Ukraine Becomes The First Country To Implement The Great Reset

Until Russia invaded Ukraine, the Great Reset was failing miserably. Knowing how The Cult operates, we warned back in April of 2021 that the Globalists were surely preparing another crisis.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Great Reset is not only back on schedule, but it has already made its first victim.

While everyday Ukrainians have their entire existence taken over by war, the Ukrainian government silently implemented the Great Reset – and barely anyone even noticed.

As a result, Ukraine becomes the first country in the world that surrenders to the New World Order, implementing a Social Credit score, a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity and a Vax Passport – all within a single app called Diia:

Also watch this official instructional video (make sure you activate English translation):

We’ve warned before that under a New World Order, the digital money issued by the government can be spent on select products only, and they will have an expiry date, which means that the people will not be able to save money ever again – this is exactly what happened in Ukraine:

Here’s the Ukrainian Gov’t website announcing the draconian measures.

And this is the truth about the current situation in Ukraine:

Until recently, Vladimir Putin seemed to oppose the Great Reset and the New World Order, but now it is looking increasingly possible that he might also be part of the NWO agenda, and the invasion of Ukraine served as the much-needed pretext for imposing unprecedentedly drastic mutual sanctions, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the global economy.

When the world economy inevitably collapses, the Great Reset / New World Order will be implemented on a global scale. Putin’s next moves will eventually reveal if he is part of the globalist agenda not.


11 Replies to “Ukraine Becomes The First Country To Implement The Great Reset”

  1. Jazz

    Biden has verbal spoken about going digital,money recently for all purchases, banking , which would allow the US government more control over the the population. No cash, When 9/11 happened , the American public wanted more securty, thus more cameras, more peeping into our lives, we made a trade off, during that time, Edward Snowden, movie is a stark reminder, of our past decision.

  2. LightSeeker

    Thanks for the comments. Much better than the article. Putin, Trump,Modi and Xi are working together to rid the planet of Cabal. This is not news. We have known this a while now. Those who make a connection know.

  3. Han

    Hi KejRaj! Have you sold your soul to darkness? Why do you keep posting garbage news like this?

  4. Donovan

    The NWO will never be implemented globally. Now logistically how in the hell do you implement the NWO in Ukraine with a war going on? FALSE FLAG (again).

    1. tjw

      It seems like you have no clue about the NWO – it is BEING ATTEMPTED AS WE SPEAK AND HAS BEEN WELL PLANNED

  5. gaffer

    Russians are the only people on earth that fights replicas, let’s see? Well, let’s see!

  6. Melinda Siebold

    You seem to think Putin is in charge of Ukraine since you blame him for this. Has it occurred to you Russia has made incursions but is not in total control?

  7. igi

    you dont speak russian, so yes, maybe you have to wait and see.
    but i speak russian, so i know what the plan is.
    nwo has been deleted.