From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Aikido

Every powerful Solar storm and quantum wave from the Center of the Galaxy shakes to the ground the system of Black Archons’ power which they have carefully built on Earth for centuries and millennia.

For a long time, no one surprises how people who are not distinguished by intelligence or moral and volitional qualities turn out to be in high positions. There is nothing strange here: this is how the law of negative selection, established by Darkis, works.

This law has no mystery. Moreover, Black Archons deliberately allowed official psychologists to describe it in detail and popularize it as much as possible for the needs of all levels of their power pyramid on Earth.

So, when asked why people, who cannot be called the “conscience of the nation” come to power, Sigmund Freud explained: the desire to rule is rooted in the neurosis that comes from a sense of helplessness and fear of the outside world. A domineering person needs a victim which he finds in a subordinate, forming a sadomasochistic couple with him.

Alfred Adler adds that the inferiority complex is at the heart of the thirst for power. The human psyche, getting rid of the traumatic experience of constant humiliation, triggers a mechanism of overcompensation that is expressing in an obsessive need to have superiority over others.

But this aspiration often turns out to be unsatisfied. And a person who has achieved power begins to project all his complexes onto others, generating new problems.

Another official classic, Erich Fromm, noted that psychologically, the thirst for power is rooted not in strength but in weakness.

It shows the inability of the individual to stand alone and live by his strength. The greater the power hunger, the more the power lover’s dependence on others manifests itself.

The favorite brainchild of Black Archons is the Darwinian theory of natural selection forcibly introduced from above as a model of human society. The main task in fierce competition is to survive at any cost. In this case, the moral and Spiritual aspects that hinder the individual’s adaptability are discarded as unnecessary.

It is possible to resist degradation only with firm beliefs and Spirituality. But if a person does not have a moral standard, then what can keep him from neglecting the interests of others? Nothing, he is run only by desires, greed and lust.

The negative selection of power is not so much degradation as the personnel policy artificially carried out by Archons, that was successfully tested at all levels of society for centuries.

In breeding, the “hook-up” has been used for a long time. The candidate for the highest posts is offered a choice of gold or lead. If he chooses the first, a nine-digit amount is transferred to his current account. If not, then soon he vanishes.

Applicants ranked lower are subordinated by compromising material: rigged crimes and criminal records, drug addiction, pedophilia and participation in bloody cults under video…It can be listed for a long time. All this makes the chosen one manageable and obedient for the rest of his/her life.

The negative selection is carried out by the hands of superiors on each floor in the power pyramid. And on all floors, the performers kill two birds with one stone: they find themselves in a winning position compared to negligent subordinates, and eliminate possible competitors in the fight for a place in the sun.

Through the efforts of Archons, negative selection is a collectivist phenomenon. The one who has reached power is no longer so much the master of his personal interests as a hostage of the System that has promoted him.

In such periods of acute social and political cataclysms as today, the fittest are not the best, but the average, which are able to merge with the mass in its instinctive motives and impulses not controlled by reason. Such conditions favor the emergence of dictators so beloved by Archons, who, faced with a choice between abandoning moral principles or a political fiasco, prefer the former.

The main rule of any totalitarian Darkis’ regime is that the end justifies the means. Archons’ henchman can be successfully implemented if:

The more educated and intelligent the people are, the more difficult it is to achieve unanimity from them. Therefore, the dictator should seek support from the population with a low moral and intellectual level and, if possible, instill primitive instincts and tastes to the widest possible strata of the masses;

It is better to look for support among gullible and obedient people – those who are ready to accept any value system;

It is easier to unite people on the basis of a negative rather than a positive agenda, so it is necessary to constantly appeal to human fears and intolerance.

Power and governance are different things, like faith and religion. Neither the governance of the people, nor the faith of the people in their progenitors initially implied rigid egregorial formations (“you shall not make for yourself an idol”). But through the efforts of Black Archons, the State and religion have become just that – brokerage offices and feeders for the elite, defending their interests with fire and sword, gold and lead.

In the West, the currently established model of power has a vertical and is based on pyramidal structures (castes). In the East, alternative governance implies a softer and evenly distributed network approach.

In the first case, a career is built on walking on other people’s heads. A handful of the masters of life are sitting at the top, usurping the common resource with a carrot and stick, forcing the lower ranks to grovel.

In the second case, in more advanced countries, everyone is aware of his place in the general system and does not seek to take a position that is obviously not intended for him.

At the same time, all participants are recognized as relatively equal (experience and merits of each are taken into account). Resources are distributed more evenly.

In this system, there is no big gap between social strata but a mix of well-known economic models adapted to the specifics of each nation. There is neither carrot nor stick but an understanding of common goals, motivations and meanings. The spirit of competition is still present but it is not reduced to animal instincts.

At the core of the network power are usually those who are commonly called elders, around whom the inner circles are formed, consisting (depending on the model of society) of many social roles. It is the roles, not the layers.

Unlike the pyramid power, the network model is controlled not by the meanest and cruelest, and not for stuffing their pockets but by experienced Souls who have access codes for this, who can bring their society to a qualitatively new level and who came to Earth precisely to pass such a Path.

In an ideal network version, the roles are distributed based on karmic tasks and qualities of the Soul which can be detected by various methods, including luminosity spectra.

Through Disclosure News, information has been repeatedly given that among politicians, big business and the elite in general, there have long been “undercover agents” embedded by Higher Light Hierarchy.

They are code bearers, Souls whose will is strong enough to exert a creative and awakening influence on the rest of the 3D inhabitants at key moments to change it from within.

They have everything the same as ordinary people, only with the difference that ordinary people did not get into the 3D Matrix control structures and therefore began to wake up much earlier.

“Undercover agents” are usually in hibernation for the purposes of conspiracy; otherwise they would not have been let to the top of the power pyramids. The best agent is the one who does not know himself that he is.

In any power pyramid, Black Archons impose restrictions and control tools at each level/stage of initiation. For example, ranks are given in the army and police, oaths are taken by Masons, contracts are signed in corporations (non-competition, non-disclosure, etc.). Everywhere there are rituals.

The essence of each initiation is approximately the same – to rein in the adept and format his thinking to prevent especially freedom-loving, unauthorized and dissidents from coming up. If you do not obey the rules of the pyramid, you will not pass higher, a rigid hierarchy is observed. Upstarts are not needed by anyone; otherwise the security of the entire structure suffers.

In most cases, this is accompanied by the installation of implants, and new ones are added or replaced at each stage. Sometimes direct permission is given for the possessors, especially in the highest echelons of power. Such contract is, in fact, similar to the sale of a Soul.

Under their influence, the desire for more and more power, profit, and fanaticism growths and is cultivated in every possible way. The Spark goes out, the inner voice of conscience subsides, the connection with the Soul and the Higher Self is intercepted. A person turns into a controlled puppet in the image and likeness of his masters.

The pyramids of power have their roots in reptilian civilizations based on strict control and suppression of consciousness, on parasitism and copying, and not on creative development on equal terms.

This is the evolutionary path they have chosen, they have every right to do so. Many people activate reptilian genes in themselves by participating in Satanic and other blood rituals. As a result, so many negative layers, blocks and plug-ins are wrapped around their Soul that it becomes extremely difficult for man to wake up.

However, today the situation is changing dramatically. The transition to 4D and 5D has begun during the global sweep of the new space. Under the impact of powerful quantum energies, Earth awakens, its vibrations are rising.

New 5D Souls are coming to our planet, carrying huge potential, and changing reality around us by their very presence.

The change of epochs and vibes deprived Black Archons and their entire Earthly Hierarchy of nourishment and control levers. They are looking for new host bodies.

Those who have ruled on this planet for many hundreds of years know perfectly well that, according to the Treaty of Lucifer (or Lucifer Covenant), the reins of government should be transferred into the hands of more developed and ready for the new time managers.

They were aware of this and agreed to the terms. But they are not used to respecting contracts, and try their best to hold on as long as possible.

A reflection of the fierce war on the Subtle Plane is the chaotic struggle for power on the physical plane and the panopticon in the media, designed not only to divert the eyes but also to drain people’s energy and to pump up all parasitic entities.

We can hate certain personalities or love them, it doesn’t matter at all.

The energy of our attention will still feed them and their egregores.

All hype is ignited for one single goal: to provoke the maximum possible outburst of emotions (any!) which can then be used as fuel or glue for the crumbling foundation of the old 3D System.

Catharsis is coming which many already feel.

Of course, the 3D System cannot be dismantled and removed in one day. But this process goes on non-stop 24/7, about which Disclosure News narrates a lot and in detail. The problem is that the general mass of earthlings is not psychologically ready to take responsibility and fully realize their role.

When a new 4D/5D space is unfolded, not only cleaning takes place but also activation of the Spirit (the Source’s Spark) in a person. Everyone who is in leadership positions is given the opportunity to use their resource for the benefit of others.

Further, everything depends on their choice of polarity and free will, which, as we know, is unpredictable.

That is why agents of the influence of the Light Forces are needed. Their role is to introduce new ideas, vibrations and directions at key moments, for example, to avoid world wars and global conflicts.

These men-Portals usually do not occupy high positions but are close to the leaders (assistants, secretaries, deputies, etc.), influencing the energy information flow rather than direct physical actions.

Their full awakening and awareness is NOT necessary. They may or may not have a direct conscious connection with the higher realms. The essence of their work does not change from this. Their presence in power structures and contact with leaders is often enough to invisibly correct decision-making at subconscious levels.

At every key point of the planet, there are now members of the Spiritual Families of Light who came to Earth with just such a plan and are gradually changing reality, sometimes without even realizing it.

The stronger and more awakened the Soul, the more access codes it possesses. And most importantly, the fewer fears it has, the more powerful its influence.

In a global sense, the authorities are frightened by the lack of communication with their former curators, Black Archons. Many channels are cut off, Portals are closed. Confusion reigns in their ranks.

They can try as much as they want to keep the hard power by the old methods but it no longer works. This is exactly what was clearly shown to them by the last Solar hurricanes. There will be other signs if needed.

But they not calm down in any way and come up with new ways to control the consciousness of awakening and strongly developing people. They ignored all warnings to them and stand their ground to the end.

Constant attempts with the help of technical means to block and drag our consciousness to the destructive do not stop. Therefore, Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee gave Lightwarriors consent to the toughest opposition to Darkis at all levels.

And in fact, Archons are afraid of us. Our strength lies in the fact that we can transform reality in many ways for our benefit. They have the same fear of not understanding why we don’t do anything. Where is the frontal attack they are so waiting for?

Any attack can be repelled, or one can accept, transform and redirect it back. It’s the principle of Aikido. In Aikido, one never attacks first. If this happens, it indicates the weakness of the enemy, his agony, and, in fact, that he is already dead.

Our Aikido – Update April 3 2022

On April 3, 2022, at 09:04 AM CET, the space squadron of Argorians, transporting 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in Gerios Galaxy, transmitted the following message:

“The deputy commander is on the line. We have entered the turbulent zone of powerful vortex flows from the explosion of a supernova.

Attention to the area of propagation of vortex flows. New outbreaks of magnetic storms and fluctuations of 3D Earth’s magnetic field are possible.

Install additional protection on the proton action emitter; extinguish incoming waves by two squadron spaceships; build a field of protection against excessive radiation of cosmic flows.

Attention at both Lunar Stations: reduce the impact load of the ultrasonic transducer in the space of the planet.

Send a report from Shambhala to the head of the monitoring group on the state of magma accumulation near Earth’s surface and all internal planetary processes.

The energy buildup of the planet is on schedule. The pressure range on the cortical layer increases. Earth’s axis is shifting as scheduled.

Fix additional extensions of the fourth dimension on the points of oscillation of tectonic plates. Send all data to our analytical center for making adjustments.

The state of Earth’s civilization is still unstable. This is due not only to internal catalysts, but also to the assimilation of incoming quantum flows to the planet.

Trigger points stimulate a radical change in the existing social order on Earth. All power structures are subject to change and their replacement with our people.

A qualitative leap in earthlings’ consciousness continues. Unfortunately, there are not enough of them yet. But they have no time to wait, there are not hundreds of years left for the growth of consciousness of the laggards. We have to adjust the program settings of human civilization for the collapse of the Fifth Race.

The term of departure from the planet is stipulated for each Soul. But there may be emergency cases when we can intervene and save those who need to, in the event of a cataclysm.

The remaining departures of Souls from the Earthly plane are due to karma. In this, we have no right to interfere, it is forbidden by the Creator.

The Law of Retribution works, negative karma is reset. So there’s no point in asking: “For what?” It should be understood that there is not a single accidental victim. The executioner and the victim are closely linked, thus the Souls are freed from their heavy karmic debts.

They will remember the lesson for a long time, what the violation of the Divine Laws leads to. This is the reality. Every person always has a choice in life which seeds to sow and you need to start with thoughts.

Once again, we remind you, a Great Trial is going on. For most people, this is the last life on this planet.

While you are alive, value every day. Live with Love in your heart, ask for repentance and forgiveness from the Creator, for every negative thought and deed. Thank Him for everything and become better, cleaner and brighter. This will help your Soul to move into a brighter world.

Everyone who undergoes quantum transformation is responsible for what is happening on the planet. The stability of the space assigned to you depends on your inner state.

We will constantly remind you of the importance of maintaining peace of mind and the observer’s state. You must understand all the quantum transformations of the planet; navigate in the incoming information, help others, master new energies.

In your transformational spheres-capsules, ASCENSION programs are laid down. Your Souls are ready to perceive them; the mind expands according to the downloaded settings.

Soon you will be thinking in multidimensional perception. Your vibration increases, matter changes. Without changing consciousness, transmutation of your body is not possible. This is how we select mature Souls to live in the fifth dimension.”

**By Lev


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