A US Warship Was Chased By Two Unidentified “Balls Of Light” That Evaded Anti-Drone Weapons With Ease. No Need To Worry

At least two objects are said to have lurked near the 40,500 ton amphibious assault ships for several nights.

NY Post – A US Navy warship was shadowed by two car-size balls of light that were unaffected by anti-drone weapons, it is claimed.

The USS Kearsarge is the latest vessel to have reportedly had a UFO encounter as the US military begins to open up about the mysterious phenomena.

Documentary filmmaker Dave C. Beaty — who produced 2019 film “The Nimitz Encounters” about the famous 2004 US Navy encounter with the “Tic Tac” object — revealed the reported sighting from October 2021.

At least two objects are said to have lurked near the 40,500-ton amphibious assault ship for several nights while it was on a training exercise off the East Coast of the US.

The phenomena — described by sources familiar with the encounter as odd and menacing “balls of light” — are said to have been following around half a mile behind the ship and around 200 feet above the ocean.

Beaty was contacted by a now-retired US Marine officer identified only as “Mark” regarding the strange episode.

The USS Kearsarge had been training at the time ahead of an overseas deployment — including with systems designed to take down enemy drones.

The weapons included anti-drone “Ghostbusters”-style backpacks, and systems mounted on vehicles.

The objects are said to have been spotted at night by the deck watch — who could not gain a thermal targeting lock on them.

It is understood the incident was recorded on video by the crew — but this footage has not yet been released.

Marines onboard are said to have believed at first the unexplained objects were part of a surprise training exercise for the new anti-drone weapons.

However, they discovered the countermeasures did not disrupt the objects — which were doing swooping maneuvers as they followed the ship.

Mark told Beaty that the USS Kearsarge radioed command about the objects and were informed the objects were “not ours.”

The documentarian is attempting a deeper dive into the event, which is the latest UFO incident reported to have been encountered by the US Navy.

If these objects turn out to be not man-made and not foreign state actors, we need to be open and address these with academic study, empirical methods, and grant funding to conduct research at the university level

Dave C. Beaty

Does anybody find it strange that we’re getting reports like this once a week now? After decades of not only silence, but refutation by the government and the Pentagon. They not only denied this stuff existed, they ostracized and made a mockery of anybody who tried to come out or go to the press with claims of witnessing these phenomena.

Men like Russell Casse.

Regardless, the military seems to have no problem allowing retired and even current soldiers from going on the record with this stuff. Which is a major red flag to me.

As for this latest incident, we have 2 “car-sized” orbs of light, indistinguishable because they were so bright, moving in every and any which direction, defying all laws of physics as we know it, for several nautical miles.

The ship and its service members it was carrying initially thought it was a surprise training exercise. After seeing the UFO’s movements, they realized they weren’t dealing with something from this world. So they start firing “anti-drone weapons” at these things and they dodge them with ease.

Kind of gives you the feeling that these things were just toying with the ship. Getting their kicks off on the open seas because they’re sick and tired of abducting and dismembering cattle in Montana.

The guy behind all this reporting is legit as hell too. David C. Beaty. The guy behind the infamous “Tic Tac” video.

(If you want to watch a wild video, knock yourself out)

These guys are either warming us up for a full-scale introduction, or somebody is pulling some serious strings.

**By Dante


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    1. Tony

      Sorry about that. I have checked the link about 5 times. Everything is good. I get the video fr6 my phone. But from your website it says unavailable. And xou have no email. So sorry. The video is good because it shows a ball of light live on tv news and although not a big factor this ship is connected to the uss hornet and the town near the light is hornet. The uss hornet picked up the appollo 11 and 12 astronauts after the moon landing. So the light is probably a similar light.

      1. Tony

        If you want to see the ball of light m the news. Im certain if you type the link into your search box you can see the light. I think the comment section broke the link seperating the v if you notice above. Cool video. You should watch.

  1. Harriet

    Boy man I’ll be thrilled when they land and we can become friends with these ETs who are helping us and looking out for.
    And yes they have disarmed all of our nuclear arsenal. And rightly so. Can anyone on the planet state that anyone in any government position is under the emotional and mental control to not use a nuclear missile when severely pressed to do so? It will be the start of a nuclear battle. The country hit will retaliate and shoot their’s off. It will be the end of Earth.
    The Ets love our Earth more than we do. They are helping us subtlety cleaning our soil, air and water. They’re sending us energy to help us rise in our ascension. They are providing articles like these to channels all over the world. They are providing technology so we can improve our lives. And best yet, they send us tons of love.
    We are so fortunate to be here and experience the fall of hate and fear and the rise of love and light. See you all in the 5th. I love you all and want to see you there.

  2. Susan

    Gives me a feeling different from the author’s, like maybe there really are benevolent beings preventing nuclear war. Yay for that.

  3. david k gates

    SORRY….that was us! My buddy just got his 69 Mustang in mint shape so we took it out for a spin. Man….that thing will FLY with that new motor!!!!