The Elohim: Answering Questions from KejRaj, Channeled by Davey

1. The Earth population of humans being nearly 8 billion, out of this, 1.5 to 2 billion are clones. How much truth is in such claims?

(They are smiling). We will answer this question in this way…yes, it is true there are cloned humans, but the number you have given is slightly exaggerated. We monitor these situations very carefully for there are certain laws in play which must be adhered to, no matter the interests of those of the dark forces or similar groups may wish to attain. However, this is a complex question as there are other aspects of what you might consider cloning, enabled by the light forces. Though we cannot go into much detail on that subject.

2. The civilization known as the Tartarians. How advanced were they technologically? What caused its collapse?

In truth they were known by another name. However, that name is somewhat related to legends and tales that have come through your linear timelines, but we can call them as you refer to them. They were an advanced race, both spiritually and in other ways. However, their purpose was to seed certain puzzle pieces of the consciousness conundrum that was unfolding on Earth, and so they were placed by their own choice in certain time frames, we will say, and remember…time is not as linear as you have been conditioned to perceive it. There were other races like these that were here to place time capsules of a conscious nature throughout your so-called linear timeline. This is all we have to say on this matter now.

3. The civilization known as the Pellasgians. In which area were they located? Around how long ago did this civilization exist? What, if anything remains of them today, such as a group of people, language…?

It is important to understand that your Earth’s geographic landscape has changed drastically. Even over the last many thousands of years, which are considered very recent times in your Earth’s rich and elongated linear time history. The race you speak of was in fact a composite of different groups of soul families blended in form, that is to say, grouped into the same civilization over different time periods, to achieve certain goals in setting up certain Earth energies. In a similar way to the Mayan culture. It is true to say some of them are still here, though we do not have their permission as yet to disclose their whereabouts. But in summary, much of the consciousness templates, ideas and so-called technological developments of this culture and others exist in layering, if you will, in much of the natural and beneficial technologies that you have today. Their legacy and the specific attributes of their purposes live in you today, for they are your ancestors, and you are intimately related to them.

4. Since we are unchangeable divine perfection, whole and complete divine light, how are we truly “expanding” through the experiences we have? Does the soul’s or spirit’s light quotient actually increase through the lessons we learn? Do we become greater than we already are in our wholeness? If so, how? Or did Source Creator simply become bored in its eternal bubble of bliss, and chose to create the illusion of separation, physicality, to just play games, and in truth this duality game serves no purpose, other than to satisfy the ego of the All That Is.

(They are smiling at this question). To answer this question, we ask you to consider water memory. Water has the ability to soak up and store experiential information and energetic coding in ways you may be both familiar with, and yet to understand. The more the water experiences, the greater its wealth of the library it contains… yet it is still water, and it is still one with Source. In order for Source to truly experience itself, it must create a multitude of individuated perspectives… souls, if you will, to live through and gather experience so that the Whole can know each one.

And what is the purpose of this? The purpose is joy dear ones. For there is joy in attainment, there is joy in expression. The more experience you accumulate, in a sense, your conscious knowingness expands. As it expands, your ability to see more, feel more and gain greater ability to create new potentials also expands.

So, in essence, its purpose is to allow you to grow in joy and greater creatorship of new potential dreams unending. It is all about joy and love, dear ones. For in truth love and joy are exactly the same. And in reference that we feel you mean, as to why the current situation you are facing has, and is, taking place… Dear ones, this is an experiment. For how can you know joy…truly know joy, unless you understand a contrast to it. Now let us be very clear. This contrast, or that which you call darkness or chaos, is an artificial construct. But because you are in it, and much like the analogy that this one likes to use, a virtual reality game that is designed to be so realistic to your eyes so as to be traumatic and frightening, but in truth the moment you remove the headset so do you realise it was all just a convincing game. And so it is with what you face.

Dear ones, here is a key. You have been taught over many, many lifetimes to invest yourself in this game, this 3-D illusionary game of darkness and light, that you do not fully realise that it is that investment, and in some cases…very strong investment, in this game, that brings to you the trauma, the physical traumas that you falsely believe are real, and are really happening. We fully understand that from your eyes, and certainly to many that call on our help, that you would declare that this is real, that this is happening, and how on earth could we stop it.

Dear ones, the key that we gave you is a very profound and meaningful one. And this is why true and deep self-forgiveness is an essential component to releasing your own tight grip on the false concept that that which is happening to you, in terms of what you consider to be darkness or evil, and things of this nature, are only there because you create them to be so. Dear ones, we would love to remind you – you are sparks of the One Creator. You are the One Creator, in individualised perspectives, but you have taken on this game to not only forget who you are, but most importantly to fool yourselves into believing and living that what is going on around you is happening ‘to’ you and not ‘by’ you. This is one aspect we wish to make crystal clear for you, for it is very important for you to move forward into your fully fledged creatorship truth. You must both forgive yourself for, and accept your role in, authoring everything that you see, that you dislike, as well as everything that you like. When you do that dear ones, when you truly do that, live that and know that, you then give yourselves the power to author your life, your entire experience, exactly as you wish it to be. And that, dear ones, is the living state of self-master-ship, self-determination, self-direction, exactly as you were meant to be.

Before we leave this channel, we would like to ask you to consider these ideas, these concepts that we have shared with you today in innocent perspective. That is to say, free from any emotions that would cloud your ability to see this clearly and from your heart space.

We leave you now in peace, in our love and in our true support. Dear ones, you are closer than you can possibly think. Be heart-centred always. Call on our help whenever you need it. We are here for you. We always have been. We are, and we ever shall be. Goodbye for now.

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  1. Davey

    Hi, firstly, thank you to all who have left comments here.

    I wanted to answer this as it is an important one to answer. When the message was coming through, I felt a very clear picture as to what they were referring to as ‘the conundrum’, which was of a powerful creator race (humans) that had fallen into the trap of empowering what they had created (the outer world) to have power back over them (an ever strengthening feedback loop). So instead of living as a master, a complete author of their outer world, they had created a sort of feedback where what they create, they empower to have power back over themselves. The more this took place, the more outer experiences and elements were created to have power over their creator (the human who created them). And so a kind of sleep state took over where humans were living in a state of experience where they genuinely thought that things in the outer world had power over them, could push them around, that life happened to them (rather than through them), that they were a kind of slave to outer elements. The analogy is like a software developer who empowered the characters in an artificial reality game to have power over them while playing. And they played this game for so long, that they fell under the illusion that this was the way life is. So, this conundrum is one where people are waking up to their authorship, rather than sinking down deeper into it. And without the entrance of the light here, this would have kept on going…