Energy Update: A Full Reset

Can you feel the massive shift that has taken place over the past few days and last night?! We have been busy and very successfully Quantum leaping and collapsing the artificial Matrix and all its Timelines and Creations!

The New Grid, New Realities, our New Self and New Technologies are ready to come fully online any moment now and are already busy igniting!!

Our old, false Self and human Blueprint is being burned off as the New Divine luminous HUman ignites!

As our Kryst-All Avatar comes fully online within the forerunners now, our Crystalline Network and DNA, so do the Organic Realities as we hold the sacred keys and codes to fully re-birth ourselves along with Gaja now!


Outside of time and space.

As we are ready to fully awaken from the quantum dream!

Already done!

All we truly have to do is to merge with that state of Consciousness NOW. With The Great I AM that exists in all states simultaneously. Always now. Already Ascended.

Solar flares, geomagnetic instabilities KP4, solar winds and our magnetosphere is unstable with cracks showing up.

Powerful waves of Purification have been moving through our bodies and the Grids. Diamond Platinum White and Rainbow Plasma waves are pushing through the leylines and our inner meridians and nadis, clearing and removing any remaining blocks, implants, inserts, distortions, gender reversals, toxins, AI materials and signals, miasms and lower codings.

These energetic blocks where shown to me as connected to and carrying the old distorted thought forms and beliefs/ programs that the old Blueprints and Realities were based upon. All held within our bodies. All rapidly and fully releasing, healing and being upgraded to the New Divine Blueprints and Templates now, for ALL of Creation!

Full release of the Collective Crucifixion Implants as well as from the Grids!!

They are responsible for us feeling cut off from Source and have been part of the mind control programming and suffering that humanity has been subjected to. This is also clearing and correcting the reversal plasmas and Violet Ray, as well as Armageddon programming that has caused humanity to experience much misery and suffering!


Now we are all set and ready for The Final Liftoff out of this false Matrix as we ignite ALL-NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES FROM WITHIN US NOW!


I am sharing more in my latest COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE video (part 1&2) as well as TWO special Activations supported by Lightlanguage, to help us activate ‘New Earth Now’, as well as a ‘Divine Healing’ Activation supported by Lightlanguage, to assist our Purification, Healing and Upgrade process at this time. Links in comments!

Eternal Love & Blessings,



12 Replies to “Energy Update: A Full Reset”

  1. John Oceanista

    Love you Ramona. Any current news of the Solar Flash Event? I was going to ask you to update soon after your last wonderous message, and here you are!! Keep updating please Earth Angel!! 💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏💥💥💥

  2. Ramona

    here are the links mentioned:



    Part 2:

    SoundCloud channel with the two Activations:

    Divine Healing:

    New Earth Now:

    All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

  3. jane2415

    What is NAA? I will always wonder why no Author on re in carnation knew of any of the reality of life on earth, it is said now , that even RE INCARNATION was actually a trap, if that is so, it makes a mockery of the assumption that most people hold without any tangible proof, that we come to earth to learn lessons, I actually do not buy that, if the set up is so unfair to start, with , I mean total PRISON PLANET, surely many of your must question this?

    1. Ramona

      I just changed it to Negative Aliens. NAA stands for Negative Alien Agenda. As for reincarnation, yes it was a trap as in we were recycled and our Souls couldn’t ascend out of the lower density as well as forgetting who we were so we had no idea of how to fix this. This is what is meant by quarantine. Good news is this has now been lifted and going forward we will be able to love hundreds of years without aging (past 30ish) and can consciously choose when and where to incarnate into next. At highest level, which is Source, we still have all co-created this together as ONE. Of we were total victims in all of this then there would be no way out either. It’s just that the One Consciousness got very fragmented and sick, hence the mess we find ourselves in. The solution remains the inner work as we can reconcile and heal the One Collective Consciousness from within our own. It’s already happening. Of you check out my videos you will find more information there also.

      1. jane2415

        Thank you Ramona I need to have a lot more knowledge to really understand this whole huge process which obviously is happening here in 3d and throughout the the higher dimensions. it is not something you can easily get your head around , and I am awake 🙂 I like many millions just want a fair crack of the whip, a decent life, no health issues being able to pursue my love of making jewellery, many blocks to doing this as my mum needs to get rejuvenated I help her 24/7 so my time is limited…..I want to have enough money for my needs like most am not greedy, I know the energies coming to earth are strong, powerful , intense and constant and boy oh boy physically i know it!! But its all for a fantastic outcome and boy do we need it, the light workers are so dam tired, they really must get to see tangible physical happenings this year that the dark is done, and then we celebrate constantly for at least a year or more:)