Ides Wide Open – Is That A Whip?

The paradigm narrative is out of control.

In fact, like an inconveniently dropped dildo from Jen’s purse, it is on the floor of the restaurant, under the table, and vibrating like it’s calling a waiter for Service!

Their narrative has shaken its way between the legs of the covid and Ukraine propaganda.

It will be beating any sense remaining in it into submission over these next days in rapid oscillation with much embarrassing clacking noise.

The Khazarian Mafia attempt to control the direction and spin of their shaky narrative will become even more confusing for them, and riveting for observers, as yet another major intrusion into their stories arises on the 15th.

This next BIG STORY of 2022, coming out in mere short days, will start the noisy vibrator bouncing out from under the table to dance wildly around with the Feet of the Elite in public seemingly to the tune of Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

It will be Mesmerizing to watch, but be sure to look up, to the faces in the midst of this St. Vitus Dance.

Just as you had with covid, you will have to learn a new vocabulary to talk about these new developments.

Education can be physically and emotionally demanding.

This challenge will be no different.

The covid narrative has been killed, drown in first Canadian, then Global, Truckers’ Piss, but much to the horror of the reeling Elites, it keeps rising like a urine soaked zombie.

They need it to die, so that they can feed its energy into their Ukraine narrative, barely alive, hanging onto the ropes over there in the corner, being fanned by the globalist cheerleaders, desperate for a revival.

Trapped between the hard spot of Covid Lies failure mounting up, and the Ukraine Invasion Bullshit as it limps along wounded by Russian truth bullets, the elites are sliding into panic.

They are not yet flailing around, but the level of control is slipping fast as the minions are smelling the fear sweat oozing down from above.

Our collective, common, reality is going to get a lot noisier, and far more bizarre.

As though extracted from one of their adult cartoons, intended to push back the adult mind to an infantile state, the errant, embarrassing, out of control, vibrator of the Khazarian Mafia is going to swell to giant proportions knocking the Deep State onto its ass in a big pile of freshly steaming propaganda.

As cartoonish as things will appear, we are approaching the opening of the serious part of this War of Humanity versus the Khazarian Mafia.

Pundits mostly write, or are written about.

They don’t usually go to War, so they don’t really know.

Truth is not the first casualty of War, rather it is Innocence.

The most dangerous force on this planet is the man who has to defend Innocence.

As Saint Sitting Bull observed, it is the balancing of Rage and Compassion that defines the Warrior, and the loss of that balance that creates a Beast.

Stay Woo.
Stay Human.
Hard Times Come Soon.

**By Clif High


3 Replies to “Ides Wide Open – Is That A Whip?”

  1. Göran R

    I write something about Galina Daniljenko. She is what we in Sweden calls Quisling, after the Norwegian traitor to teh country Vidkun Quisling. People in Ukrania can call traitor for a Daniiljenko.

  2. Göran R

    Nothing I think is worse than to have no idea of fair play. Think of Putin. Not for the westwrn people have treated him as they oaught to do. They are as Putin himself, only money and materiak things hve value. But Putin has from his beginning only used violence, power and lies. And he is the idol of people whos exatly like fascists and communists dont think but are useful idiots for dictators and their idoelogies, this time the scizofrenic idea about the great russian nation and the history that Putin and noone else believe in. And so he lies about everything. Every man or woman in power that speak about glory and greatness of the stae in stead of prosperity and freedom for the men and women that live in the country are not good statesmen. You must have an individualistic vue of the meaning with the state, for a state is nothing that exists from the beginning but is formed of humn beings, and often not a good thing. Therefore fair play is aneccery part of the politics, but is very seldom ploticans live up to that, and least of all Vladimir Putin. They have a new mayor in Melitopol in Ukraina Galina Daniltjenko. I wonder how she can funtions as a traitor to her country and a footman to the dictator Putin.

    1. Douglas A James

      So you believe the mass media that pushed fake pandemic and mRNA vaccines ?? Putin is liberating ukraine …30 plus bio labs…tunnels dumbs did I find this channel and still to rise MSM??