Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 2022

Change is a constant feature in life as nothing ever stays the same. Endings follow beginnings and beginnings follow endings, and whilst we can struggle with the plethora of challenges and emotions this invokes, we each try to accept the inevitability of change as best as we can. In many ways life is like the ebb and flow of the tides, lapping the shoreline and carving out possibility and potential. Yet, where the tides take millennia to carve out new shapes and pathways, change certainly feels to be happening somewhat more rapidly. In fact, at the moment the pace of shift feels fast paced and full of energy which feels both invigorating and exhausting at the same time.

If we pause for a moment to look back over the journey of our lives, we begin to realise that where we are now is a result of millions and millions of individual thoughts and decisions, each one often insignificant in itself, but collectively becoming transformative on every level. Although the storms currently feel overwhelming, there is a sense that approaching each storm with calmness allows us to find grace and clarity even in the most chaotic of moments. This takes courage and strength, but we all have both when we pause for long enough to connect with them.

In many ways, the more we find peace with the ebb and flow of the storms of life, the more we can acknowledge the role we each play in our own evolution as it’s our response to change that ultimately shapes and defines the paths we walk. Of course, none of us can control the shape or definition of our lives as we cannot control the currents, but we can choose how to respond as this perspective flavours all of our life experiences.

It feels quite liberating to acknowledge the notion that it’s only when we let go and stop trying to control the uncontrollable where we can start to feel a deeper sense of peace. This isn’t a new concept, it’s just one we all so often forget when life gets busy. This isn’t the same as giving up, it’s about a willingness to trust the currents more and to be ready to ride with them wholeheartedly. It’s also acknowledging the fact that every single one of the choices we make, or choose not to make, has consequences. There is an inevitable knock-on effect in life, nothing exists in isolation, so every choice, movement or decision impacts something else. This isn’t surprising given the interconnectedness of life, but it’s only when we accept the enormity of this when we can realise the importance of making the most of each and every moment to live well and to see life as an opportunity to grow, flourish and thrive.

It’s all too easy to find reasons ‘not to’ on all levels of life and it’s our innate caution that often holds us back from reaching towards our dreams or stepping towards pastures new. It can be hard to embrace the unknown when the familiar feels safe and comfortable, yet, the more we hold back, the more we stem the flow of possibility and potential. This isn’t to say we need to charge ahead without treasuring where we are and what we have, quite the opposite in fact. This is a time to honour where we’ve been, where we’re going and where we are. It’s also time to trust in the flow a little more and to feel the magic of the currents carrying us forwards towards new terrain.

Although there are times when life feels heavy and chaotic, confusing and overwhelming, it’s important to acknowledge that our souls are always free. The light burns brightly at the core of our being, and even when we are lost in the darkness, it continues to flicker and glow. That light may fade with life’s challenges, but it never leaves us. Even during dark days when we may feel lost or alone, the light still burns; we just have to look within to find it.

It’s time to open up our eyes, ears and hearts to the light within each of us to gently encourage it to glow brighter as we each choose to let this inner glow illuminate the path for those that are lost or alone. This is a time to unify and walk together, to find the commonalities between us, not the differences.

As we feel the glow warming us up from within, we start to feel a stronger sense of connection to ourselves, each other and to the world. It’s love that is the true power: when we have love, the world transforms on every level.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to explore new directions in life, there is a sense that April looks set to be a month of renewed creativity, passion and inspiration as you grab hold of a new wave of energy in order to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. This wave of energy is connected to the concept of living wholeheartedly and embracing life as consciously as possible; it’s as though you are starting to see your life and path ahead with a fresh perspective and renewed motivation. You have never been one to avoid new terrain in life and this has given you strength and courage to explore pastures new; as a result, you have learned how to trust your in-built guidance system that lights up with that warm, fuzzy feeling when you intuitively sense you are moving in the right direction and leaves you feeling a little cold when you’re moving the other way. This guidance system has served you well in life and it has taken a great deal of courage at times to trust your intuition even when you’ve had some doubt that you’re where you need to be. Yet, you have lost touch with it more recently as your life has simply been too busy with things to do, people to see and places to go.

The kaleidoscope of energy and possibility has faded into monotones and your usual effervescence is a little flat. In part this is connected to the challenges you have experienced lately, but there’s another layer which seems more obtuse and harder to define which is a reflection of some deep indecision connected to intuitively knowing you need to focus more on your own needs, but on the reality of still trying to be everything to everyone. Try to take a deep breath to pause and to trust that clarity will emerge from the stillness. Believe in yourself…


Focusing on what truly matters continues throughout April as you are beginning to acknowledge your priorities in life and realising just how much of yourself to give to others. In itself, giving of yourself isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that you tend to give, give a bit more and then give again, often leaving you feeling depleted and washed out. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that your own needs matter and, despite your gallant attempts to support all of those around you, sometimes you need to take a step back in order to wholeheartedly see the imbalances. You are approaching a significant chapter of choice as you explore the experiences, dreams and aspirations that light up your heart and soul; you are ready to embrace a new way of living and being that brings more balance, creativity and joy into all areas of your life. This shift is hard to articulate as you are still finding ways to bring the thoughts and ideas together into a more coherent whole, but you are beginning to realise the need to live your life more consciously.

It’s easy to become consumed with over-giving or get lost in the humdrum of daily life and this can disconnect you from the things that light up your soul and remind you of the bigger picture. It’s time now to stop placing your own needs at the bottom of the pile and to create a new energy in your life as you re-ignite your passion and dreams. Honouring yourself isn’t self-indulgent or self-focused, it’s simply a willingness to embrace balance as a means to breathe more deeply into life. Giving to others brings you joy, but giving to yourself opens up a multitude of different opportunities and possibilities. This isn’t about turning your back on others, it’s about opening up your heart to your own needs as well. Honour yourself, love yourself and be yourself…


As the winds of change continue to gather momentum from the depths of your heart and soul, you are beginning to gain a stronger sense of purpose and direction when it comes to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You have spent a long time trying to be everything to everyone, but it has also seen you trying to be the person you thought you should be and ought to be, and this has left you feeling disconnected from your truth and sense of self. Over time, you have reached a pivotal realisation that unless you are being your true self, then you cannot wholeheartedly give to others as you are not whole and complete within. Your generosity, love and compassion must be focused both internally, as well as to those around you, as your needs matter. Unless you are feeling balanced, then you cannot live a balanced life; this sounds obvious, but how often have you pushed yourself so far that you have lost sight of your inner strength and wisdom?

It takes courage to live wholeheartedly, but you seem ready now as you are starting to let go of the need to live life ‘perfectly’, and instead focus on living well. At the same time, you are opening up your heart and soul in order to be as present in the current moment as possible. Whilst you are still gazing up at the stars above hoping for insight and inspiration, sometimes it’s the ground beneath your feet that can offer you far more. Of course, the stars above look magical, and the infinity of the night sky expands your consciousness, but don’t forget the magic within you and all around you; from a blade of grass to the ebb and flow of the tide. It’s time to breathe more deeply, to feel the magic and to shine…


Although life has been on fast forward over recent weeks and months, there is a sense of stillness and calm rising up from within you as you continue to consider what you truly want on your path ahead. You seem to be aligning your dreams with your reality and taking the time to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things/people that nourish you and those that deplete you. Acknowledging this doesn’t always change things, but it can help as you can start to find new ways to manage the dynamics and find new ways to create more nourishing interactions and balanced connections.  You have certainly been feeling the weight of life recently as there has been a kaleidoscope of things to do, people to see and places to go, and the area this has impacted the most is the world of your imagination which has faded from its usual vibrant hues to something more muted and low-key. Whilst this is not a bad thing as everything in life ebbs and flows, it has made it harder for you to feel the power of your imagination and creativity to drive your dreams and goals.

When life gets busy, it’s easy to feel as though dreaming is too frolicsome and frivolous as your focus is on keeping on keeping on, so you try to do your best to ensure the wheels on the big bus of your life keep turning. Yet, intuitively you know there’s more to life than this, and this intuitive longing is tugging on your heart and soul now encouraging you to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. So, instead of continuing to place yourself under pressure to do more and achieve more, it’s time to think about balance and how to live more wholeheartedly. Embrace your creativity and your true nature; it’s time to fly free…


April looks set to continue the theme of decluttering all aspects of your life as you find new ways to breathe more deeply and to reflect on the things that truly matter to you. This has been a gradual work in progress over many, many months, but you are beginning to break free from belief patterns that have shaped your life for so long. You have been forging ahead with your life, but you have barely had a moment to look at the bigger picture. Yet, when you take a deep breath and pause, you’ve realised just how much of your energy you’ve been channelling towards things that, in the scheme of things, don’t actually matter that much. Whilst this realisation isn’t particularly new to you, you haven’t really appreciated just how much of your time you spend on things that don’t light up your heart and soul. Of course, there will always be aspects of life that feel more mundane, but there are many things you do almost automatically now that don’t really serve any positive purpose or enhance your life on any level; they are habits.

Yes, you have more than enough energy to juggle all of this, but the time has come to ask yourself whether or not you want to continue to master the art of juggling or whether it’s time to let go of at least some of these batons. There will always be things to do, but there are times when it’s important to concentrate your focus in order to channel your phenomenal energy towards achieving your hopes and dreams. April looks set to be a month to let your heart and soul expand as you look ahead to some new adventures, as well as discovering a new pathway towards achieving a long-held goal; it’s time to look beyond your ‘everyday’ in order to breathe…


April looks set to be a month for exploring the concept of acceptance in your life. For a long time now, you have sensed a powerful and profound sense of shift occurring deep within your heart and soul, and this has started to reach into your consciousness, calling you to look at your life with fresh perspective. This shift is connected to looking at yourself, and your life, with willing honesty and reflection, as well as going deeply within in to explore every nook and cranny. Whilst you have spent a great deal of your life looking within in order to find wisdom, clarity and understanding, this journey inwards feels different, as it’s more about finding peace and acceptance; being at one in each and every moment. It’s about honouring yourself exactly as you are rather than trying to ‘fix’ or repair those aspects of yourself you don’t like, or you feel need more work.

Acceptance isn’t about giving up, it’s about adopting a wider perspective, and not putting so much pressure on yourself to live up to the lofty expectations you have for yourself and your life. Of course, your quest for ‘better’ has enabled you to achieve a great deal, but you seem ready for a shift in the pace of your life now in order to enjoy the view rather than just focusing on your destination. It’s time to open your eyes wide as you start to live more consciously and to make some pivotal decisions as to your path ahead. Acceptance plays an important role in this shift as there’s a need for you to be as whole-hearted as possible during this process so you can learn how to ride the waves of change with less self-judgement and self-criticism, but with lots more love and compassion. Let your inner beauty unfold and find peace in each and every moment…


As your Libran scales continue to re-balance and re-calibrate, there is a sense that you have been watching your life from a slight distance recently, having stepped back from the chitter chatter of the busy-ness, and letting go of some of the stresses and challenges you have been dealing with over recent months. From this slightly removed perspective, you have been able to observe the different pathways converging and diverging, touching and separating, departing and uniting; allowing you to see exactly how the different threads weave together to make the tapestry of your life. This is more than just a fascinating process, it’s an opportunity to look at the bigger picture and to see whether you still need to make changes or if you need to explore some new pathways or directions. It’s important not to overthink this process and over-ponder the path you’ve walked, the path you’re walking and the path you’ve yet to walk, and it’s just as important not to get too lost in the different threads as they twist, turn and weave their way through your life.

This isn’t a time to think about ‘what if’s’ or to contemplate how your life might have turned out had you made different choices, this is a time to focus on where you are now and to condense all of the wisdom you’ve accumulated into living your best life. Your mind is potent and it’s a powerful source of inspiration for you, but it can also stifle and overwhelm you at times, particularly when you get lost in over-thinking and trying to understand why things are the way they are. Yet you are also an intuitive soul, so let this be your guide now as you centre yourself and choose to live more wholeheartedly. You have a great many gifts, but you need breathing space for them to flourish and blossom…


As you continue to explore and discover your inner depths, it seems that finding ways to let your free spirit dance has become an important way for you to re-assert your own needs and dreams. For such a long time, you have tried to be everything to everyone and you have bent yourself out of shape in the process; therefore, the more space and freedom you give to your free-spirited nature, the more you are acknowledging your own self-worth, and re-prioritising your dreams and goals. As a result, there is a sense that you are beginning to unearth a version of yourself that feels less complex and more creative as your free spirit calls to you to reach more deeply into all areas of your life; you are undoubtedly a complicated soul, but you long for a level of simplicity that allows you to navigate your way ahead with more confidence in your intuitive and creative gifts.

Although you have always been a free spirit, life has often thwarted this freedom with duties, responsibilities and ought’s; whilst you have tried hard not to get lost in such matters, over time this has resulted in something of a disconnection from your true essence which has left you feeling hemmed in and unable to breathe freely. Of course, you have the skill set to manage this well, but you have reached a significant threshold in your life, bringing you an opportunity not only to take a big breath, but to decide if you are happy to ‘manage’ or if you are ready to leap into unknown territory in order to thrive. This is a decision only you can make, but it does seem important to find ways to empower and enliven your free-spirited nature as it’s such a potent source of motivation and inspiration for you. Let go of the restraints and re-connect to your vibrant and free-spirited self…


Believing in yourself takes centre stage throughout April as you continue to explore your inner depths and find new ways of expanding your consciousness. You spend a surprising amount of time in your head, thinking over life and trying to understand the reasons why things are the way they are. Although your mind is a source of your inspiration, sometimes the chatter within can become loud and obtrusive, thwarting the free flow of your creativity and therefore preventing you from living your life more consciously. Thinking about your life and exploring the recesses of your mind are undoubtedly important aspects of being you, but there are times when thinking about your life can get in the way of you actually living your life and this is something to be more aware of now. Remember you are a free spirit, and you thrive charging and dancing into new terrain, and you also love the spontaneity of exploring new ground on every level of your being.

Of course, your mind brings you clarity and helps you to make wise choices in life, but so does your intuition, and both need the room to manoeuvre. Life isn’t just about finding the answers to your many unanswered questions, and although exploring these undoubtedly brings you a richer depth of awareness, sometimes there is more to gain in accepting the notion that you can still flourish and thrive even when you don’t have the answers. In fact, acknowledging the fact that you can never have all of the answers can be quite liberating as it helps to remove a layer of self-imposed pressure to get all the facts together before you move forwards. Life isn’t just about questions and answers, it’s about living intuitively, resting in the moment and giving yourself the time to be at one with the space you now find yourself in. So, breathe, let go and fly free…


April looks set to be a month of continued self-discovery and self-realisation as you start to see yourself and your life with fresh perspective. You’ve been on the brink of change for a long time now, and although you are still unable to give this change shape or form in terms of understanding exactly what it means to you and your life, you can still feel the stirrings deep within your heart and soul calling you to prepare for something new. As a result, there have been times when you’ve felt ready to charge ahead with vim and vigour, but there have been other times when you’ve felt more reluctant as you’ve not felt comfortable being in the dark as to what’s coming next. Of course, intuitively you know you can never be certain what’s around the next corner, but it is hard to leap wholeheartedly into change when you have no idea what you’re leaping into. Yet, if you use the fresh perspective mentioned earlier, you will begin to see just how powerful your intuition is to guide you forwards. Sometimes you don’t need detailed plans of where you’re heading, and sometimes you don’t even need a vague waft of an idea; sometimes all you need to sense is that intuitively you are moving in the right direction. Trust your intuition, it’s a phenomenal force!

You have always been world-class at giving yourself a hard time for not doing enough, being enough, seeing enough or achieving enough. As these winds of change gather deeper momentum you will begin to realise that it’s time to stop trying to bend yourself out of shape trying to keep on keeping on. Instead, it’s time to start loving yourself, honouring yourself and find the joy in being you. Life isn’t about being the person you think you ought to be, it’s about being yourself…


As you continue to explore new ways to be yourself, to express your gifts and to live wholeheartedly, there is a sense of a shift occurring from deep within the core of your being as you are beginning to allow your natural effervescence the freedom and space to bubble, fizz and flourish. At the same time, you are working hard to root yourself more firmly into the here and now, and this is helping you feel more centred and balanced. This combination of effervescence and balance looks set to bring some refreshing new opportunities over the weeks ahead as you start to think more deeply about your true priorities in life. Things that once seemed so important to you have faded into the background as some long-held dreams re-surface for exploration and contemplation.

It seems time to have an inner spring clean as you de-clutter your heart and soul on every level in order to find more space to breathe and be at one with your true essence; it’s time to let go of the things that no longer feed your soul or nourish your life as you start to think about your own needs more. You are always busy with so much to do, but this can fill your days up with disorder and chaos leaving you discombobulated and out of sorts with your true sense of self; it’s time to breathe more deeply now, to slow down a little and to find a new pace for life as you finally accept the fact that happiness comes from embracing life and living well, not from keeping on keeping on. Your inner fizz carries creativity, wisdom and intuition, and all of these qualities feed your mind and fill your consciousness with possibility and potential. Let this fizz bubble and flow, as you are ready to acknowledge your true essence and breathe deeply into life…


Life carries a mixture of experiences. There are times when you glide along with the ocean currents, riding the crests of the waves and boldly exploring pastures new. There are also the times when you feel more like a piece of driftwood, going with the flow and ending up in unknown terrain waiting to either be picked up by another tide or hoping for a beachcomber to transform you into a work of art. Both have their merits, but there is considerably more dynamism when you are consciously riding the currents; drifting feels powerless and rudderless. Yet, drifting takes great courage and a huge amount of faith, as you have to trust the process and let the currents carry you, but this is a state of being that frustrates you immensely as it can leave you feeling like you have no say or control. It seems important to shift this perspective now in order to realise that drifting isn’t being disinterested or rudderless, it’s simply a way to navigate the ebb and flow of life in a more intuitive and instinctive way.

Of course it’s important to make the most of those times when you are gliding the currents, but the times you drift are no less significant or important. In fact, it could be said that the latter are actually more significant as it’s usually as you drift when you learn more about yourself and your life as it’s where your creativity and intuition fire up. So, feel the blessing of being gifted with the ability to float like driftwood, allowing the currents of your life to shape and define your present moment. You are a gifted and talented soul, and the more you realise this, the more you will feel able to embrace these gifts and become your own beachcomber, transforming your inner driftwood into something new and rather beautiful.

**By Sarah Jane Grace