Master El Morya: The Human Factor Makes the Decision

You are the way.

Love is the only power in the world that in the end will put together everything that now needs to be destroyed and taken down. Love is the solution to all problems and the answer to all questions. Love is the way and this way is YOU!

Beloved human being,

in all that now presents itself to you, remain in love and nourish it through good deeds.

Stay inwardly focused on peace and end days that have upset you with a silent prayer or a short meditation.

It is insignificant if you sometimes lapse into anger or rage, but it has great effects if you remain in anger or rage.

An angry warrior has lost the battle even before it has begun. Anger and rage cloud your vision and poison your judgment.

The view of the whole and a superior perception are essential if you want to exist in the confrontation between fear and love and emerge victorious:

– Judge and discriminate, but do not condemn!

– Call the things with names and the people with the names, however, don’t stop yourself thereby any longer!

– Speak truthfully and be truthful without waiting for understanding.

– Live your divine orders without looking back.

– Be determined and courageous and trust completely in God.

– Love your neighbors even if they commit injustice.

– Condemn the act, but not the person.

– Be aware of what is happening, but be equally aware that there is a natural end to today’s events, because injustice and hatred have a limited life span in this world.

You are the change!

People are awakening and every day there are more! You turn away from these machinations with all your strength and you become more aware of the power of your love with every day.

The dark rulers of this matrix have not reckoned with it, they could not calculate with it.

The human factor brings the decision, the human who stays in love and decides an initially hopeless fight for himself with the sword of truth.

You are empowered to accomplish great things, and you are about to do it! In the middle of the fight, in the middle of the world events, a cosmic game between LIGHT and DARK, between FEAR and LOVE is decided.

You are here today and now on earth – and you are right here! Be always conscious of it:

You carry the change, which was triggered now on the upper earth, in you! Because you are the change.

In infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

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