world. It has a zoo where birds and animals from almost all countries are gathered. Most of the territory is occupied by a picturesque botanical park with more than 400 species of herbs and flowers, numerous artificial lakes and ponds.

The reserve was founded in 1898 by Friedrich von Falz-Fein (1863-1920), who turned his land holdings into a corner of pristine nature.

Ancient burial mounds and Stone Babas (from the Turkic “balbal” which means “ancestor”, “grandfather-dad”), created by ancient sculptors, have been preserved here.

The reserve covers an area of 11 thousand hectares.

Arriving at the site of the new operation, Lightwarriors first scanned it on a Subtle Plane.

What they saw was ominous and black.

The members of the group immediately began to have a chakral cough – a natural reaction of the body to negative energy. They decided not to pay serious attention to it yet and deal with the situation the next day.

It was the fatal mistake. Around three o’clock in the morning, the team leader woke up from the sense of distress. His heart was literally flying out of the chest, his pulse was going through the roof. He was choking on a chakra cough.

Severe nausea began which quickly turned into vomiting. He managed to write an SMS to his deputy asking for urgent help and check on a Subtle Plane what was happening.

The team members supported their leader, and after about an hour he began to feel better. According to all the sensations, it was like simultaneously contact with the most powerful negativity and an attempt to penetrate the DNA and capture the Soul.

He fell asleep only in the morning. When he woke up, it was already day, and there was a feeling that either he was droved over with a skating rink several times, or was beat all over the body with something heavy all night.

By clairvoyance, the members of the group saw that only fragments remained of his Radiant Body, everything was torn to shreds. It was obvious that something out of the ordinary had happened, for his Monad had not even had time to save the manifestation bodies, and suffered no less.

Lightwarrior faced some Black superpower, was defeated, and nearly lost his DNA and Monad. Moreover, assailant’s force was activated only at night, after sunset.

The morning turned out to be no less terrible, complete exhaustion and slow recovery. Lightwarrior somehow gathered his remaining strength, packed up his things and left the hotel with the group. It was plain that they had to leave there as soon as possible.

The group took a time-out to thoroughly sort everything out and return to Askania Nova again to continue the operation. Before leaving, they were able to calculate the place from which such a crushing blow was struck.

It was located not far from the hotel, in the area of ancient burial mounds and cemeteries.

Despite what happened, it had a positive result, helping Lightwarriors to reveal the true scale and power of the attacker.

It became absolutely clear that it had to be eliminated as soon as possible. For the team leader, it was also a matter of honor.

It took several days to analyze the situation and find ways to solve the problem.

By clairvoyance and information from Higher Light Hierarchs, the group made a complete picture of what happened, and also clarified the location of the attacker’s Portal.

It turned out that the territory of Askania Nova has been used for a long time by several Black civilizations for their projects.

Once, Yaltabaoth gave them six Matrices with aspects of his DNA and Monad. With their help, they had to create his artificial descendants, from whom a new genus would go, a separate branch of the cosmic races.

Initially, on the site of the modern Askania Nova there was a very strong Light Portal radiating a very beneficial energy. It was on the basis of this Portal that the Black Archons arranged their next incubator.

The incubator had a cellular structure, and resembled the control-rod guide of an atomic reactor. In its center there were six Matrices with aspects of Yaltabaoth, and on the periphery there were rods with embryos of Monads of emerging Black civilizations. Later, the Archons placed Stone Babas on the localization points of certain Matrices.

Inside the rods with the embryos was a Black bio-mass. It served as a breeding ground in which the Monadic embryos of these cosmic races ripened. The substance was intelligent and very similar to the Black Fire that Lightwarriors encountered on Easter Island (see Disclosure News – EASTER ISLAND OPS. PARTS 1 and 2).

Then, at night, the group leader was captured by this Black bio-mass, which was in one of these rods, and tried to absorb his Monad that caused such Lightwarrior’s reaction. But with the power of his mind, he managed to break free of it.

The whole structure was like a microchip implanted in the Earth’s field and connected point-by-point with its core, the center of Gaia’s life force. From there she drew vital energy on which the Monadic embryos of Black civilizations ripened, and periodically, as soon as they were ready, they were withdrawn from her.

So, the picture became full, the action plan was clear and agreed with Co-Creators, it remained only to terminate the operation.

The point of its holding was a mound with a Stone Baba on top.

As usual, first, Lightwarriors tested its energy on a Subtle Plane.

During the day, it was completely neutral. Arrived at night, the found a diametrically opposite situation: terrible vibrations, chilling cold on the skin, as when in contact with necro-energy.

It was precisely the Black Incarnation Bio-Matrix. In the evening, the group closed their living space with the Highest Cosmic Mandalas which provided reliable protection for the whole night, passed this time without excesses.

The next morning, Lightwarriors cut off the Bio-Matrix from the Earth’s core, reducing its strength by an order of magnitude. After that, she went offline.

Immediately, the Black civilizations tried to restore the Bio-Matrix and introduced additional reinforcing rods into it. But Co-Creators immediately intervened. At their command, the Siriusians’ space fleet established a blockade of Askania Nova, blocking access to it.

Then, Lightwarriors joined the operation. They climbed an artificial mound, on top of which stood a Stone Baba. There used to be a Scythian temple there.

Suddenly, they heard the scream of a guard running towards them. The group went down to meet him. When he came up, he said that it was forbidden to be here.

Lightwarriors explained that they had come from afar to look at the Stone Babas, and that they were, like, cool experts. But it didn’t work; he said that it was necessary to get special permission from the authorities. But it was Friday, and no one was there anymore.

Team members asked why part of the steppe can be visited, and part – not, as there is no difference between them. In response, the guard hesitated and began to talk some nonsense.

It became obvious that he himself did not know why this territory was closed. But it was on it that the localization point of the Black Bio-Matrix was located.

The group had to retreat. Co-Creators stepped in and explained that it was for the best, for the sake of the safety of Lightwarriors during work, and showed another place, on the shore of the lake, opposite the mound.

From this place, the team, together with the Higher Light Hierarchs, liquidated the Black Bio-Matrix along with everything that was in it.

Lightwarriors conducted a separate work with six Yaltabaoth’s Matrices. Having discovered them, the group carefully extracted them from this intelligent Bio-Matrix before destroying it, handed them over to Co-Creators for further transformation.

At the end of the operation, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs asked Lightwarriors to additionally introduce an Absolutized Life Matrix into this place, which is currently restoring the mutilated field of this Earth’s territory.

**By Lev