Argorians Update: Transforming Quantum Streams

On March 15, 2022, at 09:25 AM CET, the Argorian space fleet transmitted new minute the contents of which are given below.

Together with Galactic Committee and other friendly space squadrons, the Argorians’ ships continue to relay transforming quantum streams from the center of the Milky Way to Earth. The scheme shows what energies are used as of March 15, 2022.

Against the general background of the white power ASTEMO which forms the Intelligence plasma of space from incoming information, combines the entire quantum spectrum and corrects the work of the planetary system, the following processes continue.

The general purification of Earth by high-frequency streams through Solar coronal mass ejections towards the planet does not stop.

According to the Time programs, the accumulation and compaction of 5D plasma continues by splitting of 3D atoms into components.

Under the leadership of the deputy commander of Argorians’ squadron, the flag-ship translates the finished plasma into the aura of the planet.

Splitting is performed by an ultrasonic transducer.

New Portals are being opened for the entry of 5D matter to Earth. The planet’s energy shield corrects the force fields under the control of a repeater-converter at the Siriusians’ Lunar Base in 23D.

High-frequency impacts on earthlings are carried out through the channels of the planet’s energy shield. The effecting is strictly individual, adapted to personal vibes. This energy exchange is also regulated from the Lunar Base.

Argorians formed the EFGOFAR plasma energy platform (the top on scheme). It is controlled from one of their ships to adjust Time programs and Matrix change cycles.

The platform radiates fiery energy to the planet, the streams of which burst into flames on the Subtle Plane.

Simultaneously, the yellow-lemon energy SFARGO is transmitted, cleansing matter from 2D and 3D plasma.

Earth is covered by the sphere of BLISKO energy. With the help of its light blue and silver power, Argorians are loading in the Hologram a new programs for the intellectual development of earthlings.

Streams of green ERGINO energy freely pass through the sphere to speed up the awakening of the 5D matter’s vital forces. By these flows, Argorians control the Earth’s magnetic shield, align its energy, change the climate and adjust the work of the 5D Hologram through force fields and Portals.

Directing to the planet the violet GRASIMO energy, spaceships sort, purify and synthesize 5D plasma, neutralize and remove side effects and products of 3D matter processing.

Outside of Earth, Argorians have built a network of dark purple KAROS energy (below on scheme), which collects and condenses particles, and clears space for new formations.

This network covers the clots of REARDIS energy, a muddy-swamp shade in which false information is concentrated; a brown GLAZCHER, accumulating vapors of negative substances; and a black CHERGEN, sorting out the Evil particles chirons (a dark spot at the bottom of the scheme).

All collected negative energies are periodically thrown out of the Local Universe, where they will be transformed or annihilated.

The Polar disks of the planet are actively working. The Poles shift is linked to the Earth’s rotation axis alignment. The magnetic fields of these structures are interconnected and are under the control of the Siriusians’ station on the neutron twin of the Moon.

The North Pole is gradually migrating to Taimyr (Russia), where a stable circumpolar vortex is now forming. At the same time, the birth of the southern circumpolar vortex begins. Both create earthquakes and hurricanes in different parts of the planet, clearing it of accumulated negativity.

On the plateau of Giza pyramids, a cloud of highly vibrational energy of the star Oryx is concentrated. It comes from Gerios Galaxy, where Argorians relocate 5D Earth to a new orbit.

The Intelligence l-gamma particles, ascending in Giza, carry the GOLD STANDARD CODE for the planet. These flows are distributed across all the pyramid complexes on the planet and numerous steles-receivers.

At the North Pole, accumulates the ARERKLI energy of a mixed dark green and silver-orange with a golden iridescence spectrum. With its help, Argorians run the Time spin and magnetic fields.

The ARERKLI flows descend to the equator, flow along it, then, go to the South Pole up to the 28th parallel. After that, they rise to North in the form of an energy network that kicks off the new life forms materialization.

The Earth’s changes follow a Co-Creators’ programs. But due to the release by earthlings of huge volumes of low-frequency energies, the space fleets of friendly races constantly have to adjust and ease the tension.

**By Lev


4 Replies to “Argorians Update: Transforming Quantum Streams”

  1. Steve Filkins

    Thank you Argorians for exceptional work using all the frequencies and technologies at your disposal to facilitate the grand change of Earth and its humans to 5D life. So many of us eagerly anticipate the final Event with expectation and joy! I for one will continue to look for all updates from the Argorians in particular as they confirm, affirm, and encourage us on the path.

  2. Teddy

    How does any of this affect the linear reality of the timeline that advances the Globalist takeover Plan?

    1. Steve Filkins

      The means of affecting this linear reality and timeline comes by means of cosmic rays, of helping the Earth to tip into 5D where 3D globalist takeover plans are left behind, thwarted, and uncreated for those it was planned for. It is that upcoming event that everyone anticipates and looks for who is ‘awakened’. Those who have done the research are finding out. And for evidence, check incoming electromagnetic currents coming in regularly. Notice we experience Summer to Winter and back again as Earth winds up her tilt and what the ramifications are.