Saint Germain: Hold On To The Dream

I am your Saint Germain. I come at this time as many things across the planet are beginning to gain steam, beginning to become more and more a part of the new higher expression within all of you, as you are all moving forward.

Even though you may not know it, even though you may not feel it, you are all moving forward as a collective. It is happening, and the dream is continuing on. So hold onto that dream. Do not let it go. Do not become ensconced once again within the old illusion. For the old illusion is falling away rapidly. And you will begin to see the proof of that.

Many of you have been asking for proof; asking for something to show itself that says ‘yes, it is all real.’ And for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you have had some proof already.

But the real proof, the unmistakable proof, is just around the corner now, however you might look at that. For it is coming quickly. It is a part of a new expression that you are all moving toward now.

And as you have heard many times, nothing, and no one, can stop this. Because it has been preordained by the force of God Him/Herself that all of this will come to be. That you will indeed move through this ascension process. And you will indeed be those ones to be of the first wave of ascension if you wish to be. And indeed you are being prepared for that. Not only, of course, here within this group, but in many of the groups throughout the planet that have come together. Many coming together as one to once again realize the dream. The dream of being free. All that you came here to be, all of you, to be free. Just simply need to let go now. Let go of all that is happening around you. Be aware of it, but not a part of it.

And I know that can be difficult, especially at times. For there are those moments when you get pulled back, when you seemingly become pulled back again. Pulled back down, back into the quagmire of the illusion.

Just as quickly as you get pulled down, you can pull yourself back out and up. Because it is not you any longer. You have moved beyond the expression, the expression of the veil. You have moved beyond it. And it no longer holds you down unless you allow it to hold you down. You are destined, you as a collective of mankind here on this planet, you are destined to be free. Free to go about your business as you know to do, or want to do, as long as you are always aware that you are a part of The One, and The One is a part of you.

Nothing now can stop this or stop you, even though they may continue to try, and they are doing so. They are still operating within the old programming that they have known, following the same game plan over and over. But you all know that game plan now! And those that are in charge, those of the Light Forces that are moving this along, completely know that game plan and they are many steps ahead all the time.

So there is no reason to fear, even though those around you are holding on to that emotion of fear, for that is what they know. You yourselves, you have moved beyond the need to fear. For there is literally nothing to fear. Except when it comes up within your programming. Taht programming is fast being dissolved within you. More and more that you utilize the Violet Flame to purge out all of that old programming and old memories, then you will find yourself more and more free, free to once again be who you are and who you came here to be.

I am your Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue on to follow your dream. Follow it wherever it may lead you. But know that it is leading you up and beyond.

**Channel: James McConnell

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4 Replies to “Saint Germain: Hold On To The Dream”

  1. Bernard REMOND

    Bien que n’étant pas du sérail, je suis SHAUMBRA, quasiment de la première heure, et je n’ai de cesse de témoigner de mon Amour inconditionnel et de toute ma gratitude à Maître St GERMAIN (ADAMUS) qui, en quelque sorte, serait mon “JEDI” et dont je serrais son .”PADAWAN” ..De tous ceux (nombreux) qui participent à ma guidance Maître St GERMAIN (ADAMUS) a toujours été présent en me tendant la main et me prêtant AIDE ,ASSISTANCE…et bien plus encore.