A Fresh Start – April 2022

Hi my friend,

We have entered a brand new season, filled with vibrant energy that is encouraging our independence, passion, and happiness.

April begins with powerful currents of cosmic energy that will open many new doors to us when it comes to creating the life we desire.

This is the time to embrace our free-spirited and independent nature, especially when it comes to pursuing our goals.

Our inner leader desires to be active at this time, so this is not the time to be sitting on the sidelines, waiting for life to just happen!

The personal and collective fresh start we are stepping into now is offering us the strength to align with the experiences, ideas, and situations that light us up on a Soul level.

The intentions and proactive steps we take now will support the blossoming of our desired goals and visions in the months ahead.

Now is the time to be bold, strong, passionate, and empowered!

Here are some ways we can align with the powerful and fiery cosmic energies available to us now:

Embrace Our Leadership

This is our time to pave the way and birth something new into the world!

We as Lightworkers, empaths, and way-showers are being called to blaze new trails that will support and bring humanity together.

Take Inspired Action

Over the last year, many of our dreams, visions, and projects may have felt as if they were moving slowly. For many, it may have felt as if nothing was happening.

If this has been the case for you, then things are about to change.

It’s important to be open and available to taking inspired action whenever we feel the inner guidance to do so.

This is when meditation practices, breathwork, yoga, and other mindful practices can help us create more inner calm and quiet. When we create enough space between our thoughts, it’s easier to listen to and honor the guidance our Spirit is sharing with us.

Shine and Acknowledge Your Magnificence

This is not the time to hide or play small!

It’s time to fully accept your magnificence. Time to let go of the outdated stories and thought patterns your mind has identified with to feel safe.

You are a gift from Source, and it’s time to align with anything that supports you in expanding your Light.

That can include taking classes, trying something new, making new friends, releasing old habits that keep you from shining, and refining your gifts and offerings so that you can share them fully and joyfully.

Journal Your Inspirations

This is a time of new ideas, insights, and inspirations.

As these inspirations come to you, it’s great to write them down, so you can come back to them at any time, and tap into ways of integrating those ideas, insights, and inspirations into your life.

This will also lead to your receiving inner guidance on the best actions to take to bring some of these inspirations into reality. Writing down your ideas and intentions helps keep them clear and organized.

Be Flexible

Being flexible mentally, emotionally, and physically will help us embrace the big changes as they come in.

If for any reason you find yourself procrastinating or feeling unmotivated during this time, be gentle with yourself.

The mind uses patterns of procrastination and lack of motivation as coping mechanisms when it’s faced with a new beginning.

However, these patterns have absolutely nothing to do with who you are.

One of the main reasons the mind chooses to procrastinate and feel unmotivated, is because it usually prefers things to stay exactly as they are.

As a result, the mind will create stories such as, “I can’t . . . others are ahead of me . . . it’s not the right time . . .” etc., to make sure everything stays the same.

Once we realize that this is just one of the mind’s defenses, it becomes easier to have compassion for the mind.

It’s just doing the best it can with the information it has, to keep itself/us safe.

Really, how could we be upset with the mind for just desiring to protect itself?

Most people who choose to remain in procrastination are only there because they are judging themselves for not moving forward.

Yet there is always another option.

When we express compassion for the mind instead of being upset with it, this helps the mind to feel seen, heard, honored, and acknowledged.

Over a short period of time, that act of compassion allows the mind to lower its guard and its coping mechanisms, so that the space can open up for it to recognize the benefits of other ways of being.

Honoring our mind through compassion also creates space between the fear-oriented stories that the mind creates to protect itself, and our old habit of needing to believe those stories.

From there, it’s easier to get back into and embrace our own Universal Life-Giving Energy, which allows us to feel motivated—to take inspired action in the direction of the greatest vision we have for our life.

The energies of this month are supporting us to treat our mind and ourselves in a new way.

All that is asked of us is to be willing—to do our part by creating a daily practice of being more compassionate and loving with our mind and ourselves.

This month’s energies are available to help us move in the direction of treating ourselves in a more compassionate and loving way.

This supports us in integrating a daily practice of compassion and love for ourselves, which will help us move more easily through the times that feel more challenging.

An Auspicious Time to Manifest
Because the energies of April are so movement-oriented, we have the opportunity this month to refine our manifestation skills.

This supports us in creating experiences that reflect what we want more of, instead of what we don’t want.

One of the ways we can refine our manifestation skills is to understand the difference between intentional manifesting and future-casting.

The main difference between them is that one facilitates events to occur in present time, and the other projects events into a future that may never arrive.

Future-casting happens when someone views their desired intentions as being a future situation or event, rather than already feeling the qualities that that situation will bring them.

If you are finding yourself getting mentally caught up in the story and specifics of how your desired intentions “should” show up in your life, you are future-casting, rather than creating by intentional manifesting.

When we future-cast, we keep our desired intentions just out of reach, so that they are never fully realized in our present experience.

Future-casting is a coping mechanism the mind uses to protect itself, and to keep feeling structured and organized. It’s often mixed with doubt, worry, and fear.

When we realize that this is what’s happening whenever we future-cast, it becomes easier to have compassion and love for the parts of our mind that choose to cope this way.

Intentional manifesting requires us to first enter the present moment. To fully be here now.

It’s in the present that we operate at our most powerful, and are able to create the most joyful and fulfilling life.

Here are a just a few ways we can align with the present:

Acknowledging and being fully present and aware, actively using all five senses
Honoring all of our feelings and emotions
Being intentional with what we say, and how we act
Expressing gratitude often
Placing our feet on the grass/the Earth often, and spending time in nature
Performing acts of service without expecting anything in return
Eating natural foods that nourish and support our body
Moving the body through dance, exercise, and intentional walks
Working with affirmations
Taking in 10 to 15 minutes of off-peak sunlight each day
Receiving massage/touch therapy
Using essential oils
Self-development, self-inquiry, self-healing practices

Adding any of these into our daily routine will help us come back to the present with greater ease, to where we are able to intentionally manifest and create more of our desired reality.

Then, as we are operating in the present and choosing to intentionally create from the Now, we can expand out of the “specifics” of our desired manifestations, which tend to limit us and hold us back.

We can then focus more on the qualities we feel these manifestations would bring into our lives.

For example, a very specific desire would be something like: “I desire to manifest my soulmate so that I can create a family with them, and have two or three children.”

To determine the qualities we feel this experience would bring, we can ask, What is the purpose of this desire?

By questioning the specifics, we can see that there’s something much more expansive underneath that original vision.

In this case, when we ask “What is the purpose of my manifesting my soulmate, so that I can create a family and have children?” we might receive ideas such as, “I desire to experience love, understanding, joy, romance, caring, etc.”

This reveals to us that these are qualities we desire to create more of in our lives.

We can then ask ourselves questions such as, “Where in my life have some of these qualities already shown up?

“What would happen if I released the specific pressures I’ve placed on my desired soulmate, to provide me with these qualities?

“Wow! Would I be able to give myself the things I was relying on others to give me?

“Would I then be freer, happier, and more empowered? Might I be able to create and manifest more experiences that are aligned with my greatest good?” And so on.

It’s powerful, isn’t it, what happens when we free ourselves from all the pressures and entanglements of the specifics the mind uses, simply to protect itself!

Give yourself permission this month to honor the parts of you that have been future-casting.

And when you’re ready, give yourself permission to choose to do something different, because now is a wonderful time to intentionally manifest.

A Divine Renaissance
Around the second week of April, a momentous celestial alignment will occur when Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, unites with Neptune, the planet of imagination, compassion, and spirituality, in the realm of Pisces.

This specific alignment has not taken place for 160 years, so this signals that a tremendous shift is just around the corner.

This alignment will serve as one of the more important catalysts of this time we are in, helping to inspire a new renaissance in many areas of our lives, and in the world.

Some of these areas include:

How we relate to and connect with each other
How we relate to and connect with Mother Earth
How we approach our health and well-being
How we create peace within ourselves and in the world
How we create technology that supports all life
How we can all prosper by changing the archaic models of work and monetary systems
How we deliver information through media (film, television, art, music, books, etc.)

And much more!

The coming renaissance will especially bring a brighter focus on spiritual and personal development, making these a much higher priority than they currently are in the collective.

At that point, things that support personal and collective healing in an expansive, freeing, empowering way, will become much more accessible.

Whether that has to do with our physical body, mind, or everything in between, we are entering a time where addressing the root cause of ailments will eventually become the common approach to healing.

We are about to cross a significant threshold when it comes to the next leap in human consciousness, and I’m so grateful we are on this evolutionary journey together!

Until next time,

Miraculously Yours,

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