A Clean Slate

As you may know, new moons are a time of new beginnings and clean slates.

On April 1st, a new moon will form in the courageous and determined sign of Aries.

It is also the first day of the astrological new year.

This brings the perfect time to plant a seed of intention, as the projects we begin around this time have the best possibility of being successful.

It’s a perfect time to set your goals and visualize what you want to manifest in the upcoming weeks and months.

It is a perfect time to find a new way to express yourself, or to build upon the ways you already express yourself.

Whether it is art, music, poetry, writing, or though a business or initiative, the new moon in Aries will be a powerful time to use your skills and abilities to express yourself in a new way.

It’s time for us to take action with boldness, courage and confidence.

We need to take responsibility for where we are in life, currently, and where we want to be.

We must let go of any fears that keep us stuck in self sabotage.

For what would be the purpose of a dream that cannot be fulfilled?

The universe does not operate that way, teasing us with potential we do not have.

The only teasing comes when we cannot see our unrealized potential.

We must realize that we are already creating and choosing every aspect of our lives – whether we like where we are at, or not.

By taking accountability for where we are now and what we’re creating, we can begin to change the aspects that we don’t like.

Take this time to look at what you are creating/choosing, and what you would like to change.

Then, set the intention for what you would like to create instead.

You can do this thought writing, affirmations, and/or visualization.

Use whatever method you are most comfortable with to put your intentions out there and to get clear on what you’d like to create in the future.

Remember, the only limitations we have are the ones we create for ourselves.