Energy Update: Major Jumps Forward

Energy Update / Ascension Update: major jumps forward, Ascension flu symptoms feeling tired, struggling to rebalance after triggers, setting stronger boundaries against distracting and destructive people to protect.

Wow what a major solar flare events we are experiencing. For me these last 3 weeks have not been fun at all. Many people and dark energies were triggering me to step up, defend my energies and rights. I know many of you have experienced this also.

Who said ascension was easy right pfeeew. Being a front runner in ascension is a role we were chosen due to our unique divine knowledge and talents but no one has told us it would be such a difficult road with so many challenges to overcome.

Ascension can not be faked and will only happen for real warriors of light, those that ground in and embody the higher frequencies of light and divine love.

We never experienced before having to release so much dense energies, old programming from all our bodies, mental, physical, emotional and energetic.

Then there is all the resistance of the outer world, people not wanting to change their 3D controlling and abusive ways, trying to distract us from evolving and ascending by continuing to force and project their fake world onto us.

On a personal level I had many low vibrational people both from where I live and from the fake spiritual world trying to distract me and pushed me setting stronger boundaries. A lot of so called FB friends I had to let go who are not real. We need to be more discerning who we connect with, especialy where we live, work and online and social media.

To become more whole and fully empowered not caring about anything people think or say about us is not easily done for people who have big hearts, those who care and are empathic just like me, however we have to as we become more sensitive every day.

We simply can no longer get involved or be attached to people, places or situations that drain our energies and pull us down.

However there still is an important role we play to help transmute these darker and dense energies into light and love. We need to keep in mind we are exactly where we are supposted to be to create the change needed in the world. We are continuing to build the lightgrid around the world grounding in the new higher light and love frequencies to help ascend the planet.

We all have to ground ourselves and become rooted into the new earth even more if we want to continue this path of ascension. All is changing rapidly and self care, and self love we must hold high.

Let go of people that do not believe in you, not love you or not support you. Stay away as much as possible. Do not even bother to connect or talk with people still stuck in the 3D matrix or stuck in old beliefs. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone.

Do not get sucked in any strange situations of drama or battles, we no longer need to fight any wars, we just need to be the observer and hold the love and light for others to follow.

It is not our role to convince people to choose our way of life.

There are more then enough advanced awakened souls on the planet that are active online with some amazing FB groups we can connect with and hold divine love high together.

Do keep in mind there are still many fake people on the spiritual path who claim to be lightworkers on an ascension path but are not, including well known spiritual leaders who have hidden agendas being selfish and materialistic. They are not connected to the divine. They are stuck in ego and only in service to self and not in service of others.

This week many of my dear soul tribe family freed themselves from a facebook group called the Divine Team that was run by false spiritual leaders and controlling people. A group I left a long time ago but I am happy to see they now also discovered the real truth for themselves and exposed the fakes. Now they are free building a new group I am part of also, a group based on loving and supportive co-creation and we all have a voice.

You do not need any outside source telling you what is right for you, only take in information that resonates with you, what feels true, honest, loving and supportive.

Please think for yourself, feel for yourself, only you know what is best for you in any relation to people even in love relationships. Be authentic, be yourself, do not hide who you are, walk proud, stand tall and take no crap from others that are not loving or supportive to you.

Even when we do not feel like it sometimes.

Just hold on, you’re not alone, we walk this path together with many and we will arrive where we need to be according to divine plan.

You are doing an amazing job, we are doing an amazing job so keep faith , yes it is not easy to deal with all strange feelings, emotions and triggers but we are being pushed to let go all that does no longer serves us.

Take salt baths, be in nature, take time for you, do not watch TV, take time off social media, get back into your heart, stop overthinking and connect with you higher self.

Leave your past in the past.

Ps. I am not posting as much myself as I need to time to handle all changes , energies also, I am very tired now in a good way. I do share posts that resonate I believe are helpful for all of us.

Thank you for your service.

Much Love,

**By David Alexander Lightfoot


5 Replies to “Energy Update: Major Jumps Forward”

  1. david k gates

    Same here!! WHEW!……can feel the energy building and ready to blow. So the question: There are still some events to go….The US economy still has to crash and will soon. “We’re out of money??? Just print a few more trillion dollars and pay bills!”
    Will we get that first solar wave before or after all the bad news starts the dominoes falling?
    People are going to really freak out… Scared panicky animals so SHINE YOUR LIGHTS!! =)

  2. Tanya Bulatovic

    Thanks David! Yes the energies have been strong indeed. But on the Light side everything is working for our Highest Good 🙏🏽💗

  3. Harriett Grady

    Thank you for keeping me on track. My body is undergoing lots of changes. I hope it is just ascension !