The Arcturians: Decide Now

We are the Arcturians.  Our race is full of inspirational, motivated, thought turning individuals.  We are thinkers.  We don’t make a decision unless we have thought through all angles.  There is no haste.  We have come to give a message that we feel is due.  So, when we speak know it is with our own planning that we have come forth.

If you don’t feel like you want to be here on this planet there is a reason.  If you have just said, “I don’t want to do this anymore”, it’s because internally your soul is deciding.  We are at a split.  We are at the time when souls will rise or descend.  The feeling you are getting is your soul deciding what path do I want.  What will happen if I don’t choose now.  Can I make no choice?  What will happen if I make no choice… your oversoul will step in.  What is the plan you had when you came to Earth?  Were you to be a leader or a follower?  Ultimately the path you choose will be taken.  Our brothers and sisters now is not the time to say, “I don’t care.”  Now is the time to say, “I’ve got this, I’ve got this.”  Do not sulk and say, “I wish this, I wish that.”  You chose this, you chose this time.

My brothers and sisters you are all in this evolution of life.  Personally, you will reach your decision on your own.  Individuals may come into your life that led you down a path, but what happens is you enjoy the path, or you want to get off the path.  When you get off you then say, I must make a new path and you go from there.  So do not feel that someone has drug you down.  You make a new path when you choose what you want.  Do not blame anything on your companions.  You can choose you don’t like something and forge a new way.  But you cannot wait.  You must decide what path you want now.  You must say I am making the change today.  Do not wait!  There will be consequences if you do not address your life.  OK, believe us when we say, decide now which path do I want.  And you have to take action.  No one is going to walk you to your next step.  Internally feel what you want, and you go there.  If you wait for others you will ultimately not be following your dreams.  Don’t wait on this, don’t wait on that.  What we want you to know is that the Earth is splitting into two worlds.  Choose what you want.  We have the lower frequency Earth and we have the higher frequency Earth.  Your reality will shift soon.  You will merge into one of the worlds.  With all intensity we tell you this.  Now you have to choose!  No waiting!  No but this, but that.  Make a decision today, what am I doing that I like; and that doesn’t serve me.  We tell you with the greatest authority that your time to make a decision must be fast.  When you watch something are you like, that was fine? Or, are you like, I don’t like that?  Choose always to the better feeling thought.  Choose always what you want.  Choose your heart’s desire.  Never follow someone else’s path.  Never walk in their dust.  The time for you to choose must be today.  We cannot have you wait until better days.  Take the actions you need to be happy in this moment.  You will find that the world becomes easier or harder, it’s your choice.  The only thing you need to do is stop living someone else’s life.  Pursue your dreams.  Make the decision you want to make.  Be your own boss, you control you.

In the coming days watch what happens in world events.  Decide to embrace it or trust your heart. Do you take in what people are giving you, or do you make your own choices?  When world events happen do you allow others to tell you what to do?  Be so certain your role in your life.  Be so certain of your choice making skills that you never question another person.  Be so confident that you know what is best for you.  You must be strong and know you are the creator of your world.  You choose the outcome.  You decide what is for you, and what you want to leave.  Our guidance is simple.  Think for yourselves.  Follow your heart.  Trust yourself.  Evolution is here and you cannot skip this step.  You will ascend or descend.

Our blessings to you as you make choices.  All the love we give to you for those on Earth doing the hard work.  It’s go time.  We are the Arcturians and we will speak again at future times.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


8 Replies to “The Arcturians: Decide Now”

  1. Vrdi

    So “choose for yourself” but “Evolution is here and you cannot skip this step. You will ascend or descend.” But why I can not choose nothing in that case? 🙂

  2. Ethan Carrasco

    I resonated so deeply with this message. I am so used to airy, gentle, almost withholding transmissions from the Arcturians, and it was so refreshing to hear them speak directly and openly. I have had such a heavy heart lately, and this inspired me to choose high vibrational thoughts, now. Lately, I am guilty of waiting for someone to come and save me, but I need to choose better for myself, by myself, because I WANT better for myself. Even waiting on the moment of ascension is the beggar pleading for salvation, I choose ascension NOW. I am ready. Much love to all ❤

  3. david k gates

    I made the choice 40+ Earth years ago

    Im creating an Elven Forest for living quarters! Please feel free to add your creations to this one I started, as it belongs to ALL of us. If you love mountains, rocks, trees, waterfalls, ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, blooming and growing plants of all kinds and lots of critters running around.

    The tree trunks are smooth and white, growing 500 feet into the air, with massive golden leaves used for clothing and fabric.

    Need LOTS more stuff =)

  4. Yes

    My heart says: “New Earth? LET’S F-ING GO!”

    If I stop and look within, I’m constantly seeing a vision of what it looks like, and I know that I’m helping to create some of what I see. I know that in my dreams and in my meditations, I am creating some of the scenery and seeing some of what others have already created. It’s gonna be gorgeous, y’all. The cities. The cities are just, wow. And nature is just top notch–like every nature scene that you’ve ever seen in a painting, movie, or real life where your breath was taken away. Like that. Only everywhere. All the time.

    You can create some of the scenery, too. Any part of it. Anything. Doesn’t matter what. If you think it, it will be. If you envision it, it will be. It’s fun to create.

  5. pan211

    Thank You The Arcturians,Thank You Krista Energeticleigh,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.