EU Parliament Calls Out Trudeau For Gross Human Rights Violations: ‘You’re A Disgrace! A Dictator!’

This week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the EU Parliament to deliver a speech on the threat to democracy the West is currently facing. The idea of such an obvious tyrant delivering a speech about democracy being under threat after ushering in one of the most insane authoritarian nightmares faced by the West in decades would be laughable if it were a work of fiction.

eu parliament calls out trudeau for gross human rights violations ‘you’re a disgrace! a dictator!’

Unfortunately, however, it was no work of fiction and as the reactions from other EU MEPs highlight, it did not go unnoticed. After Trudeau’s lip service to “democracy” in Brussels on Wednesday — which he gave to a largely empty room, several MEPs called him out, accusing him of violating human rights over the handling of the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa last month and covid in general.

“Based on article 195, I would like to point out that it would have been appropriate for Mr. Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, to address this house, according to article 144,” she began. “An article, which was specifically designed to debate the violations of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law which is clearly the case with Mr. Trudeau.”

Anderson accused Trudeau of openly admiring the Chinese dictatorship and called out the prime minister for trampling on “fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dare to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy.”

And admire China, he did. In the now-famous speech, Trudeau praised the Chinese dictatorship for their “green” initiative and opined about the benefits of tyranny — to which he received a round of applause from his flock.

Anderson wasn’t alone in her disdain for the tyrant Trudeau either. In another speech that has gone viral online, MEP Mislav Kolakusic of Croatia blasted Canada’s leader, stating:

“There are those among us who trample on those fundamental values,” a reference to the elderly native woman who was trampled with police horses near Parliament Hill. “For many of us are fundamental human rights for which millions of citizens of Europe and the world have laid down their lives,” Kolakusic said in front of Trudeau, who just gave a hollow speech about democracy being under threat.

To defend our rights and the rights of our children, which we have acquired over the centuries, many of us, including myself, are willing to risk, our freedom and our own lives.”

Kolakusic said Canada was once a symbol of the modern world but in recent months has become a “symbol of civil rights violations” under Trudeau’s “quasi-liberal boot.”

“We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block bank accounts of single parents so they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes,” said Kolakusic. “To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

Kolakusic said united citizens of the world “can stop a regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.”

Another MEP, Cristian Terhes of Romania, who refused to even attend the speech over Trudeau’s presence, released a statement of her own, blasting the Canadian Prime Minister for having the audacity to try to “teach democracy lessons to Putin from the European Parliament when you trample with horse hooves your own citizens who are demanding their fundamental rights be respected.

“The difference between democracy and tyranny is not determined by the geographical location of political leaders, but by the values they promote,” said Terhes.

German MEP Bernhard Zimniok also hammered Trudeau for his gross violation of human rights, stating that the EU welcoming him is “an invitation to someone who has been trampling on democratic rights.”

“Clearly the values of democracy are being despised by this individual,” he said. “Let us not give someone like this any speaking time in this house of democracy.”

After Trudeau’s speech, the pro-dictator media in Canada attempted to claim that he received a “sustained ovation” despite the overwhelming majority of MEPs leaving in protest before his speech even began.

**By Matt Agorist


4 Replies to “EU Parliament Calls Out Trudeau For Gross Human Rights Violations: ‘You’re A Disgrace! A Dictator!’”

  1. Teddy

    Such truth here, but where were these same EU Parliamentarians when Europran leaders recently practiced forms of Tyranny on their own people? Where were they when the EU voted to mandate jabs for EU citizens? Such hypocricy! Three fingers pointing back at themselves.

    1. Max

      The trouble is that these very same EU MEPs are a minority and they have told their own countries and have previously given speeches in the EU parliament regarding COVID and COVID vaccines.

      They are trying to open the eyes of the sleeping public which should always be applauded.

      As these individuals are the minority they have not had the desired effect, but their messages are there on record if you care to research and look for them.

      Unfortunately, there are many politicians in the EU and, indeed, throughout the world that are really “puppets” of the Globalist Elite/Cabal/Deep State.

      We should always cheer and support those who side on the “truth” and wish to proclaim it regardless of the source; whether it is from the EU, US, Canada or any other place in the world. For “Truthers” are needed more than ever!

      We need more honest people in this world more than ever!

  2. Max

    It is good to see that members of the EU parliament calling out Justin Trudeau or Justin Castro as he is really known.

    These dictators need to be told that what they do is unacceptable to the majority of the people. There are EU parliamentarians who have done just that! Bravo to them!

    Trudeau’s (or Castro) ideas of democracy is warped to the degree that his idea of democracy is a thinking and intelligent man’s (or woman’s) dictatorship!

    The good news is that so many Canadians despise him and do not agree with him and so his level of “support” amongst the Canadian public is now at an all time low! He would be completely humiliated in a “free” and “fair” election, if the Canadians actually have them….