The Great Quantum Transition: Ops In Polynesia Part 1

Lightwarriors’ operations in Polynesia were a continuation of other ops that the ground team conducted on Easter Island, Hawaii, South Africa and other places, which Disclosure News narrated in detail earlier.

Following the Co-Creators’ initial plan, the group was assigned to cleanse from negativity a number of Darkis’ ritual objects which were a part of their global infrastructure for pumping out men’s vital power.

But, as has happened in other operations, along the way, the campaign objectives have completely changed. The team had to solve not Earthly but cosmic tasks, and its leader learned something about himself that plunged him into a severe shock from which he could not recover for a long time…

Polynesia is the largest cluster of islands on Earth. In this area there was once a large Pacifide continent which many confuse with Lemuria. No, it’s not. Lemuria was in the Indian Ocean, and Pacifide (or Mu) was in the Pacific.

The archipelago consists of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia, forming a Polynesian Triangle bounded by the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Island and New Zealand. Pacifide roughly corresponded to these boundaries.

One of the main tasks of the Lightwarriors’ Polynesian ops was to clean up from necro-energy the marae – the analogue of Easter Island moai, Mariana lattes and Ukrainian Stone Babas.

Marae is a sacred place in pre-Christian Polynesian societies, used for religious and social purposes.

Usually it was a rectangular platform. In one of its corners, on a raised platform (ahu), there was a statue of the deity.

The location of the statue, as well as the key idolaters, was marked with an upright stone slab.

But the marae had another, carefully concealed function which only the High Priests knew about. They, like the Polynesians who built the marae, were very skillfully run by Black Archons whom the natives took for gods.

Darks used marae, Mariana lattes and Easter Island moai for their parasitic-vampiric purposes.

Before arriving in Polynesia, Lightwarriors clairvoyantly viewed and studied marae. They were tested as energetically very dirty places with pronounced necro-power which indicated that mass human sacrifices were carried out on them. When the group arrived in Tahiti, it was proved once again.

Lightwarriors conducted their first operation in marae Arahurahu on the Island of Tahiti.

This complex was connected with many others, located on different islands of the Polynesian archipelago.

Black Archons combined them into a single system, the field of which worked as a powerful pump, draining the men’s vital energy.

Despite the heavy rain, the group completely sanitized this place.

In the general energy and information infrastructure of marae, Black Archons did not invent anything new.

They used their standard scheme by copying the planetary network of the Flower of Life Temples (Cells of Life).

Statues of Polynesian analogues of Stone Babas (see – Operations in Ukraine, Part 4) have been preserved around the Tahitian marae – images of a human hybrid with a toad-like reptoid which were fueled by the energy of these sacred places.

The next morning, Lightwarriors flew by plane to the Raiatea Island from where they had to go on a rented catamaran to the venue of the next ops in Polynesia.

On Raiatea there is the largest marae of all Polynesia – Taputapuatea. This is a large temple complex consisting of several marae and tiki, ritual stones in the form of Stone Babas. Here the priests held their gatherings, which always ended with bloody rituals and sacrifices.

The study of the subtle material structure of this marae did not bring any surprises. To this day, a strong necro-energy has been preserved in it which has increased as it approaches the center.

This marae was also the center of the Polynesian necro-Matrix. Its core was a 12-sided black necro-crystal, a kind of antipode of the Crystal of Life in the planetary Temple of the Cell of Life on the Island of Moorea, turned by the Archons into a Temple of Death.

The Necro-Matrix consisted of 12 main and several dozen auxiliary marae, dispersed across various Polynesian islands. The 12 main ones corresponded to the 12 global Flower of Life Temples.

First the Maori, and then the Polynesians, run by Black Archons, who were perceived as deities, carried out the human sacrifices and fed the infrastructure of the necro-Matrix with manna – that’s how the aborigines call the Life Force.

During the operation, Lightwarriors completely eliminated the entire necro-Matrix and its core, and then proceeded to clean up the rest of the marae.

The group did not find any non-ascended Souls. They were evacuated from there as a result of the global salvage op of all sacrificed Souls from Earth, previously carried out by Higher Light Hierarchs.

After removing the necro-Matrix and all its tentacles in Polynesia, Lightwarriors installed a copy of the Pleromic Light Crystal in place of the core and spread it along other marae linked to Taputapuatea.

With this, the group completed their part of the operation. There was still required to clean up and restore the fields of marae. Lightwarriors’ groups in other countries immediately remotely joined this work.

But the main team still has questions…

The Polynesian necro-Matrix was used during sacrifices in its temples. But at the same time, it was also a vita-Matrix, that is, an accumulator that was charged with the Life Energy taken away from people.

Only this couldn’t be the goal of Black Archons. It had to have a purpose as it was on the Mariana Islands and Easter Island.

That is, Darkis created it for something. And this something, since the human Life Energy was used (an ideal substance for a vital incubator) could only be some kind of life form.

Given the proximity of Moorea Island – the localization point of the Earth’s Uterus – much became clear. Co-Creators confirmed what Lightwarriors had assumed. Extraterrestrial civilizations used the Polynesian necro-Matrix as an incubator for growing hybrid entities.

It remained to find out what kind of hybrids they were, and who created them.

The group had no doubt that Higher Light Hierarchs had nothing to do with this, since they never use such brutal and inhuman methods as bloody sacrifice.

It was also obvious that the Stone Babas or ritual tiki stones found everywhere in Polynesia had a direct relationship to a hybrid – a human body with a reptilian face resembling a toad.

At the main marae, Lightwarriors discovered a vita Matrix (a full-format copy of the Monad) which could be used for making a clone, or to restore the deceased Monad if a certain sequence of actions is followed, and knowledge of the access code and its activation applied.

When Co-Creators told who owned the Matrix, the team was shocked. It was their old acquaintance – Abozis (see – Disclosure News NIBIRU OPS. PARTS 1 and 2).

Recall. This entity was once spawned by the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. In turn, Abozis was the ancestor of Nibiruans (aka Anunnaki or Nifilim), and the Supreme Hierarch of Nibiru.

Nibiruans belong to the Gray race. Its representatives are distinguished by their strength and endurance, as well as a long lifespan.

Anunnaki are very closely connected with Earth but their whole interest lies in rape of our planet’s natural resources and the use of man to create various hybrids. The latter should be discussed in more detail.

Correct hybridization, that is, mixing the DNA of different space civilizations, subject to very strict conditions, is allowed in our Galaxy and is not a crime.

Using their right, Anunnaki agreed with the Siriusians to make a joint hybrid. Their DNA was crossed, and the result was a cross-breed of two races. Both pursued their evolutionary goals.

Anunnaki needed to inherit something from Siriusians, and the Siriusians from Anunnaki, in particular, their robustness and strength.

This hybrid was born on Earth, and then was placed in the Gaia’s Womb under the Moorea Island. There, the natal Matrix of the entity was stored in an ideal environment. Based on it, a separate space civilization was created which still exists today.

In addition, Anunnaki created their own hybrid, crossing their representative with a human.

Thus, they wanted to upgrade themselves, and form a new, as they believed, promising genetic branch containing part of the Power of World Mother Sophia, the original Cell of Life and the Absolute’s wave DNA.

What came out of it can be seen everywhere in Polynesia, it’s a toad-headed repto-man. Several extraterrestrial civilizations were also born from him. Their natal Matrix (crossed DNA fragments, Causal Bodies and Monads of earthlings and Anunnaki) was also located in the Gaia’s Womb under the Moorea Island.

The third, odious hybrid of Anunnaki is one of the most terrible crimes against Life. In violation of the Creation Code which permits the crossing of life forms that are at approximately the same level of evolutionary development, they decided to make hybrids of humans and some animals, in particular monkeys.

The Code prohibits hybridization for the evolutionary vampirism, that is, the improvement of one species at the expense of the degradation of another. For example, a man has a Monad but a monkey does not. When crossing, a man partially loses his Monad but the monkey does not gain it either. As a result, a man descends in his evolution, and the monkey rises, although in fact the halfbreed is a semi-animal.

Such hybrids with monkeys include Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, gibbons, Yeti (Big Foot)… Although Charles Darwin, in the heat of diabolical obsession, declared the monkeys to be the ancestors of man from whom modern Homo sapiens descended.

In fact, it was the realization of the plan of the Black Archons to hide from man his Divine origin. And the concept of Homo sapiens is nonsense, a deeply erroneous scientific abstraction.

After crossing a man with a monkey, it became clear that this could not be done.

Anunnaki were obliged to destroy him, for so says the Code of Creation. But they didn’t because they wanted to create a separate space race on its basis.

Fortunately, this did not happen. Karma Lords intervened, and by their decision, Anunnaki were deprived of the right to genetic experiments and expelled from Earth.

Currently, this civilization is in karmic quarantine, in total isolation, all its external contacts, in particular with Earth and humanity is prohibited. There can be no channeling with them now.

However, there are still ape-humans, albeit in limited numbers. Their creational Matrix has also been preserved in the Gaia’s Womb. The scariest thing about this hybrid is that the humanoid ape has a semi-formed Causal Body that can form and accumulate karma.

One of the conditions of Anunnaki release from custody was the complete elimination of their hybrids, and working out of the karma contained in the semi-Causal Bodies of these hybrids which remained only on Earth.

When Lightwarriors were on marae, where the reserve vita Matrix of the Abozis was stored, Karma Lords invited the group to communicate with him to find out his intentions regarding karma. They lifted the quarantine for a few minutes and brought him into direct contact with team.

Unfortunately, the dialogue failed. Abozis was extremely aggressive, did not answer direct questions, threatened and insulted Lightwarriors all the time. Karma Lords immediately cut off contact and restored full information isolation of Anunnaki.

After that, Karma Lords gathered for an emergency meeting to decide the fate of the Abozis’ vita-Matrix in Polynesia, for preservation of which Black Archons built a marae network where mass sacrifices were held.

According to Karma Lords, the Abozis’ vita-Matrix was placed on Earth illegally, and was accompanied by mass murders and crimes against Life, draining the vital energy of Earth and sacrificed people.

Nibiruans posed as gods and committed atrocities by the hands of Maori, Maui and Polynesians, maliciously encouraging them to do so. By Karma Lords decision, the vita Matrix of Abozis was to be destroyed.

They instructed Lightwarriors to carry out this decision, since the team was at the Matrix localization. The group annihilated it.

What happened next, DNI narrated in detail in NIBIRU OPS. PART 2. Abozis was captured by Karma Lords, condemned for his crimes against the Universe and destroyed.

Anunnaki – his creations – were taken under karmic arrest and placed in a special quarantine zone. All of them will be spared their lives and after the Quantum Transition they will be given a chance to undergo a spiritual rethinking and embark on the new path of evolution.

They are placed in a separate “correctional” eon which will also include other reptoids and repto-humanoids who got the same chance.

After splitting the Abozis’ vita Matrix, Lightwarriors carried out a sweep of the place where it was located. Then, they returned to the catamaran and the next morning went out into the ocean, moving to the Huahine Island.

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