Solar Being: Emanate Love for the Planet

Dear brothers of this beautiful planet! I am Animani, a Solar Being!

Being here today is for us a very important reason. When I say we, I mean all the Solar Beings. In fact, it’s not just me and the others, we are all One. In naming myself, I just followed a ritual that you are used to, where you prefer to know exactly who you are talking to. But don’t see me as just a single being. We don’t have this concept of oneness between us. We are always the Whole, just One; one big energy working for the universe and its inhabitants. If you want to name me and call me by that name, I tell you that we are all ready to listen to you, or if you just want to call us as Solar Beings, we are also ready for every request made.

We try to bring you ideas and concepts that make you understand, as much as possible, how things happen in the universe. So making a parallel with your world, we can say that our home is the Central Sun of Alcyon; there we exist and act. Our consciousnesses can spread throughout the universe without borders and without distances. Each one of us, or as I said, we the Whole, One, can bring messages wherever our teachings and ideas are needed.

We can say that at this moment, you are being observed every second. If we have been watching this planet and acting on it for a long time, we can say that our action has increased, that more Light is coming to this planet. As we have said before, the Light that arrives reaches the hearts, and each open heart that allows itself to receive this Light begins a process of evolution, a process of extreme anguish because it begins to see things in a much more truthful and real way, and begins to realize how much it has been deceived, how much it has accepted the lies and condoned them.

Many, upon realizing such thoughts rebel, and think and believe, and are led to believe that they are possessed, that evil thoughts are running around in their minds; and unfortunately they close themselves off and start to be supported by the very ones they fear so much. Many do not understand anything, and turn to God to explain to them what is going on in their minds and hearts. And to them a great legion of Angels is in charge of showing them the truth and calming their hearts and minds. And each one of these is beginning his or her journey of evolution. It won’t be an easy walk, but it will be a walk that will allow you, if followed correctly, to reach the Fifth Dimension.

We have another large group, which are those who already know the truth, who have already been exposed to it, and within this group, some are concerned with continuing their journey, to follow the road that will take them to ascension. And they are being led and supported by more Angels who help them, with each step they take, to stay there.

However, there are always those whose beliefs are not very well grounded. They are the ones who let themselves be led by the opinion of others. They want to be part of a large group, but deep down they don’t feel or believe in anything, they only put themselves forward as being awake and as knowing the whole truth; but deep down they fear and distrust everything they have learned and heard. And this group, instead of advancing the process, joins the first group I mentioned, giving strength to those who have manipulated your planet so much.

We are all aware of everything that happens on this planet, but as already said here by countless Beings of Light, this planet has free will, which is an experience given to each soul to have its own choice, to be able to choose the path to follow. We cannot break this rule because this was the design created by Father/Mother God. And all of us are given the obligation to respect it, and as the evolved beings that we are, this is no problem for any of us.

So don’t think that nothing is happening around your planet. Much more Light is coming, so that it presses even more hearts to the truth, and you can see exactly everything that exists on your planet. We don’t interfere with the choices, we just rip away the veils, show the lies, and highlight the truth. It will be up to the souls of this planet, these two groups: the first one, who is beginning the journey, and the second one, who is already on it and wants to continue, to spread Love and Peace on the planet.No, you are not

few and you are not without strength. Do your part. Never forget that you are all One, you all possess the Spark of Father/Mother God in your hearts, and as you possess this Spark, you possess all the powers of Father/Mother God; among them, only one, being able to reverberate all over the planet, depends on the intensity of what is done. If it is done with love, with surrender, it will surely fill the entire grid around the planet, and every heart will receive this Spark of love that you emanated.

So never at any time think that you can do nothing, on the contrary, you can do everything and this is when those Pillars of Light need to act. You are already Pillars, so connect with each other, create a big web around the planet, and emanate Love. That is all. Don’t try to invent words, invent phrases, focus on something; the goal is only one: Emanate Love. This is the key, this is the great wisdom.

And what is to emanate Love in our vision? It is to love everybody, to love the planet. And when I say to love everyone, I mean unconditional love. So it is to love even those you condemn. There can be no separation, it has to be unconditional love. So there is no point in creating phrases, no point in your creating mantras, concepts. What you have to do is emanate Love. When I tell you not to create phrases, I mean you, humans.

When a Being of Light gives you something, you interpret it as just words, but there is a block of energy of pure unconditional love in it. And when you repeat those words, you form that block and it joins with so many others around the planet, forming one big block. That is not what I am talking about, I am talking about you creating sentences. You don’t have to. Every moment you remember, put your hands on your spiritual hearts and just think, “I send Love to all my brothers and sisters and to the whole planet. And see your Love spreading all over the planet, like a drop of water on some earth. This drop of water hydrates that earth without discriminating against any molecule existing there.

So see this Love emanating from you, surrounding the planet, not leaving out a single point. Love will win. You will succeed through Love. Forget about the reason, forget about what happens out there, unite for Love, unite for Light. Each one of you doing this will reverberate throughout the entire energy grid of the planet, diminishing the power of those who want exactly the opposite. See this planet enveloped in a great ball of Pink Light, full of Love. Love emanating from each one of you.

The human mind is capable of many things. What you call imagination, we call consciousness; and this consciousness when emanated from deep within your hearts, is capable of producing anything you want. So breathe in Love, exhale Love. Don’t use other phrases, don’t use other words, just Love. Only Love is capable of destroying anything that is not of the Light.

Believe me, we are all attentive, each one within his or her competence, doing whatever is necessary, so that every human on this planet can have the option to choose, to see the truth and to join it, or to continue living in illusion and in ephemeral pleasures. This phrase has already been said, but it fits very well at this moment: “The tares are being separated from the wheat,” and not too long from now, in your linear time, you will be able to instantly perceive who is tares and who is wheat.

But it will also be up to each one of you to exercise Unconditional Love. Not to judge, not to criticize, not to try to make him change, because everything is a matter of choice. And for sure, at this moment, each one of you is already making yours.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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