Cosmic Update For Final Week Of March 2022

A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is headed for Earth/Gaia with expected arrival on the 28th or sooner which is expected to create a geomagnetic storm—possibly a “G.1” level.

This will activate our planet’s inner and outer vibrational frequency and may cause heightened “Light Activation Symptoms” as the Moon approaches its newness on Friday—April 1st.

Solar winds are currently only slightly above normal traveling at just about 412 km/s (kilometers per second).

This will change as the geomagnetic storm arrives causing the KP Index to elevate to possibly “unsettled” or “storm” levels.

The storm may increase to a “G.2” or more level.

Geomagnetic storming can also cause earthquakes and other earthly eruptions as well as unseasonal weather patterns. Our planet’s magnetosphere is gradually building up with plasma particles.

Energy is coming into both the far side and the sun-facing side of our planet.

Hydration with lots of spring water and obtaining extra rest is advised.

Recent cosmic events have caused physical exhaustion as a major symptom.

To help to increase energy, take two drops beneath your tongue of “Olive” homeopathic remedy by Bach Flowers four times each day; place lemon in your water; wind your auric field with a tuning fork which plays the 528 hertz sound; wear essential oils such as Orange Blossom or Tangerine; take a sea salt or Epsom salt bath to relax and remove atmospheric toxins from your cells; and wear Amber bracelets or necklaces for their healing properties as well as for their tendency to give energy to the physical vessel by increasing its “Prana” or “Life Force”.

Be sure to always breathe deeply to increase oxygen in-take.

Do not stay up late into the night.

Be in bed between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM even if you are not sleepy.

Read or listen to soft music.

It is expected that the month of April will have heightened cosmic energetics due to the coming Solar Eclipse on April 30th and the approach of the pre-shadow of the Mercury Retrograde.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali