Major Cosmic Alert! The Heightening Of Light

This morning at 7:29 AM (Eastern Daylight Saving Time which is 11:29 Universal Time), Monday, March 28th, an “M4 Solar Flare” exploded from our Sun along with a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

Because it takes approximately three days for cosmic energetic to reach our planet, it is estimated that the full impact of this event will not reach Earth/Gaia until Wednesday, March 30th.

However, often these events reach our planet before their expected arrival.

Also, the longer it takes for such energetics to arrive, the stronger they tend to be, even though their “take off” can be immediately felt by many because of how huge the Sun is compared to our planet.

The “KP Index”, which registers activations to our planet’s inner and outer fields, is rated at a level of “unsettled”.

This will likely become a rating of “storm” once the full impact of the flare and CME arrive.

Several sunspots larger than Earth/Gaia have been detected which are crackling with the possibility of further “M-Class” flares as energy is coming into our planet from both its sun-facing side and its farside (backside).

Solar winds are moving back and forth between the upper 400s and over 500 km/s (kilometers per second) which is well over millions of miles per hour.

I repeat what I have mentioned in earlier articles: Normal wind speeds are between 300 and 400 km/s.

All of these cosmic forces affect planetary creation: humans, animals, plant life.

The DNA of everything is powerfully changing, transforming, and re-birthing. Mainstream science is now reporting that the planet is shifting its poles.

Science is now seeming to come into alignment with ancient spiritual teachings about this “Now” space/time continuum which is intense.

Chaotic circumstances on the “3d” level are being addressed by cosmic occurrences.

The era of “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) is just about at its most intense like a woman in third-stage labor when the pain is so profound that many women scream and cry.

After this most intense period, the baby comes forth from the birth canal, and the Mother relaxes, smiles at her sweet little treasure, and rests.

“Mama Earth/Gaia” is in intense labor and so is creation that is sharing “Her” as its planetary home.

The Sun of our galaxy is bringing in tremendous LIGHT—almost completely white. Its glow is very extensively bright.

This is indicative of the dynamic LIGHT that is exuding from the Great Central Sun and zooming throughout the entire cosmos which is vast and cannot be calculated in its enormity.

Ancient scriptural texts inform us that there are billions of universes.

Thus, the number of galaxies and planets cannot be numbered.

Only SOURCE knows the true enormity of “ITS” creations.

We are allowed, however, to regularly “discover” planets which to humanity may seem to be “new”.

In truth, they were fashioned by SOURCE long, long ago in a time frame that we cannot really know, but we are “allowed” to see them when SOURCE deems it necessary.

Some of the LIGHT from various cosmic events surged from the Great Central Sun millions and billions of years ago as mankind calculates time sequences, but it is just now being able to be seen.

This seems to give credence to the biblical verse: “Nothing is new under the Sun.”

With the increase in solar flare levels, solar wind streams, and a plasma-filled magnetosphere, “Light Activation Symptoms” (also known as “Ascension Symptoms”) are likely to intensify.

These include: loud ringing in the ears, headaches, pains in muscles and joints, dizziness, itching and rashes, heat surges with some sweating, heart palpitations, upset stomachs, sore throats, blurry eyes, clogged sinuses, lack of appetite, irritability, anxiety, not feeling like doing very much during the day, and that all too long-occurring symptom of exhaustion.

As has been discussed previously, not everyone will have all of these symptoms at the same time.

Many people will experience most of them; some people may experience all of them; some people will experience only a few of them.

However, EVERYONE will experience them—whether a few symptoms or many.

Not everyone, of course, will relate them to cosmic events because not everyone is aware of this knowledge. So, they will give some “3d” “logical” excuse for the symptoms.

In fact, they may even say that this type of information is fanciful and science fiction.

At such times, we must remember that HIGHER KNOWLEDGE is not for everyone.

For example, I have previously quoted the Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and I will do so again.

He once taught: “Not everyone will have the rhythm and capacity for spiritual and intellectual understanding.”

He was very adamant about the power of the cosmos and its affects upon creation.

He first came to the West from Bharata (India) in 1910 to teach HIGHER KNOWLEDGE from the Sufi perspective.

Why are these symptoms so challenging?

I will reiterate a previous written discourse.

When people elevate, it is the consciousness (the MIND) which connects with Super-Consciousness (the SOUL, HIGHER SELF, SOURCE).

The physical vessel comes “on-line” later because its cellular memory has to be cleared-away and cleansed much like an office whose files are old, worn, and dusty.

The file drawers ((physical vessel with all of its “chakras”) have to be renewed, and new file folders (cellular records) have to be prepared.

The entire office may need to be cleaned, walls painted, new carpeting laid, new fixtures placed into the bathrooms, etc.

This process will take time.

Similar to this office metaphor, LIGHT moves initially gently through all aspects of the physical vessel and through the emotional make-up when an individual first begins to elevate—like the first stage of labor when contractions begin but are not very painful. Eventually, the LIGHT picks up speed and intensity.

Think back to the birth metaphor.

The labor contractions pick up speed (come more often) and are increasingly intense. In like manner, the “labor” of reception of LIGHT has picked up speed and is more intense as well.

It has to clear and cleanse many ages of disharmonious thoughts, feelings, words, and actions—both of our ancestors’ and of our own makings.

This is the “labor” of the carbon to crystallization “re-birth”.

LIGHT must push through lots of “dross” in order for our “light” to truly align with the GREATER LIGHT.

As the New Moon (April 1st), the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (April 12th), the Full Moon (April 16th),and the Solar Eclipse (April 30th) prepare to come “on-stage”, cosmic energetics will increase in number, strength, and potency.

Further, the next Mercury Retrograde will begin its “dress rehearsal” (its “pre-shadow”) near the end of April for its “premier” (from May 10th through June 3rd), and it will take its “bow” and “encores” (“post-shadow” period) for several days afterwards.

April, May and most of June, which is spring (Northern Hemisphere) and autumn (Southern Hemisphere), is a season of HEIGHTS OF LIGHT.

Study, Pray.

Increase your LIGHT QUOTIENT.


**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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    Sounds good!!!Like to announce that l/ does world-wide prayers/meditations,envisioning for light love peace twice a day.830 a.m. Eastern time and 7 p.m. Eastern time.Synergize your light with others and let us clear this negative garbage and actually BRING THE LIGHT AND LOVE!!!!Grounding,deep breathing,laugh yoga work,also.solfeggio frequencies,purification rituals,gratitude lists,Baroque music or nature sounds.Namaste Shabbat Shalom Peace be with You!!!!!