Blue Star the Pleiadian: No Boundaries and Unchartered Waters

Greetings tired Advocate Telepathists and all those others in the learning and teaching Arcs struggling to adhere to peace of mind amid the world gone mad. If I were permitted … which I am not … I would most gladly delete all the madness and mayhem from each of your lives. But if that were possible for me or any of my brethren to do, then what would you have learned from the experiences the entire world is clouded over with? I KNOW far better than any of you do how much is expected of you and WHY.

No, my words are not meant to bring you ones any soothing relief. “Truth” and Truth Seekers must always be vigilant in order for truth to STAND on its own. I do understand that just when you think things can not be any worse, then suddenly everything worsens. Why do you think I have cautioned you over and over and over to ALWAYS be prepared for anything and everything? I do not waste my time teaching any of you ones useless knowledge or render useless warnings to you. This is where a line of demarcation plays out between the “haves and the have nots.”

Now, this is an invisible line which sets a boundary between those who are learning at a heretofore unheard-of rate of acceleration and thus ascending to Higher States of Consciousnesses and those who are not. Those “have nots” are the people here who basically don’t give a damn. This also marks a very visible gridline intersection which was predestined and set into activated motion at the exact spatial moment, not “temporal” moment, when “The Christmas Soul Dance” this year of 2022 began. Remember please, I said “in the exact spatial moment that it began.” This is how predestiny when it is Created by ALL The Luminescents occurs. This was all initiated and set into place by ALL the Luminescents LONG before any of you ones reincarnated this time. You see Advocates, also those amongst you ones who are Advocates in- training, your remembrances that centered around the necessity of the Soul Dance taking place worldwide were intentionally blocked from your minds by your Souls so that you could not try to intervene and … screw things up.

Sometimes it is necessary to do that, you know. Too often millions and millions of goodhearted peoples here try to use their free expression to Create situations that could only incur dark energies to taint a Multi-Universal event that CAN and DOES free Souls from their religious and political indoctrinations. When this occurs it OPENS WIDE the doors leading to a Soul’s Matrix and voilà, Souls sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously immediately form a tight alliance, a sometimes quiet bond with all other good Souls here and work together to BE all they can be. So it is that people who are willing to die for their beliefs are now realizing that the goal is to LIVE for their beliefs. If everyone died for their beliefs there would be no one left on Anastasis! How daft is that?

So now it is that for millions of these peoples it means that they meet with all other good Souls during night visions, which many of you still think of as “dreams” although they are not, day visions and even in periods of actually living in Higher States of Consciousnesses. So it is that the Higher States of Consciousnesses can suddenly sweep over a person and elevate them to that state faster than you can blink your eyes. It was inevitable that war would start here even if it is “undeclared war” and all Souls needed to LEARN about “others of themselves.”

For a few moments however, before I continue I will speak of Putin. Do not think for a nano-moment that Putin is the only hand stirring this nasty cauldron of hate and GENOCIDE. There are 3 other countries so far quietly working with him. Genocide is taking place in segments; although Putin did not orchestrate that first part he was well aware that it WOULD happen. The evildoers in this world do not care if many of you ones have already awakened to this fact. The first part of this genocide was the recreating of ALL Covid viruses.

Now, it is time for you ones to have an actual reality check. We have been hearing from so many people who are simply gushing with joy because they have been told the most grievous, egregious, the most heinous lies about the most deadly enemy in HALF-HUMAN form at this time. This deadly enemy is Vladimir PUTIN. This archenemy of humanity has only picked up where Hitler left off. Have any of you Advocates figured out why, how this could come to be yet? So it is that Putin learned his lessons well; too well in fact.  This poor excuse for a half-human Being who is not merely the ultimate narcissist and master of DELIBERATELY inflicting sadistic, fiendish, merciless, INTENTIONAL pain and terror is hell-bent on controlling this entire world! Get it through your heads NOW! He is not your ally; IT is its own ally which is one major reason Russians living in that country very quietly refer to him as The Fear Master. Even his pathological hatred for women knows no bounds. He is a male-oriented person who lives to control others, which aids him in satiating his LUST for life and his ultimate craving for the destruction of others’ lives in one manner or another. Putin does not really need to capture the Ukraine; those actions are ALL part of his self-named Master Plan and a ployAlthough he will proceed to do so if he becomes aggravated enough, just to show you he will take it because he can.

FIRST-he had to observe the response his actions would provoke. Then he had to clearly see how many countries’ would become so intent on saving the Ukraine that they would make a huge mistake. Meanwhile as they were focusing on the Ukraine it would be because they were distracted and scared into doing so that they did not realize that they could be leaving a “backdoor” to their own countries wide open. This plan of his was “secretly” activated many, many years ago when his ego-driven perverted personality decided the best way to pursue his lifelong dream of forcing capitulation amongst ALL countries, regardless of who the countries leaders were. This then was when Putin began his map. He drew a map which his “guidance” kept showing him through his own clairvoyance, which by the way he thinks is simply a splendid and well-earned gift which will guide him to become THE WORLD.

Thus by him initially drawing a rather simplistic map of this entire world and filling in all the vulnerabilities that he knew the peoples living in those countries already had, he was able to quite correctly I might add, simply pick and choose and COUNT all those countries that would need to fall first before he became their leader. He chose the weakest and some of the geographically closest countries first. You ones have no idea NONE AT ALL, of all the 24 hour a day every day for years that he focused on this project. Not long after his rather crudely drawn map was born, he hired several cartographers and instructed them about how he wanted the official map to look and what writing to add to the country’s descriptions which he had given them. He narrowed down the numbers of men he hired to two. He “disposed” of the others AND their families. Did I fail to mention that he is also a pathological sociopath who is bipolar?

Now, the Ukraine was an easy pick for him. The everyday peoples there just like the everyday peoples in other countries did live in fear of him never really knowing “when the other shoe would drop.” Putin not so secretly now refers to his planned world takeover using the Ukraine as bait as “HIS GREAT EXPERIMENT.” You see Advocates; if he can continue to keep the peoples of this world living in fear then he has already WON the undeclared war and indeed it feeds his limitless ego. For he can further monitor all peoples vulnerabilities and their actions. Yes, he has ever so many Putin Agents placed all across this world secretly collecting data that can be used against the peoples. In America, Hollywood and the rest of the Entertainment world with tentacles that stretch across the United States is a ripe feeding ground for the agents. They BUY peoples all the time!

Putin has seen for himself that the greatest vulnerabilities that American Peoples have of ALL the vulnerabilities they have, is Americans are spoiled. Putin really likes that about Americans. It makes them so very manageable and ever so easy to predict what they will do next! It is of course no secret that all countries’ have their own secret and not so secret agents in all other countries. However, what makes Putin’s agents the most dangerous ones by far is that this is not treated as simply a job to them. Not only their own lives and all the lives in their lineages that are completely dependent on the successes each Putin agent makes, MANY but not all of his agents also truly worry about all the good Russian peoples everywhere especially those in Russia.

Unfortunately Putin’s love for power is so intoxicating that it binds many of his secret men to him. His plan for world domination will NOT succeed!  Putin’s deranged mind KNOWS no boundaries though. Hitler would be proud of him. We knew it was just a matter of time before even Putin would be blinded to the unknown verbally unspoken of physical plans to end him … one way or another. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR! You ones MUST get rid of fear; eradicate it from your lives regardless of your lifestyle circumstances. The most immediate gut-wrenching worry peoples everywhere had was, “if it happens to another country, it can happen here to me too.” As always THAT was just the response Putin was looking for! And YOU gave it to him. As always look into not AT but INTO a person’s eyes. Then if you have the courage to do so look into their minds. Therein lies the enemy and the enemy KNOWS your psychological and Spiritual weaknesses. Therefore it KNOWS when you are susceptible to their attacks. Do your see YET?

Now, moving right along.

Again and again I tell you ones “The Christmas Soul Dance” was not only a necessity, it was predestined. I told you most of WHY it was and why it is a never-ending period of ALL your lives. However, I must confess that I had to intentionally leave out a great deal of the rest of the Soul Dance information. Now that certain gridline intersections have merged I can now speak freely and openly about some truths you need to know about NOW. All of you MUST remember that the TIME IS NOW to realize that none of you could achieve your true freedom BY yourself! You ALL need one another! Any society is only as good as its Spiritual beliefs. A society can actually be composed of just 2 people, you know. There are always those who are givers, they are also known as “senders” and those who are “receivers.” Much like “mental telepathy.”

Each person in a society regardless of how many are in any particular society learns to be both sender and receiver. In this unique manner continuity of communication is established through telepathic rather than verbal communication. AND the Souls use a SOUL format for transmitting all they hear you say non-verbally to all other goodhearted peoples here and BINGO – there are no mental or Soul communication boundaries. These are the ties that bond. Do you see? Linear time has long been a causative influence because it was a force capable of acting on people and objects. Although it has always been an illusion; peoples here adopted it as some kind of guiding light. Little did any of you ones realize you had been “set up” yet again. So it is that in the NOW of this present spatial increment of mortal life it is necessary and incumbent upon you each to release that old bugaboo known as “linear time.” Reset your known life to NOW rather than temporal illusions. No, I did not say it would be easy; but you have made it this far have you not? You each have an obligatory duty to click on your “reset” button in your mind and ALLOW Power of Mind to do what it does best.

Now, the human mind can only handle so much change if the intellect is in control. So it is that so many good but confused peoples here especially for the last four years, are allowing their minds to self-create idiopathic illnesses or diseases. Because of the nature of these illnesses suddenly beginning in otherwise pretty healthy human beings, they are said to be occurring without any known cause. However, for the goodhearted peoples here on Anastasis who know how now to use Power of Mind, those no-cause illnesses do not occur. Are any of you ones while using your Power of Mind seeing, feeling or sensing the incredible beauty which Power of Mind gives to you? Play in the Power of Mind; relish it, laugh with it, Create, Create, Create Cyclical Changes and for your own sake RELAX when in Power of Mind! It is part of your birthright, you know.

Power of Mind takes each of you on a journey which you never could have foreseen let alone imagined before. Power of Mind can and does send itself to places where neither bodies nor intellects can go. Yet it does work in tandem with the intellect once the “host-person” perseveres and finally convinces intellect that the host-person is not in any danger NOR is the intellect itself. Persistence does indeed have its rewards. No boundaries exist for Power of Mind. Of course I do expect you ones to understand that you can not act goofy and attempt to enter places which are dangerous. This is ABSOLUTELY no time for “grandstanding.” If you choose not to heed my warning and sage advice, then all I can say to you is mea culpa, mea culpa.

Be careful to never knowingly intrude upon another person’s Sacred Space. If you happen to do so some of you will feel a type of heaviness or uneasiness. That would merely be a “caution flag” letting you know to choose a different direction. Each Soul who is consciously or Super Consciously ascending to the next Golden step on the Spiral Staircase has its protection erected now usually without the intellect’s knowledge. Sometimes for some people who can not seem to get past the intellect; it is better for them to simply leap over it. The normal routes Power of Mind takes however are to go where the Soul directs it to go and allow you to exercise your own Creativity. Think before you leap! Do not just jump in haphazardly. Decide or ask your mentors for how or where they feel you should start. If your mind jumps all around before you seek guidance then simply choose some subject matter you are drawn to, then send your Power of Mind there and learn all you can about that subject matter. You can return again and again if you wish AS LONG as you keep on learning. When dealing with certain chosen topics this way send Mind out and tell it to focus on whatever your internal discussion is about. The more serious your query is the more swiftly Power of Mind will get you there.

Each and every time you consciously use Power of Mind you enter a heightened state of mental and Spiritual awareness. The more you use Power of Mind the more you are also conducting physical health awareness as well. This means that your physical vehicle is adapting to the new forms of energy you are assimilating AND using. Do NOT be foolish and try to “save the world, save all the good people or destroy the evildoers.” There are serious consequences to be meted out to those who try this. It is because you would be abusing a part of The Greater Power in doing so that this action will not be tolerated. You see Advocates and all other goodhearted peoples; Spiritual Power means quite literally, “the power of the Spirit of ALL life given to those who deserve to have it and those who learn or KNOW how to increase that power for the good of all.

Now, People who are guilty of disgusting acts of wrongdoing using complicity, collusion, or connivance, and in assisting evildoers to commit murderous acts physically, mentally or Spiritually and BELIEVE themselves to BE the Greater Power will now begin their comeuppance. YOUR weapons are: to STAND, use Power of Mind to encircle your life force, teach others how to do this, remain strong in your beliefs and allow your beauteous Life Force which grows stronger day by day to Create unlimited opportunities for you to achieve your budding potential. Do so as Power of Mind infuses you each with the Greatest Love and Light you have ever known. You are well-armed and much loved!

Bear in mind though that many minds unlike your own exist in a state of anarchy. However it may or may not cause you to feel better if you realize that if you can survive living on Anastasis in these perilous times you can survive living anywhere. I do want to thank all of those amongst you who are daily or nightly contributing to the eternal evolution of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and are doing so through their Power of Mind.

Now, I am going to take you into “unchartered waters” where you ones will either think or swim. Make the right choice please there will be NO second chances! The nano-moment of a spatial gridline intersection has now arrived where I am permitted to share with you some VERY Sacred Secrets which have long been carefully kept within the Crystal City. It is there that they are heavily guarded by enormous numbers of Guardian Beings. And Tomás is spearheading these Guardians. He is indeed the driving force in this holy undertaking which began ever so many millenniums ago. Tomás epitomizes the perfect archetype to hold, protect and maintain truth. Try to remember that the continuity of All the MultiVerses depends on all things, people, events, births, deaths and all else ALWAYS occurring at exactly the right moment that they should. It would be easier for so many of you ones to understand this if you remember that no world, Universe or anything else that is Divine, functions in randomness. Therefore, with that having been stated it means that none of you are “randomly selected” to be here NOR is Anastasis! None of you “accidently” meets anyone. None of you are involved in anything that is Sacred work without specific reasons.

Hopefully, this will be the final time I need remind any of you that The Luminescents and all others’ of Divinity respond to specific stimuli ORCHESTRATED by you AND approved by them, because The Luminescents have ALL seen the movie!

This stimuli has the capability to provide many varied functions. It can elicit or accelerate any physiological or psychological activity or response. So it is that because this factor can arouse interest or enthusiasm, perfect spatial gridline intersections had to be carefully set into place so that all things would and could take place in exactly the nano moment intended. Because only a mere handful of you peoples have any vivid remembrances of predestined events that would unfold during your mortal life here, you are all sharing space on Anastasis with one another in unchartered waters.

I use the term “unchartered waters” for indeed that is where you are. Planetizens understand please; you are all coexisting NOW in many situations or encountering many circumstance that are alien — no pun intended — unknown, often unclear, or unfamiliar and which may be dangerous for some people but definitely very difficult for others as a result of the situations. It is gratifying to see though that so many millions of peoples here all around the world are quickly adapting to their current state of affairs and are learning to ride with the tide rather than trying to be combative when they have no chance at all to win or to surrender.

Yes, you have been trained, retrained and retrained over and over again until about 98% of you learned how to live and endure unpleasant situations and aggressive anomalous peoples whose only goals in life is to surround you with hatred and thus instill FEAR. Fortunately for everyone these types of dangerous, abnormal people I have described to you in the beginning of this paragraph were recreated; therefore they are WITHOUT any Unity of Purpose. THIS type of anomalous person is the antithesis of other Advanced Souls who are anomalous but are so in a totally different way. Evil always lives best in their host-people because those tainted peoples are easy to control and have a lust for the deaths of others.

NOW it is time to rock your socks off

Now, the truly advanced forms of life who may be anomalous in the Universes takes place because these TYPES of anomalistic Beings do not conform to typical, usual, random, lifestyles Human Beings have here on Anastasis. All these particular Beings are scintillating Beings; but are so WITHOUT any thinking processes being needed or required. Because the needed presences of all these Advanced Beings I speak of was foreseen long, long ago, Jesus THE Christ and His beloved Mary Magdalene clearly defined the gridline intersection when these Advanced Forms of life would be needed here in order to offset the wicked and deadly forces of evil and bring into manifestation and materialization the Children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Guess what! You are REALLY in unchartered waters now!

Now, the collective unconsciousness’s matrix contains all the thoughts, intents and activated participation which each of you ones not merely project to others’ about yourself, but which actually do Create Cyclical Changes. These Changes take place in other people here and have the unlimited power to alter a course or direction in Anastasis’s life. IF she gives permission for these Changes to be the ones that will best offset attempts to shorten another person’s life-force date when really good people do need to still be here. Most of the time she gives consent. You see Advocates, not only are you EACH a force to be reckoned with even if you do not perceive yourselves this way, you each have a lineage that would be the envy of all other Planetizens in all other Universes if they had any envious thoughts. However “envy” is merely a human emotion, a human contrivance which begrudges and covets things that other people have. It is in all actuality yet another form of self-hate.

Back in the days when Jesus THE Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene saw the best way to bring Jesus’s eternal evolution to the forefront of the minds of all Advocates who have ever been and those of today who are no longer Advocates in-training as well, and to reintroduce Jesus AGAIN here on the Earth Star planet, was to BRING through several avenues of entrance Their own Children. So it is as had been prophesized by The Creator long, long ago the final gridline intersection required to finally and if necessary FIRMLY reawaken all the those Children who are still either lightly slumbering or gloaming but DEFINITELY alive here on Anastasis. The ironic humor here is that for ever so many years I and others have told you that you are all Children of God. The difference being that I truly meant it but MY meaning was in a different way. And in my own form of God-Code I was telling you ones that yes that was true, but you were far more than that as well. Your Souls all knew their true identity and knew that had to be kept secret until now.

Yet, I have been pleased to see how many tiny flashes of your immortal Selves rise to almost the conscious parts of your minds. But, it was more than just necessary for Jesus and Mary’s Children to reincarnate here over and over and over again because they needed to have and to bring to the forefront of their minds all the various life experiences that regular ordinary human Beings have here. Earth Seed Walkers really do have some very bad ideas of how to live life!

Even though Jesus and Mary’s Children of course watched “the movie” each time they returned HOME awaiting their next reincarnation, without actually living human lives how in the world would they have managed to cope with this debacle? So it was that Jesus and Mary had Children here on this planet each time they were sent into reincarnational themes here. Over thousands and thousands of years they continued to have Children here, but when they returned HOME they continued to have Children through Light Conception. The Earth is the only planet where physical sex is required. Celestial was saying to me that at least all of their Children did not feel they were being deported to Earth. No, indeed they did not. But throughout all those many lifetime experiences many of them did send us reminders that were “been there, done that.”  We always smiled and responded, “Good, now you get to do it again.” One of the VOICES of Cyclical Changes asked me how they were able to keep the bloodline clear and unable to be detected by medical peoples. Actually that has never been a problem. Leave it to an Earth Doctor to invent genealogical reasons why such and such has happened to ill people.  Remember please, medical people here on Anastasis do not really know what goes on within a physical vehicle. Doctors for the most part are textbook smart and common sense stupid. It is easy for The Luminescents to ensure that the inner part of all cellular structure and YES that includes the blood which courses through a human Being’s body CAN NOT be detected as unusual or “not of this Earth.”

So, it is no surprise to any of us that medical people, especially all Doctors of any type, became enamored with the term “anomaly.” It is just too incongruous for medical peoples here to ferret out the truth. After all, it is not in their textbooks! Their pride always gets between them and actual truth. Yes, all of these special Children have gone on all this time to produce Earth Children here who BEAR the sign of Christ. It is a special marking which can not be concealed. The earliest of these Children married or bred with primarily Earth Seeds. And so it was that this was how the beginnings of The Christ Consciousness came into materialization in order to become ingrained to a certain degree with children of the Earth Seeds.

Of course even though billions of humans grew up to become evildoers billions more became “Jesus and Mary Walking.” So, to make a long story short, this is how it was and still is that all Advocates for Justice of today and all those as far back as 200 years ago are truly descendants of this Sacred Couple. It required that 200 years ago Their Descendents would not all actually be born any longer as a result of physical sex but would be produced by Sacred Light Conception. Tis no wonder that so many thousands and thousands of peoples here can never understand who their children physically or mentally take after.

So yes, All Children of Theirs who have been conceived by Light Conception counting back 200 years and especially NOW truly ARE Jesus and Mary’s direct descendants! Some are your neighbors, your closest friends, or are among people you may work with professionally. But ALL of the Advocates for Justice who are working so diligently to do their very best ARE DIRECT DESCENDANTS. Before very long many of you will be shown or told what you may want as confirmation of this FACT. This is not a time for too much humility and certainly not for self-doubt. The bugle has begun to be blown as All the Soul Saints marching in will also fight side to side and back to back when necessary to protect you as you usher in YOURSELVES as the reality of who you are begins to be assimilated by you. Your protection has been reinforced so please STAND your ground. You do so by the process of using your Power of Mind to further empower you. Remember, when you choose to swim in what was once unchartered waters, you can not lose. For NOW you KNOW the Way! Before I take my leave now, in case you are unsure, I said “now you KNOW the Way.” That means BE the love you want to give!

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … I am off to build an even bigger BOAT

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

**Channel: Celestial Blue Star


38 Replies to “Blue Star the Pleiadian: No Boundaries and Unchartered Waters”

  1. Harriet

    What I think is possible is this Pleiadian decided to lower himself to our level 3D, and risking karma, told us this info in a way we can relate to. It wouldn’t surprise me, many times offworld beings seem somewhat frustrated with us. Like why aren’t we getting it after reminding us again like 50 times.
    There is always something going on behind the scenes. We really don’t know what is being kept hidden. Perhaps Putin is a terrorist and a monster. Or he is ‘Gentle Joe’ as many of you think. When I look in his eyes I see uneasiness and fear. Is it from the Cabal/Deep State/Mafia/ Illuminati? Or could it be he senses that changes-are-a-comin? And he will lose his power. He’s a complicated man and wants to use his power the right way, whatever that is. If he’s fighting the Cabal and tried to enlist the help of the rest of the world, there must be a good reason all the other nations aren’t helping. Or maybe they are. They know the Cabal is losing their power, they know ETs
    are helping towards that.
    My feeling is that Putin is power hungry and corrupt but he wants to get rid of the Cabal’s grip. He knows he can’t keep Ukraine but he has to get rid of those biolabs and protect Chernobyl. He knows he is in danger of losing his power. He will become sick from his fear and make mistakes. The Russian people will not give up trying to get rid of Putin, and they will succeed.
    Eventually, no more secrets, everything will come out and we can rebuild our world.

  2. fgsjr2015

    About 35 years ago, I learned from two Latter Day Saints missionaries that their church’s doctrine teaches that the biblical ‘lake of fire’ meant for the truly wicked actually represents an eternal spiritual burning of guilt over one’s corporeal misdeeds. Accordingly, I concluded, upon an atrocity-committing monster’s physical death, not only would he (or she) be 100 percent liberated from the anger and hate that blighted his physical life; also, his spirit or consciousness would be forced to exist with the presumably unwanted awareness of the mindbogglingly immense amount of needless suffering he personally had caused.

    I believe that the human soul may be inherently good, on its own; however, trapped within the physical body, notably the corruptible brain, oftentimes the soul’s purity may not be able to shine through. While the heart may be what keeps the soul grounded in this physical world, I believe that it is the brain and any structural or chemical-imbalance flaws within that, unfortunately, essentially defines one’s character/behavior while the soul is confined within the bodily form.

    It may be the case that the worst mass-atrocity-committing people throughout history had been thoroughly corrupted by a seriously flawed cerebral structure thus mind (or state of mind). Though, admittedly, that would be, even if true, no consolation to their countless brutalized victims.

  3. Jacques Vincent

    Just to see if you are well awake or sleeping like the most of us …
    Now it seems that we are effectively slowly waking up by the way
    you are reacting … We are on the right track now…
    This is all regarding discernment…

    1. Spiritualjon

      Putin is dead died 2015 that’s a doppelgänger so don’t know where this information is coming from

  4. Gerlinde Mantey

    These are not the Plejdians. It is very clear a desinformation in the sense of MMS and the dark ones. Clean and watch your channels. This happened some days ago already.

    1. Adrienne Smith

      I wholeheartedly agree!
      What total horse shit!

      First of all, advanced beings convey intelligence, which this piece sorely lacks.

      Secondly, Putin has taken on a great task.
      It’s monumental, actually.
      And he won’t be the only one.
      There are 336 bio weapons labs around the world which will all have to be destroyed by white hats throughout the world.
      Next up – Taiwan.

      But Putin’s job is especially difficult and especially important.
      He is taking out the hub of the Khazarians that had been darkening the world for THOUSANDS of years.
      There’s a long history here and Ukraine, as you know, is the cabal’s hub for every criminal activity known (and unknown, perhaps) to man.

      Putin could have achieved his objectives quickly if the Ukrainian Nazis weren’t holding their ppl hostage to protect the army and hold out for help. The Russian military is doing everything they can to protect civilians and infrastructure.

      Yes, this piece is pure propaganda.

  5. Alana

    I’m grateful to all of us discerning truth from fear. Way to go brothers and sisters!
    God bless 💙

  6. G.

    This isn’t a positive transmission from the Pleaides like several other postings from questionable sources on this site. Other channeling allegedly from the Pleaidians have had political vitriol that only a human with an agenda would expound.

    1. Gerlinde Mantey

      Hier sprechen definitiv nicht die Plejadier. Es ist Desinformation, wie die letzten Tage schon mal.

  7. Malissa Liburdi







  8. Human

    This being whether alien or other needs to shut up. It knows nothing! Adding to the madness is criminal.
    Why is this even here?

  9. Ann Marie

    I bailed at the 6th para, it was clear this was a troll, the vibes coming off was just too heavy.

  10. Göran R

    Thank you very much. Good written. If the men and women who cant see what happens in the world but love Putin and other who all the time they have worked have made other humans being and other being bad, perhaps they can learn anthing about life and not only by halfreligious reading.

    1. Emma

      Your vibrations are low (like your anger), so you resonate with this channeling. It has something to teach you. But for most of the readers, as you can see, they find it to low, to dark, to judgemental.

      Putin has never done anything bad to me, or to the world. But I read a lot of bad stuff about him, from media that I no longer trust anyway. Media who said russia russia russia to everything Trump did, and to the laptop from hell (Hunter Bidens), that are now verified to be Hunters laptop. Media is lying all the time, so media saying Putins is bad man, I dont believe them, and I dont know why anybody does.

      I live way way closer to Russia than Americans, and have NEVER been bothered by Putin or Russia. They are like non existing (never provoded my country in any way), only media is talking about him, Putin.

  11. Denise

    Yes this post was very low vibe but you shouldn’t be angry at this person for doing their job. How can you discern fact from fiction if all you ever heard was simply Truth? How would you tell the difference?
    I’ve been warning people for many months now that ALL of THIS, everything happening on our planet, is the great Cosmic Placement Test, a sorting of souls to places that meet their evolutionary levels.
    In order to sort those souls it must be determined where they stand so you WILL be given false information as well as TRUTH.
    There’s no need for anger and judgement when you stop and think that this person IS one of your TEACHERS, they just happen to be teaching you about discernment. All things are TRULY connected.
    🙏 🙏🙏

  12. Ac

    Shitty vibes.
    I understand not all of the Pleiades must be of love and light, but this?
    I gave up.
    Feels like AI trolling lol

  13. John Robbins

    Busy stirring the pot again are we blue star? Tut tut.. Not to worry, this broth is for your consumption alone. Bon Appetit!

    1. Niki

      Seriously, I don’t believe how dark, dense and truly ignorant this article was. Era of light needs to be re named Era of Darkness for promoting such vileness.

  14. Christed Light

    Just why did Era of Light choose to post this balderdash of disinformation on their website? To consternate Lightworkers the more?

  15. Christed Light

    Just why did Era of Light choose to post this balderdash of disinformation on their site? To consternate Lightworkers more?

  16. Donovan

    Celestial Blue Star I think your filters are in dire need of an overhaul, especially when talking about Putin. Never read so much nonsense about Putin in all my life.

  17. Lara

    Hogwash and hatred…not much love nor wisdom here. Honestly, articles such as these only add to the confusion, anger, frustration, division, fear. The exact opposite of what they purport to do.