The Telosians: You Are the Creators of Your Future Earth

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. You know it, we have often repeated it during our numerous messages transmitted to our channel, you are beings of very strong Divine Power but you are not sufficiently aware of it.

Why are we speaking to you today about the Power of your divinity? Because, quite simply, it is time, high time to bring it up from the depths of your being and spread it around you.

Why that ? Because, simply you have the capacity by thoughts of Love and Pure Light to transform the current situation, very heavy, in a situation of Peace and lightness. For this, it is important to act in thought but in thought of desire for Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Tenderness….etc

You have this capacity within you because the Pure Light that has always dwelt within you, even before your incarnation on this planet, allows you to transform what is dark into radiant Light. You can, if you wish of course, because you still have your free will, transform what is currently happening on your planet into a much more livable situation in gentleness.

It is time, high time to focus on your divine being, your soul, which only asks to exhale this Wonderful Energy that it put in you as soon as you arrived on Earth, in order to make your planet a radiant planet. of Peace and Joy.

You are going to say: “yes, that is all well and good, but how to stop what is happening on Earth at the moment and which is very very difficult for some humans to live with? »

Know, children of the Earth, that you are several billion inhabitants on this planet and that those who manipulate you are only a handful. You can annihilate them just by your thoughts of longing for Peace and Love. Let emerge from the depths of your being, from your heart, an infinite quantity of thoughts of Love and Peace. Visualize that you are Pure Light moving on this beautiful planet and offering all of your radiance to it.

Imagine the wonderful and very powerful impact it will have if all humans, at least a very large part of you, do the same thing! At that time there is going to be a wondrous outpouring of Divine Light radiance that is going to envelop the entire Earth and all of humanity. At that moment, the Earth, your beautiful planet will vibrate and radiate in the galaxy as never before.

This is what is happening. Many of you have come to realize many things about your life on Earth. A large number of you have finally agreed to go and look deep into your heart in order to find Peace there. The inner Peace that you have captured and recognized will spread over the Earth and the shadow will fade away.

You are the Creators of your future on Earth. Everything depends on you. The more you will meet in the depths of your being, the more you will vibrate and radiate Pure Light and Pure Love all around you.

It is important, at this time, that a greater number of humans share by thought the energies of Love. It is only on this condition that you will, more and more quickly, encounter the Beauty of the beings that you are: divine beings. The more you become aware of the transformation you can bring to your life in this way, the more life on your planet will become sweet and serene and the sooner the New Earth will present itself to you.

The arrival of the New Earth is Renewal in Peace, Joy, Happiness. The Earth is preparing you for all of this, you are not separate from her. She and you are ONE, it is very important to understand this because everything you do and think in Love and Light will come to join the energies of Light and Love of the Earth and, there, this will be the marvelous flight towards the New Earth. Planet Earth and all of you who are humanity are strongly connected. If one declines the other also declines. If one radiates, the other also radiates.

The Earth continuously offers you its Light and its Energies of Peace and Love. You are not receiving them totally within you because you have not yet fully understood, for many of you, that you are the Divine Power and the divine Power.

This Power and this Power are capable of annihilating the harmful effects that are currently living on the Earth.

Some of you are going to say, “but how can I think about transforming what is happening now? »

We will tell you this: the Power of Thought is marvelous and most powerful. It is beyond the little earthly power of your governmental or other leaders. The Power of Thought, when it comes sincerely from the heart, has a magical effect on everything around you.

If you meditate in Nature for example, close your eyes, listen to what is happening around you: birdsong, the water of a stream flowing near you etc….and at that moment offer everything the Love of your heart to this beautiful nature. The trees, the flowers, the birds will be receptive to these thoughts and will transmit them around them, also in their own way. Thus your thoughts of Love will go around the Earth and the more you connect with all humans, the more powerful the impact will be: you will help yourself and the Earth to live in Peace and Happiness.

It is important to understand that the more you will vibrate and radiate Light and divine Love from your heart, the more you will live in Peace, freed from what some wish you to live through fear . At that time it will be these beings who will be in fear, and they already are. By putting them in front of the Light-Love Energy you will make them disappear by the important presence of Peace and Joy.

You are the Divine Power, the Great Divine Power of Peace, Serenity, Joy. You have this Power very often ignored in you because, since always, for millennia and millennia it was said to you that you had nothing of that in you.

Presently, bring out this power of Gentleness from your heart and you will realize how much you can act while respecting all living beings on your planet. Respect also needs to settle within humanity, but everything is learning and the more you feel at peace within yourself, the more you will respect others around you.

We accompany you with great love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


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