Message from Babaji: When Are You Free?

The soul

Find your way, tread your path and don’t let yourself be distracted by anything or anyone.

You have entered the earth so that you can experience yourself and so that you can recognize yourself as divine.

Experiencing yourself as light on a lightless world and as love on a loveless world is what all human endeavors are about.

Your journey to this place which you call earth is exactly planned, exactly calculated and corresponds to the desire of your soul. You can exclude coincidences, arbitrariness does not exist – what exists is: the direct guidance of your soul through the labyrinth of time.

You have already lived many lives and you have had experiences that make you what and who you are today. Your immortal soul enters into a new symbiosis with a human body every life.

The years 0-7

Each new body adapts to the consciousness of the soul in the first years of life. Your spiritual-soul consciousness is integrated in the brain, the neural pathways and the heart. In this way, you mature into a complete human being by the age of 7.

Then you are inhabited and animated – and then you begin to live your soul assignments. The years from 0-7 are the acclimation or adjustment years of a human being. After that, the great forgetting begins and with that your life on this world begins.

Every human being has chosen his life exactly.

What you find, parents, siblings, country and place, culture and religion, in short, all tradings, which make up a human life, have been chosen by you before your birth.

Life by life you decide how it continues in your next incarnation on earth, you choose yourself where and with whom you want to continue your journey.

Now you are here and you complain about this or that.

Live without complaining!

Please stop this dissatisfaction with yourself and with the world. It is unreasonable, because what happens to you happens to you for a reason. Your growth depends solely on the challenges you overcome. For this, you choose the “trials” yourself and you choose them in such a way that you can cope with them and master them.

No one is burdened with a weight that they cannot bear. Each person chooses the life that he can master and receives the circumstances that are best suited for it. Never quarrel with your destiny – because it is your life!

And it is your soul that guides and assists you in untangling the entanglements and knots of life.

After a person has gone through the tunnel of forgetfulness and fully perceives himself as a limited human being, the greatest challenge of life is to remember again.

The whole life fulfills only one purpose: that you remember who you are and where you come from!

Once that happens, you are free!

That’s why many spiritual practices aim exactly at that – by being asked to practice this or that, you are invited to remember. You are urged to grasp the imperishable living in you.

That is the purpose of every spiritual practice – that you are opened to your transcendent divine consciousness that existed before your birth and persists after your death.

What are you, human being? What makes you and why are you in this world?

Find the answers

Find the answers and you are free! Don’t let anyone confuse you, until you have found – found yourself.

The human body is the vehicle for your soul on this earth – and yet it is not the soul that lives in the body, but it is the body that exists in the soul.

Once this is understood, your mind begins to open to what is essential and your true nature begins to reveal itself to you.

Be willing to take on anything to get closer to this truth, because:

Once you realize that the tunnel through which you came into this world is the same tunnel through which you will leave this world, you are free.

In infinite love I am with you

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


2 Replies to “Message from Babaji: When Are You Free?”

  1. kelly

    once you realize that the tunnel in which you came into this world is the same tunnel in which you will leave this world. Then you are free.