The Council of Radiant Light: Infinite Light Knows Itself and Seeks Completion

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. It’s really good to be with you.

These days are very challenging. What’s going on on the inner planes and what’s going on in the out-pictured world seem to be significantly at odds with one another and we feel the questioning, the doubt even, that is arising within you as you contemplate this variance.

We come to you offer you some perspectives which can support you at this time. Take a deep breath, let your body rest and relax as we offer some views that may assist you in participating now.

First, allow yourself to realize that what is changing within you is happening at a fundamental level, not at a superficial level. And too, this change is happening in all life. As it can. As it is allowed.

So in the out-pictured world you see the unfolding of massive change, and know too, the material world trails what is happening now in consciousness. The material is reflecting what has been, is slower to catch up with the speed of change in consciousness that you experience in your own awareness, or even your own manifest life — given that much of the out-pictured world you know, is collectively shared and agreed upon.

What you witness in the world is the result of All life on Earth experiencing this change and so, even though you may have sought and in fact, moved into this inner state, slowly and as you wished, as you learned to feel safe and allow yourself to let go…the outer world is reflecting the vast diversity of humanity now beginning to live in a world that is no longer rooted in separation.

A world in which many are feeling their connection to others in different and perhaps, a much deeper way. Which for some is glorious and wonderful and for others, cause to resist. For some this openness liberated more connection, while for others this can feel like vulnerability, exposure, and a loss of control — an experience that is unwanted.

The material world and the expression of Life on Earth is an agreed upon expression. And, again, it is not changed as easily and quickly as your own consciousness. For the material is denser and it is a shared experience; reflecting the energy and expectations, the shared agreements made by all of you, that until so recently was to live in separation. Now, that underlying agreement has been released and the world is now, unified. The experience while being infused by angelic energies of grace and love yes, is still, now, in an enormous process of rearranging. For as you well know, beliefs, systems, and structures have yet to be brought into balance and harmony with unity and so there is tremendous pressure and tension, which can be where one is oriented, perceiving…as well as tremendous opportunity for love and expansion and elevation, which can also be where one is aligned, and noticing their experience.

What is changing within you is happening so deeply and is so fundamental to your overall relationship, approach and orientation to life,  that the out picturing of it is occurring, but is happening, again — so deeply and fundamentally, that the manifestation in more unified, and readily perceivable external expression has yet to fully arise.

Please note that we say fully, meaning that there is new creation available to you! It will be years and decades to move the systems and structures and ways of being in your world into a more harmonious form of connection and to build the relational architecture that embodies your unity. The new is anchored as it is recognized and claimed. One of our suggestions for this time, is to be willing to know the world in newness. To do all you can to release expectations to your experience and instead be open to see what is true and what is emerging in new expression.

In the most recent Soar Fest we spoke to you of being a river, rather than a rock. Being fluid and also knowing others too, are not fixed, are rather flows of energy and light.

Use this if you are willing, to be open to what comes and allow it to be current. Allow yourself to be current. Let go of labels and thinking you know “how it is going to be,” and be open to what is unfolding, while aligning within you to the Truth of your being, the light within you that knows how to do this. How to evolve while within human form.

How you use your attention, Beloveds, has always mattered. Has always had a lot to do with how you feel and what you perceive. Remember this, now, Dear Ones. You are free and can choose what you notice and also, what you align with and foster within you.

The light within you grows and grows. And your capacity to embody the greater wholeness is increasing. You are integrating the fullness of your being, each of you as you are able and as you allow, and you are also reorienting in your lives.

Even though many of you know yourselves as light-workers, star seeds, aware of the non-physical, and feel deeply engaged with the shift in consciousness that is happening in your world, there is still a fundamental reorientation which is occurring within even you. And this change is only beginning to take root in your world!

You might think of it, it could be described as a reorientation to what your priorities are, to what your aims are in life, to what you’re trying to accomplish on a day to day basis. The call within you, is toward unity, energetically and in consciousness.

As you love yourselves, as you relate to yourself with kindness and gentleness. As you discover your capacity for openness, you begin to feel a rearranging in your relationship to life, in which you begin to turn toward the experience of flow and prioritize that expression.

There are many different ways to say this, but we like talking about this shift, as a reorientation to flow. Flow, as the receiving, embodying, emanating, and the expressing of non-physical energies in the world of physical form.

And so, as you begin to notice your flow… As you begin to pay attention to how relaxed and open you are, because these things empower the flow, as does how aligned you are with your own inner state, inner sense of harmony, of truth. These are very different ways of relating to your embodied experience than the way you used to live in the past.

More and more people are beginning to understand that it’s not about figuring things out. It’s about feeling your way.

Know, too, that your body itself has incredible wisdom and capacity to lead. That your body is linked, and fundamentally arises from the planetary wholeness and therefore can guide you, can help you to move in harmony and with, the entire planetary field — which is at the leading edge, expanding in to higher and fuller expression.

All of this is happening because you’re allowing it to happen. We must say each time we speak to you, you are free, you are free! You’re free to choose how you live, what you pay attention to, what you prioritize what you allow, what you resist, what you hold on to what you release. All of this is up to you!

And the more you begin to prioritize openness and flow, the more you begin to relate to yourself with gentleness and love, the more you care about your body’s ability to be relaxed, rested, nourished and fundamentally open to the flow, the more you will feel yourself radiant and thriving.

There is a threshold to recognize, too. One that, once you reach it, in terms of your capacity to embody the fuller expression of all that you, changes your experience.

All That You Are begins to Itself, embodied, lead the charge into unity. Because the light within you seeks unity with Itself. You begin to embody this vaster Infinite Light. And as you do, this light moves toward the Infinite present in all expression.

Your experience of this may feel as though you have more empathy or awareness of how others feel. You may feel closer to places and people and things embodying this infinite light, allowing it in their own experience.

This light knows Itself and seeks completion. Seeks reunion. Seeks the greater remembering.

So what would we say to you about this now? We would say, enjoy the process.

Enjoy the experience of letting go and being drawn into communion with the Oneness That is All.

The light itself will carry you there. As you allow it.

Your task, your role, doing your part consists of learning to trust yourself, learning to trust in this greater unfolding, learning to allow it, learning to let go and learning to listen to the truth deep within you that is arising and asking to be liberated and to fulfill itself through you.

We love you very much. We are complete.

I am Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

**Channel: Ailia mira


4 Replies to “The Council of Radiant Light: Infinite Light Knows Itself and Seeks Completion”

  1. TheNOWTeam


  2. James Germiquet

    God/consciousness/the universe has asked me to relay this information to you.
    In the beginning God , I AM (1).. created the universe out of Itself, by vibrating (0).
    Decibels Angstroms Thoughts sounds light are all just vibrating energy.
    The Purpose of life is to give our existence as a singularity consciousness meaning.
    I think therefore I am.
    Everything else is just a product of gods consciousness. Creating this universe just by speaking it into existence. “In the beginning was THE WORD.. and the word was god..
    I can answer any questions about our creator and our existence if you are interested.

    1. James Germiquet

      God is not willing that any should perish
      God will wait until all have seen the light before passing judgement and forgiveness on all.
      God exploded into a BIG BANG of answers to the questions.. What am I .. Where How? When Why AM I? . We are ready for that answer.