Isis: Remember Who You Are

You do not need to be afraid for I am with you and within you. With all that you are going through you need to remember that you are not alone and you will never be alone. The things that you are facing as a collective are becoming more clear and the fears that have been hidden are now being shown for all to see. This can bring up many emotions and trapped energies within your body. But this is nothing to be afraid of, these energies within you will calm down and you will feel at peace. These changes within you will help you to hold more light and you will receive more light in this new month.

Your light is shining brighter, your energy is moving faster and you are moving in a direction that is guided by your highest self. Though you may not see where you are going you are collectively moving forward in union. As you are moving further more will join you on your way and you will receive the help that you need from others that are in alignment. You all share different visions and views and herein lies your strength, you are here to find your path together and create a way where there is none.

You will be told that there are no possibilities for change, you will be made to believe that you are by yourselves but you must remember the Temple that you have within you. When you are in confusion with the world turn inward and see your own sacred space where you are free and at peace. This is a space that is there solely for you so you can replenish and re-energize so that you can remember who you really are within this creation. Your role is important here, yet you must not get lost in playing it.

The truth is that you are with many who are here at this time and you will increase in numbers. The seeds of remembrance have been planted in your heart long before anyone could ever make you believe you are someone you are not.

You are growing and evolving, you are becoming more steady and balanced in your true beliefs. The shedding of the many layers of the past is helping you to become stronger and rooted in your own soul. Don’t let others shake you with their opinions and limited perceptions. You are a multi-dimensional being who can easily see many different views from different perspectives. Don’t feel judged when you choose for peace over judging whether something is right or wrong. Don’t let others decide how you should feel because you choose for acceptance and understanding of the creation that this world has. It is easy to judge, yet is powerful once you can see through the limited perspective of the 3d world.

Trust in your inner compass, it will guide you in the right direction. Release those that do not align with you and wish them well on their path. Your path is different and it will not be liked by many as you know that choosing between one or the other is not choosing for love. Choose love when others can’t and choose to walk away when when others do not see the value of your heart.

You are always guided and loved by the Universe and by me. Let yourself be loved and know that you are respected for the light that you are shining in this world.

**Channel: Dana Grozdanova


One Reply to “Isis: Remember Who You Are”

  1. alan

    Hello ANGELS All;)))
    When we Judge it is almost impossible to Love at the same time. Judgement removes our Love from the world we are Creating. Always Loving and Forgiving .alan.;)))